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The Naked Truth

Under normal circumstances I tend not to comment on news articles about myself, but I feel I need to clarify a few points made in the Yahoo, TNP articles that were released yesterday.

With regard to the Rose Chan feature film, nothing has been confirmed thus far. I have had a few meetings with Eric Khoo about the story and overall vision of the film a number of months back, but nothing has progressed due to both of our filming schedules. I’m honored by his complimentary words and if everything falls in place I would definitely like to be involved. I believe that this story has the potential to give us Singaporeans a film that goes beyond our island and break the stereotype of a “local film”.

Another topic that has caused some debate are these quotes:

“I don’t belittle my body but it doesn’t really mean anything. What matters is our soul and what’s inside of us, not this outer shell.”

“When I entered this industry, (my body) is something I have to give up. I have to let my co-stars or strangers touch or kiss me.”

As an actress who is constantly seeking to improve my craft, I have learnt that our “tool” in this unique profession is ourselves. We have our experiences to draw on, and our bodies to help express our emotions. I admire actors and actresses who can transform themselves internally and externally to embody a character (Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, Colin Firth, Meryl Streep, the list goes on) and I strive to commit to such rigor someday.

In the words of Nicole Kidman in a recent interview, “as actors, we need to be thick-skinned but we also need to be vulnerable.” We don’t give our body away freely, but we do use it to create a character and portray a wide array of emotions. I believe to be a versatile actress, it is our job to recreate reality in a surreal world, not by imitating but by inhabiting the role truthfully. If done right, we can make you laugh, cry and maybe even feel love.

Where nudity is concerned, I am not opposed to it IF the story, director and overall project is good. There has to be a clear, positive and reinforcing message to make any cinematic journey worthwhile for the audience. Having said that, I believe in the potential “The Charming Rose” has as a feature film. Her story is about love, heartbreak and tragedy, all of which far exceed the physical aspect of nudity the film might have. It’s a part that many actresses, if given the opportunity, would love to play.

Ultimately, to have a part in great projects, portray multi-faceted persons, and bring their interesting stories to the screen are my desires and goals as an actress, and I will give my best to fulfill them.

Thank you all for your support.

Yours Sincerely,