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Of Horses and Carriages

Last night, Elvin Ng and I were invited to the Singapore International Racing Festival Gala Dinner held at The Shangri-la Hotel.

I do not know much about horse-racing, but I love horses, and this year it is even closer to my heart because horse carriages were crafted as part of the festival.

I love horse carriages, because growing up in an era of automobiles,  there’s always a fascination with the older modes of transportation. Or maybe it’s just a simple case of  yearning for something you cannot get. We got a chance to see one of the six horse carriages outside the ballroom last night.

Princess Victoria

A group of musicians were seated in the horse carriage to entertain guests at the cocktail reception.

The closest I get to owning a horse!

In front of the Singapore International Racing Festival ice sculpture with Charlee

The whiff of chocolate was so tempting, but I was battling food poisoning yesterday, so I couldn't enjoy this lovely dessert.

Has any of you seen these carriages around?

This was outside Mandarin Gallery.

This was at Bt Panjang Plaza.

This was at Bugis Junction before moving to Raffles Plaza Park.

This was at Plaza Singapura.

This was at Junction 8.

My favourite horse carriage! This was at Raffles City before moving to Raffles Plaza Park.

They were on display at various locations in Singapore till 14 May. I would probably see all of it tonight at the race itself!

Star Awards 2010

I caught a bit of the re-run of Star Awards yesterday afternoon and I don’t know if it’s my ageing television or just simply the way sound is transmitted, but it did JJ Lin’s voice no justice. I’ve always been a fan of his because he’s a local singer/song writer who has displayed great talent and showmanship throughout the years.

He performed《无法克制》at the live venue, and his voice was crisp and confident even when it came to the high notes in the song. It was immaculate! But somehow on television, the power of his vocals failed to come through. In any case, he gave a flawless performance that night and I love it!

JJ Lin performing 《无法克制》on the second day of Star Awards 2010 held at Resort World Singapore, Compass Ballroom.

JJ and I at the post party!

The day of Star Awards happened to fall on my birthday (25 April), so before the whole frenzy began for hair and make-up, I had a sweet surprise backstage.

Winnie and Xing Ni quietly singing a birthday song for me.

Making my wish before cutting the "cake".

Mini-cake/Muffin. Winnie knows I'm cutting sugar so she made a really guilt-free one with no sugar! Aww...so sweet of her!

Me and my home-made "birthday" dinner. My mom cooked everything except for the chicken breast, which is my own salt-free, less oil recipe. I had chicken, egg, brown rice, vegetables and bittergourd beancurd soup. Yummy!

Oops...and everyone else was eating packed dinner provided. It's the company that matters!!

And then the frenzy began. As I was the first out on the red carpet, producers were calling and rushing everyone to standby. Ryan touching up my hair; Jeremy adjusting my outfit; Elaine finishing up with my make-up.

My fan club - Jolliteers

We stole a group photo before making our way to the ballroom. (From left to right) Belinda Lee, Priscelia Chan, Pan Ling Ling, Joanne Peh (me), Cai Peixuan, Jin Yinji, Yvonne Lim and Lin Meijiao.

The not-so-glamourous secret passageway that leads to the ballroom. Pan Ling Ling played my mom in The Little Nyonya, so I never stopped calling her mommy since then, athough Ling Ling is way too young to have me as her daughter. Still I just love her!

While we wait for the rest of our colleagues to come in after the red carpet, we decided to kill some time.

With the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE, Zhang Yaodong (left) plays the love of my life and Shaun Chen (right) plays a baddie!

Huang Wenyong (left) and Chen Shucheng (right) are also part of YOUR HAND IN MINE.

Pierre Png plays my boyfriend in YOUR HAND IN MINE. Yes, I'm stuck between two guys, and as the drama unfolds, keep watching to see who I end up with. Weekdays, 7pm on Channel 8!

Chen Liping sporting a new haircut for her new drama. I love her image now, it's refreshingly different from her character currently in YOUR HAND IN MINE. This reminds me of Ellen Degeneres!

Some of the men that I have been paired with in dramas throughout my career. (From left to right) Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho.

Announcing the last position for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award. All my colleagues congratulated me prematurely while the presenters on stage took their time to announce the last name. I was so embarrassed! What if it's not me?!?!

The final 10 of us on stage.


那天到淡马锡初级学院为红星大奖召势,让我很兴奋,因为同学们的热情真的无法挡!我在路途中一直被其他三位艺人(俊雄,芷绚,展发) “围攻”考问我一些私人问题,让我防不胜防,对接下来要做的事一点心里准备也没有。所以当巴士开到淡马锡初级学院,我很意外竟然有这么多朋友已经在等我们了!不过好笑的是,我们巴士的前门卡住了,不能开,紧急门靠了三,四个人才把它成功的打开,好丢脸!结果还得搬桌子来让我们踩着下车,好好笑哦!










玩了大半天,要谢谢Carol 的摄影,还有红星外景 crew 和工作人员为我们安排的一切!辛苦你们了,还要照顾到节目的拍摄,艺人的安全,还有学生的反应,真不容易!加油!

Bonia & Me :)

噎! Bonia 又续约了!真的好开心,又能够再次当 Bonia 的代言人。那天在 Takashimaya Square 走秀后,韵仪和老板提到我们再次为设计包包的主意,如果能有机会,那就太好了!好兴奋哦!


我虽然不是特别有设计天分,但是整个合作的过程很愉快。可能是因为 Bonia 是由一个家庭从小做起,所以和他们合作很有一家人的感觉。每次上他们的公司,或好像上回一起吃饭时,都有一种很亲切的感觉。我曾经说过,很喜欢大家庭的那种凝聚力,而跟他们在一起,就让我有这种很舒服的感受。


和老板 Mr Chiang 的合照


俊雄,心钰,Me, 韵仪,Mr Chiang, 芷绚,Jade, Mr Chiang, 展发




Tian Yang (设计我们的包包的才子)with me!


Me with my bag


Last Friday (12 Oct) was a day full of emotions for me. In the morning, I was bawling my eyes out with the rest of the cast of “A Path Of Gold”. Then in the afternoon was the Bonia fashion show, where I was really thrilled to be part of the Bonia brand once again! I was very tempted to sip the champagne in celebration, but somehow the glass didn’t come to me. *heehee*

And the long day ended with a bunch of fun-loving Jolliteers, who really brought sunshine in my heart even though it was nearly evening. Thank you all so much, for being so loving! *hugs & kisses*


I’m so lucky to be spoilt…


Big-head doggie smooches me!!




Yummy chocolate cake! I shared it with my mom and she loved it!


All solo pictures provided by Jolliteers