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BTS: A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城幕后花絮

Some of you must have seen our promo picture for A Tale of 2 Cities, which is a new drama that will debut on Valentine’s Day on Channel 8.

Our EP Paul Yuen directed this segment personally. He wanted us to come up with a pose as a couple and so we try to figure out in our little groups what to do to give you the wonderful final image.

Here goes…

Zhang Zhen Huan and Julie Tan

Zhang Yao Dong and me (Joanne Peh)

Rui En and Pierre Png

Kate Pang and Yao Wen Long

Standing by...


Take 1...



Actor vs Director/演员vs导演

Not too long ago, I posted an article written by a local journalist about how directors need to direct. Recently, our local productions have also been under fire for unoriginal content, incoherent plot, inaccurate facts and poor performances. So much has been said and clearly the problem is glaring at us defiantly. It’s not about to go away and leave us alone.

If people are losing interest in local content, it is a worrying phenomenon, not because it impacts my job, but because local content helps shape our media scene which is something unique to us. If it’s strong and vibrant, it helps puts our country on the global stage, and allows us to bask in collective pride; if it’s unworthy and disconnecting, we lose a common relation.

I feel strongly that something needs to be done to revive the passion but I don’t know where to start. What I do know though, is that it’s going to take a lot of people and a lot of effort.

What are your views?


I have always admired Clint Eastwood as both an actor and director. He has the ability to transform ordinary stories into emotional journeys. He doesn’t milk moments to evoke sympathy, he doesn’t abuse close-ups to prove his actors’ suffering, he doesn’t need fancy cinematography to create mood and atmosphere. That is what makes a remarkable director.

If we put the acting chops aside and look at the production process, you will realise a lot of what we see, is the result of various decisions made by the director.

It is the director, not the actor, who decides whether any take is ok or not. It is the director and editor, not the actor, who finally piece the rushes together to tell a complete story. It is the director, not the actor, who decides what music and sound effects to put in, fading in and out at which point and to sustain for how long, that can complement an actor’s performance or create mood; It is the director, not the actor, who eventually decides out of so many takes for one particular action, which one to use; whether to cut an expression shorter; or what shots to include before and after a moment that can change the dynamics of the story. These decisions all impact the final product and performance of actors. Being a director is not easy because it comes with heavy responsibility.

While actors are important assets in a production, the role they play in the production process is very limited.

As such, what does an actor turned director like Clint Eastwood have to share in an interview in the latest issue of Men’s Journal (US)? I think much can be learnt from the maestro.

Excerpts from the interview can be found below.

我一直都很尊敬 Clint Eastwood,也很喜欢看他导的电影。因为他可以成功的让一个很平凡或很乏味的故事,在不煽情的情况下,感动观众,扣人心弦。

他不需要让他的演员大哭,不许运用大特写来表达演员的伤感,不需靠漫长的镜头来搞气氛,却还是能很清楚的表达主角的内心挣扎和痛苦, 我想这就是他身为导演的功力。



以下是身为演员也身为导演的Clint Eastwood 和 Matt Damon在美国杂志“Men’s Journal” 里访问的语录。

Men's Journal November 2010 (US Edition)

Cover Story

“He [Damon] knows. He instinctively knows. When he directs he’s going to be great at it. Because he understands actors, and all you have to do is have some compassion for the process.” – Clint Eastwood, predicting success for Matt Damon.

“如果 Damon 当导演,他将会很棒。他的直觉敏锐。他也了解演员,所以他只需要对过程表示同情。” - Clint Eastwood 相信 Matt Damon 会成功


“It’s easy to fall into that trap of following what’s being made now, what people like, but if you fall into that calculus, you’re already completely fucked. You have to do something that you believe in and that you like.” — Matt Damon believes that the proper use of power is the pursuit of independence.

