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KL Promo Surprise!


How did you celebrate your National Day?


我呢,到吉隆坡作宣传一早就到机场了。行程虽然很匆忙,但是临时有更改,所以我们有一点点的时间消磨, 就到KLCC去。这是我第一次到KLCC。每次到吉隆坡都是公干,所以之前都是经过,没有进去。我想要是有更多时间,我肯定会疯狂大购物!

I was at KL for a promotional event for “Yours Always” and although the itinerary was packed, we had some time to kill upon arrival due to some last minute cancellation, so we went to KLCC for some early shopping! It was my first time in KLCC because although I’ve been to KL, it was mostly for work, and am usually left with no time to go shopping. Haha, I think if I had more time, I would go on a spree!

匆匆逛了一圈之后,我们快快吃了午餐,就赶到 Harmonic Studios 化妆弄头发。

匆匆逛了一圈之后,我们快快吃了午餐,就赶到 Harmonic Studios 化妆弄头发。

Right after lunch at KLCC, we proceeded to Harmonic Studios for hair and make-up.

Kristina 开了一间学院,经验丰富。是她帮我化妆和弄头发。

Kristina 开了一间学院,经验丰富。是她帮我化妆和弄头发。

This is Kristina, a very experienced local make-up artiste who has her own academy catering to different make-up needs. She was the one who did my hair and make-up.



We then rushed to Mines, to meet and greet the fans, play some games and have an autograph session.

让我很感动的是我的粉丝竟然从新加坡飞来Mines支持我,真的很意外! 你们很有心,谢谢你们的诚意和用心。因为她们一早就去等候,所以 Jollity Fan Club 的成员都会拿到我们亲笔签名的海报!要谢谢Rina, Joey 和Valerie 哦!

以下是由Joey 拍摄的 (谢谢Joey!) 这是我们的游戏项目之一。展发饰演《让爱自邮》里的劭齐,然后其中一名观众朋友将饰演我在戏里的角色 -- 乔珊。我则是那个第三者。考的是观众朋友的演技和临场反应。这是冠军的表演。

The video is contributed by Joey. Indeed, I got a pleasant surprise when I saw my fan club members at the mall! I never expected them to fly all the way from Singapore to support me, so I am truly moved by the sweet gesture. Thank you so much for making the effort! As a result of them being there early, all the members in Jollity Fan Club will receive autographed posters of “Yours Always”. Rina, Joey and Valerie, thanks so much!

Joey, Rina and Valerie (left to right).

Joey, Rina and Valerie (left to right).



It was autograph and picture-taking after the games.



Press interview…



It was straight to the airport after the event.

Unfortunately, I missed the National Day parade and pledge but while I was on the plane, I sat next to a Londoner who was on his way back to London and would be transiting in Singapore. He spoke fondly of Singapore and less of London. In his words, he said, “I wouldn’t want to live in London if you pay me, but pay me nothing and I would live in Singapore.” I guess we are a very inviting nation and I give my best wishes to the country as we continue to progress as one.

Bonia @ KL

I had the privilege of being invited to KL for Bonia and it was indeed an eye opener. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

By the time we arrived at Mandarin Hotel, it was nearly 1 pm and I was starving! I ordered room service and I was so surprised the food came served on a trolley. The waiter took the food out from this little “fridge” (except it keeps the food warm) attached below the table and lay it out so nicely in front of me. As you can see I had a sumptuous meal of half a dozen chicken satay, wanton noodle and teh tarik! Yummy! You won’t believe it, but I wiped up most of it!

Wanton Noodle with duck meat…*drools*




This is me, all ready for the press conference.


I’ve never been so overwhelmed by reporters and photographers! The entire room was filled with reporters and photographers, and the reporters actually fielded questions from the floor. Most of the time back here, reporters would sit with us individually for interviews. After the Q&A was photo-taking and I must admit I was a little taken aback by the cameras, cos’ not used to seeing so many photographers. The bright flashes made me a little dizzy. Thankfully I wasn’t wearing too high heels!


Back in the hotel room, I had the honour of having Dennis from our make-up unit do my hair for the fashion show in the night.


The local stars, all dressed up, ready for the night’s event! We called Gurmit, “Bossly”. Cos’ don’t we look like Charlie’s Angels?


Haha, I felt like a super star autographing next to my name on this massive backdrop!


The show was very impressive! After the catwalk, we were posing for the cameras. There’s Gurmit, me, Michelle, Kelly Lin (from Taiwan), Nnadia Chan, Tavia Yeung Yi, Kevin Cheng Kar Wing (from Hong Kong)


A group picture (not wide enough to accomodate all) 😦

The following day at the shop’s opening at Pavilion Shopping Centre. Here’s a picture with big boss Mr Chiang.


And a picture with the the lovely Nnadia.


And of course, the people behind Bonia, not including Mei (3rd from left), who was there to look after all of us! Thank you so much for doing what you did, especially that night at the party! Muaks!