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Love in a Cab — Love out of a Cab

Director Han is such a humourous and easy-going person to work with, that I decided to do a series of pictures to show just how much I love him!

Love in a Cab — Looking Good

I’ve heard many people comment about how beautiful the lighting is in the telemovie. The following pictures will give you an idea the set-up required.

You will see these big white boards consistently in the rest of the pictures. I was told they are called "butterfly". I have no idea how the name came about but I love them, because they are so flattering!!

The "cookie" in the foreground cuts up the light so there's more texture to the way the scene is lit.

In broad daylight, it can get really bright!

The set-up in the taxi, without the lighting equipment yet! Ling Hooi (right) is the Director of Photography for this telemovie.

Director Han's storyboard