“我们如果跟随大众的喜爱,和目前现有的作品来决定制作的方向, 我们就惨了!你必需跟着自己的直觉,自己的喜爱。” -- Matt Damon

Clint Eastwood

“Budget-conscious Eastwood — beloved of money men, crews, and actors alike because he doesn’t squander precious time, needlessly tinker with the script, or cover his artistic ass by shooting every scene from multiple angles”

“Eastwood 精打细算,非常受到台前幕后工作人员的爱慕 -因为他不浪费时间,不无谓的修改剧本,也不会为了发挥个人的创意而多余地从每个角度取镜。”

Eastwood 说:“如果你听别人的,他们都有办法说服你放弃你原本想做的事。一直都有人这么劝我,从The Man with No Name 到 Gran Torino.”

“It’s futile to follow fashion — not because fashion is contemptible, but because it’s unpredictable.”

“跟随潮流是没用的 -不是因为潮流惹人争议,而是因为根本无法预测什么会流行。”


“Go placidly among the noise and haste.” — Morgan Freeman summing up Clint Eastwood’s philosophy. In other words: “Do your job, help others do theirs, and then relax and let what happens happen.”

“在吵杂和仓促之余,温和地前进。” -Morgan Freeman 谈 Clint Eastwood 的哲学。其实也就是说:“做好本分,帮别人做好他们的本分,然后就放轻松,让一切该发生的发生。“

入围亚洲电视大奖 -- 开心!!


MediaCorp celebrates Children’s Day?

MediaCorp Trade Show 2009

The annual trade show was held at Ritz Carlton this year and almost every artiste was involved, except for those overseas or shooting in productions with a deadline schedule. It was a day where we, the “children” of MediaCorp, from TV, News, Radio and I think Publishing, got together for a major showcase of upcoming productions, programmes and projects to advertisers and long-time clients.

That was how I spent my Children’s Day!


We were joking that Jeanette's (centre) from the past (60s' image from her upcoming drama TOGETHER), I'm from the present (image from my upcoming drama YOUR HAND IN MINE) and Patricia's (extreme left) from the future (cos' she's wearing clothes from Superhero)!


Patricia and I pulls a face at Jeanette as we pretend she is a Madam Tussaud's wax figure exhibit. It was by pure coincidence that we both decided to stick our tongues out!


I love her outfit and imaging. There's something very classy about the costumes in those days. She didn't have her red lipstick on yet, but when she did, it completed the look. I'm so for this style right now!


Guess the owner of these beautiful legs, and I'm not going to tell you the correct answer because it's quite obvious!


I wanted to do profile shots of my colleagues who didn't have to dress in characters of the show they're doing, but was whisked off for rehearsal before I could snap anymore. By the time I got back, there were too many people so I only managed to get Jade (left) and Dawn (right). Jade's jacket was from some shop at Siam Square, Bangkok and Dawn's dress was from Jayson Brunsdon, Wisma Atria Singapore.


I love this duck ring. It's so unique!!


Ooooh...whose sexy back?


Ong Ai Leng's!


Rehearsal for the dance item starring one of our fellow colleagues...


...the one and only Patricia Mok!


This was one of the 3 dance sequences she had to do.


Hosted by Adrian Pang and Angel Teo. Try to guess what these artistes on stage share in common? Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Ivy Lee, Christopher Lee (left to right).


Cuifang and I


Ah-jie is still gorgeous after two kids! You only realise what perfect features she's got until you actually get close enough to see for yourself.


She looks good any angle!


Aunty Lucy, Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei and Ivy Lee (left to right).


A random group shot as we waited offstage. The hottest groom in town might have blinked just as the shutter clicked but he's still the "style" man (See his latest Style: Men magazine cover). And yes, he hasn't been able to go for his honeymoon yet.


Yet another random group shot.


Chen Liping and I and the rest of the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE were on stage to promote the 180-episode drama.


The less-than-glamourous backstage holding area.


After rehearsal, it was back at the holding area as Belinda Lee (left) and Cai Peixuan (right) quickly have their lunch.


More photos...this time with Justin.


This was how we were before Justin came into the picture.


See how many shots it took to try and get everyone in shot properly and not distorted. It's still not perfect, but fun!!