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With Love from Paris (Goyard)

Customised Goyard bag

Some years ago, an air steward friend of mine told me about Goyard bags. He recommended the St Louis Tote to me, but at that time I didn’t appreciate it, thinking that it’s just an overpriced piece of canvas. My thoughts were: It’s so light and flimsy-looking, how can it bear heavy weight? The truth is, it is stronger than it looks.

After doing a bit of search on the Internet, I now understand why. Goyard makes luggages, so it’s no surprise they use ligh-weight and durable materials.

Here’s a bit about the brand:

Goyard is a French malletier (trunkmaker) founded in 1853, and is now currently the oldest trunk maker in existence.

In the past, the Grand Duke of Russia, the Maharajah de Kapurthala, The Duke and Duchess of Windsor and many aristocratic families, all travelled with Goyard luggage. And their special orders have always been an important part of Goyard’s reputation.

Goyard is known for its hard-sided trunks, and small accessories. All pieces are covered in a signature hand-painted patented Chevron canvas made of cotton, linen, and hemp and displayed in various colors. The chevron canvas was created in 1892, traditionally produced in black and red.

Goyard is renowned for monogramming the durable, lightweight canvas with the initials of their customers upon request.

(Information from http://europeandesigns.net/goyard.shtml)

After all that introduction, here’s a peak at what I got:

A very sweet Apple Hong who just got back from Paris brought this back for me! It came complete with the paper bag too!

It's such a joy opening it up!!

My St Louis Tote PM in White (€580). It feels light but sturdy, and if you look closely, all the stitching are done to make sure the handles don't break and the bag doesn't split at the sides.

Comes attached with a little pouch

I just love the hand-painted details. This is a piece of art!