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Juice Fasts, Detox Diets

Here’s something I read about in April’s Vogue that is quite interesting. As with anything, there are always different schools of thoughts.

There was an article about the claims of juice fasts and detox diets written by Bronwyn Garrity, based on interviews with Michael Gershon, M.D., a Columbia University professor who’s spanned his career studying about all things related to the digestive system.

Here’s what I gathered:

Claim 1. You’ll Rid Your Body of a Lifetime of Chemicals

Vogue says: If you’re generally healthy, the liver will flush out anything the body interprets as toxic and the kidney will pump out water-soluble toxins. If the toxins can’t be released while you go through the motions daily, they end up residing in fatty tissues like the brain. That part you can’t flush with any juice and laxatives.

I say: Let your body work its natural system.

2. You’ll Drop Two Dress Sizes

Vogue says: While you may see yourself losing weight, what you’re losing could be muscle and not fat. Without enough protein, the body turns to muscle for fuel and the weight loss appears pronounced because of the muscle’s bulk. However losing muscle mass will decrease metabolism and a return to solid food eventually could mean returning to original weight.

I say: If you really want to lose weight, the hard way would be to exercise while maintaining a high-protein, low-carb diet. Notice I said low-carb, not no-carb!

Claim 3. You’ll Look 10 Years Younger

Vogue says: Including a high intake of water and vitamin-rich juice into our system and eliminating stressors like sugar, caffeine and alcohol will no doubt plump the skin and result in the so-called glow, but this may be short-lived. Persisted low calorie cleansing (coupled with laxative use) can overtime can deprive your body of hydration and nutrition, resulting in volume loss in the skin and wrinkles.

I say: We still need to incorporate juice and vegetables in our diet, but that doesn’t mean we need to remove everything else.

Claim 4. You Experience Euphoria

Vogue says: Apparently all animals have endorphin systems to ease trauma. The euphoria may actually be a sign that the body thinks it’s starving and trying to prevent suffering.

I say: Oh no, this is kind of scary, if I’m happy does that mean I’m actually not?

Claim 5. Your Brain Fog will Lift Without Coffee

Vogue says: A diet that is rich in fat and sugar will clog up capillaries and makes it difficult for oxygenated blood to be pushed to your brain, therefore you may experience lethargy and forgetfulness. Vitamin-rich juices may increase blood flow to the brain causing people to feel alertness, but you don’t need to starve to achieve the purpose.

I say: I can’t live without coffee, so I will include more fruit and vegetables into my daily diet and cut the junk to balance out.

Claim 6. You’ll Cure Chronic Diseases

Vogue says: Studies have suggested that heart-disease patients who eat more vegetables and fruit may begin to lower high cholesterol  and blood glucose levels in little more than a month. Benefits will be lost once you return to your old habits of eating.

I say: Curing Chronic Diseases is a big claim! I think the bottom line is we want to prevent any disease from striking first, so we have to try our best to take care of our body, and starving is definitely not one of the ways.