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MediaCorp celebrates Children’s Day?

MediaCorp Trade Show 2009

The annual trade show was held at Ritz Carlton this year and almost every artiste was involved, except for those overseas or shooting in productions with a deadline schedule. It was a day where we, the “children” of MediaCorp, from TV, News, Radio and I think Publishing, got together for a major showcase of upcoming productions, programmes and projects to advertisers and long-time clients.

That was how I spent my Children’s Day!


We were joking that Jeanette's (centre) from the past (60s' image from her upcoming drama TOGETHER), I'm from the present (image from my upcoming drama YOUR HAND IN MINE) and Patricia's (extreme left) from the future (cos' she's wearing clothes from Superhero)!


Patricia and I pulls a face at Jeanette as we pretend she is a Madam Tussaud's wax figure exhibit. It was by pure coincidence that we both decided to stick our tongues out!


I love her outfit and imaging. There's something very classy about the costumes in those days. She didn't have her red lipstick on yet, but when she did, it completed the look. I'm so for this style right now!


Guess the owner of these beautiful legs, and I'm not going to tell you the correct answer because it's quite obvious!


I wanted to do profile shots of my colleagues who didn't have to dress in characters of the show they're doing, but was whisked off for rehearsal before I could snap anymore. By the time I got back, there were too many people so I only managed to get Jade (left) and Dawn (right). Jade's jacket was from some shop at Siam Square, Bangkok and Dawn's dress was from Jayson Brunsdon, Wisma Atria Singapore.


I love this duck ring. It's so unique!!


Ooooh...whose sexy back?


Ong Ai Leng's!


Rehearsal for the dance item starring one of our fellow colleagues...


...the one and only Patricia Mok!


This was one of the 3 dance sequences she had to do.


Hosted by Adrian Pang and Angel Teo. Try to guess what these artistes on stage share in common? Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Ivy Lee, Christopher Lee (left to right).


Cuifang and I


Ah-jie is still gorgeous after two kids! You only realise what perfect features she's got until you actually get close enough to see for yourself.


She looks good any angle!


Aunty Lucy, Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei and Ivy Lee (left to right).


A random group shot as we waited offstage. The hottest groom in town might have blinked just as the shutter clicked but he's still the "style" man (See his latest Style: Men magazine cover). And yes, he hasn't been able to go for his honeymoon yet.


Yet another random group shot.


Chen Liping and I and the rest of the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE were on stage to promote the 180-episode drama.


The less-than-glamourous backstage holding area.


After rehearsal, it was back at the holding area as Belinda Lee (left) and Cai Peixuan (right) quickly have their lunch.


More photos...this time with Justin.


This was how we were before Justin came into the picture.


See how many shots it took to try and get everyone in shot properly and not distorted. It's still not perfect, but fun!!