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This must be the most sincere Christmas present of the year!


我一直都很想学画画,因为原创画就只有一副,而我想利用这种种方式来表达我的情感。我可以算是个感情丰富的人吧,对身边的人和事很敏感,喜欢深入的 了解人的思想,他们做事的动机,他们经历的喜、怒、哀、乐。所以我喜欢写作,喜欢摄影,而且只有在有灵感的时候才发挥,这样表现的情感才是最真的。


I’ve always wanted to learn painting because there will only ever be one original piece of work. I like to express myself through my writing and my photography and figured painting would provide yet another avenue. I never blog because I have to and I never shoot subjects I’m not inspired by. That is to keep my expression as real as possible. Painting would be a cathartic experience.

Although replicas of famous paintings can be made, not only does it loses its value but also the emotional depth. Like any art, it’s not the technical skill that determines the quality of work, but the passion in the expression of it.

I hope to share my maiden work with all of you some day.


这是另一种风格的画,是由一位很有天分的朋友用电脑画的。这个卡通我非常喜欢,因为把我俏皮的一面呈现的很有趣,竟然有三个我!它可以在我Jollity Fan Club 的汗衫背面看到。如果你们喜欢的话,可以写电邮到 jollity.joanne@gmail.com 询问如何购买。

This comic of me is another style of drawing done by a very talented individual. I love the way she presents the playful side of me! You can find this on the back of Jollity Fan Club’s official tee. If you would like to purchase the t-shirt, please email Rina jollity.joanne@gmail.com to enquire.