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Star Awards 2010

I caught a bit of the re-run of Star Awards yesterday afternoon and I don’t know if it’s my ageing television or just simply the way sound is transmitted, but it did JJ Lin’s voice no justice. I’ve always been a fan of his because he’s a local singer/song writer who has displayed great talent and showmanship throughout the years.

He performed《无法克制》at the live venue, and his voice was crisp and confident even when it came to the high notes in the song. It was immaculate! But somehow on television, the power of his vocals failed to come through. In any case, he gave a flawless performance that night and I love it!

JJ Lin performing 《无法克制》on the second day of Star Awards 2010 held at Resort World Singapore, Compass Ballroom.

JJ and I at the post party!

The day of Star Awards happened to fall on my birthday (25 April), so before the whole frenzy began for hair and make-up, I had a sweet surprise backstage.

Winnie and Xing Ni quietly singing a birthday song for me.

Making my wish before cutting the "cake".

Mini-cake/Muffin. Winnie knows I'm cutting sugar so she made a really guilt-free one with no sugar! Aww...so sweet of her!

Me and my home-made "birthday" dinner. My mom cooked everything except for the chicken breast, which is my own salt-free, less oil recipe. I had chicken, egg, brown rice, vegetables and bittergourd beancurd soup. Yummy!

Oops...and everyone else was eating packed dinner provided. It's the company that matters!!

And then the frenzy began. As I was the first out on the red carpet, producers were calling and rushing everyone to standby. Ryan touching up my hair; Jeremy adjusting my outfit; Elaine finishing up with my make-up.

My fan club - Jolliteers

We stole a group photo before making our way to the ballroom. (From left to right) Belinda Lee, Priscelia Chan, Pan Ling Ling, Joanne Peh (me), Cai Peixuan, Jin Yinji, Yvonne Lim and Lin Meijiao.

The not-so-glamourous secret passageway that leads to the ballroom. Pan Ling Ling played my mom in The Little Nyonya, so I never stopped calling her mommy since then, athough Ling Ling is way too young to have me as her daughter. Still I just love her!

While we wait for the rest of our colleagues to come in after the red carpet, we decided to kill some time.

With the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE, Zhang Yaodong (left) plays the love of my life and Shaun Chen (right) plays a baddie!

Huang Wenyong (left) and Chen Shucheng (right) are also part of YOUR HAND IN MINE.

Pierre Png plays my boyfriend in YOUR HAND IN MINE. Yes, I'm stuck between two guys, and as the drama unfolds, keep watching to see who I end up with. Weekdays, 7pm on Channel 8!

Chen Liping sporting a new haircut for her new drama. I love her image now, it's refreshingly different from her character currently in YOUR HAND IN MINE. This reminds me of Ellen Degeneres!

Some of the men that I have been paired with in dramas throughout my career. (From left to right) Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho.

Announcing the last position for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award. All my colleagues congratulated me prematurely while the presenters on stage took their time to announce the last name. I was so embarrassed! What if it's not me?!?!

The final 10 of us on stage.

Besides the Press Conference…



Many people have been asking me what I’ve been busy with lately and when will my next drama be on television. Thank you all for asking!

I am currently still filming the 180-episode long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. Filming for this drama began last year in December and will end mid next year. Currently, we are done with about 100 episodes, so that leaves another 80 more to go. However, our drama will be coming to your television screens from November 9th onwards, every Mondays to Fridays, at 7 pm on Channel 8. This means that we will be filming while the drama is airing! It’s fun that none of us knows how it’s all going to end!

In the meantime, here’re some pictures taken during our press conference held for the media two days ago…

Group Photo

《想握你的手》主要演员. Cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE.


姚文龙和方展发。播映日期和时间在背后!Yao Wen Long and Pierre Png.


Chinese characters for "YOUR HAND IN MINE"。

媒体招待会还没开始之前,演员们在干什么呢?哈哈, 当然是拍照啊!

Before the cast goes on stage to meet the press, how do we pass time? It’s got to be massive photo-taking.


我好喜欢这个手镯。它很独特,而且色彩鲜艳!I love this bangle! Actually it is made up of 2 bangles and the multi-coloured skulls add a dash of fun to the otherwise typical design.


让你再看清楚一点:这是莫小玲的私家货。Take a closer look at this private stash that belongs to actress Patricia Mok.


在等待媒体招待会的当儿,我们就 “无聊” 起来。。。Nothing else better to do, we start photographing our expensive shoes.


还加入了不同款式。。。猜猜谁是谁?And we have additions to the family! Guess who's wearing what?


李心钰,莫小玲,白薇秀 (我),林湘萍,蔡佩璇 (左到右)。Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Joanne Peh (me), Yvonne Lim and Cai Peixuan. (left to right).


拍了鞋子,就低镜头拍脸,哈哈,我不小心按了 zoom 所以三人好挤。Bored with the shoes, we started experimenting with unflattering low angle shots. I accidentally hit the zoom button, that's why it's so tight.


