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I was full of anticipation knowing that I would be playing twins in “Beach Ball Babes”. I was curious how filming would take place, and how I would have to take on two different personalities at the same time. In this case, it is a little challenging because our personalities do not lie on opposing ends, like say, the good vs the evil twin. In other words, I had to find a subtle difference in their personalities so that they won’t come out looking the same.

In this scene, my “sister” and I are playing on the same court. The older sister (Liu Xuan) is a spiker, while the younger sister (Rainie) is a setter. Here’s my attempt at explaining how filming is done to show two of me in the same shot.

Michelle 是我打球的替身。

Michelle is my volleyball body double.

导演在和我们讲戏。这个镜头需要我和姐姐一起跳上来拦网。Michelle 在旁边让摄影师有个概念。真正拍的时候是我自己一个人在右边跳。然后再换了球衣和发型后,再从左边跳起。那剪接后就会变成两个我同时跃起了!

The director is trying to achieve a blocking shot by the twins. Michelle is on my right and she is there to give the cameraman an idea where the other me would be standing. During the actual take, I jumped alone, and then after changing my jersey and hairstyle, proceed to stand on the other side to repeat the same move.

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照片里是澳洲名厨Jamie Oliver,是我和助导Tiffany 的一个私人笑话,并不是因为我暗恋他哦!



《球爱》APs 是指《球爱》助导。(APs:Assistant Producer)。后面还冒烟,这才好笑!

Christina 和 Tiffany 花了半个小时在我的停车位上画画,还跑出给我买蛋糕,真的让我很感动。



《球爱》APs, 谢谢 x1million,爱死你们了!