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Making New Year Resolutions


In just a few hours, it’s going to be 2009! What are your new year resolutions?

I’ve never been big on new year resolutions, and haven’t really made a list of them for the past couple of years. Far too often, people around me make customary new year resolutions that they never could keep. To me, new year resolutions are stressful because we are setting goals and targets that will guide our actions in the upcoming year when most of the time we can’t predict what’s going to come our way that might disrupt the plans. And it’s never a good feeling when fulfillment of goals elude us for an entire year.

Someone once told me, if you actually write them down and pin it up somewhere where you can see it everyday, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious, and you will be working towards it without really trying very hard. So at the end of the year when you do a reflection, you would realise that those words on the wall have actually cast their effect.

So I think I will try that this year, and hopefully next year when I’m writing my last entry for 2009, they would have come true.

Meanwhile, I would like to wish all a Happy New Year and keep those resolutions stuck on the wall!