莫小玲拍我在拍我们。哈哈! Mok taking a photo of me taking a photo of us.





闹完自拍就拍别人。。。Done with self-portraits, I started playing paparazzi...


夫妻潘玲玲和黄世南。Married couple Pan Lingling and Huang Shinan.


Before I had a chance to snap pictures of everyone, it was time to be on stage. We have a huge cast, so the interviews took some time. After which, I spoke privately with a couple of reporters quickly and had to proceed to shoot some trailers and interstitial. I was paired up with none other than my lover in the show!


张耀栋。Zhang Yaodong.


我们在为《想握你的手》录预告片,你们一定要留意收看。我们没有剧本,也没有台词,不过感觉很好。不是我老王卖瓜,而是耀栋和我在一起拍了这么长的时间,默契十足。题材原创于我们,蛮好玩,希望大家会喜欢。We are doing a trailer for YOUR HAND IN MINE. It's unscripted but after filming together for so long, we've got good chemistry. It's original material from us, so I hope all of you will like it. Stay tuned!


导演在向我们解释他的概念。The producer is explaining the premise of the trailer.


我们还录了中文的圣诞祝语,说了一堆无里头的话,哈哈哈!We also recorded a Christmas trailer in Mandarin so look out for it!



Your Hand In Mine

drama2大家如果想抢先看《想握你的手》的预告片,记得明天(8月 9 日),晚上9点45分,锁定八频道哦!

If you’d like to catch a first glimpse of “Your Hand In Mine”, remember to tune in at 9.45 pm, tomorrow (9 August) on Channel 8!




drama6 copy



Star Awards 红星大奖 2009

尝试了新的呈现方式, 一目了然。

嘿嘿。。。当天用了别人的相机,结果自己拍的照片不是很多,oops. 本来想用黑白效果制造时尚照,哎,可是我的相机的镜头脏了没发现,所以有些照片是蒙蒙的。:(

红星大奖已经过了差不多一个星期了,我还没有在博客上发表,因为实在有点忙。颁奖典礼当晚后还有庆功宴,之后因为大家都走了,所以得开车到 stylist 的家还身上穿的 Hervé Léger bandage dress,隔天早上七点报道化妆拍戏。真不好意思,不能和在外头久等的粉丝多拍几张照,结果赶到连你们拍的照片都蒙了。希望很快会有机会和大家再见面。



抱歉,多希望自己有所准备上台时能稳稳的,不过当时的心情真的难以形容。坐在台下等待颁奖的那一刻,心情很乱。幻想如果叫了我的名字是什么样的感觉,上台要说什么,但还没搞清楚,又告诉自己不可能的,应该不会叫我的名字,心里又期待又害怕,反反复复,头脑一片混乱,情绪澎湃。答案揭晓的时候,仿佛脑袋的电线插头被人扯掉了,突然进入auto mode,上台,领奖,致谢,脑袋一片空白。一直在挣扎想要说什么,可是一切发生的这么突然,时间又不多,担心警铃会响,说到断声多尴尬啊,劈里啪啦赶快说完后,还不知如何反应。后台看到我的 stylist Jeremy 兴奋得很,还有各评daddy,抱着我,恭喜我,说“Ger ger, see I told you.” 我就哭了稀里哗啦,很感动。然后被经理人牵着说要出去访问,我跟她说怎么办,我的头脑很空,一时不知道要说什么。乱七八糟!


那一晚本来就只穿一件晚礼服,因为之前没有试穿过 Hervé Léger 的那一件,可是Jeremy在我做完访问后拉了我上去说换衣,我也就照做。大家都很紧张因为正在颁十大最受欢迎男艺人,一边挤进裙子的时候,心想这么匆忙,万一换了衣服又没有机会上台亮相会不会好像很多余?还没想到结果就已经坐在台下了,心情镇定了很多,完全没有压力。我想如果我的名字正好到后面才叫的话,可能会紧张,尤其如果大家认定你一定会进。一个人坐在前排的感觉很尴尬,去年尝过了,身边的女艺人都上台留下我一个,失望倒不会,反而尴尬到想找个洞钻进去。

我只能说我很幸运,这一路走来不容易,这是很大的鼓励。很多人事后都发简讯来恭喜我,我在博客,facebook,twitter 也收到了不少祝贺,谢谢你们。当然也有一群人认为我不应该得这个奖。这一切都不在我控制范围内,当初我也说过,如果时机未成熟,我不会强求,但评审决定颁这个奖给我,给我很大的信心和肯定。得奖并不代表已经到了终点,只是告诉我找对了路。要走的路还很长,当然能进步的空间也还很多,不过至少我已在起点立足。这对我来说很值得高兴!高兴不是因为有什么成就,而是因为我看见了自己迷失、跌倒、受伤再爬起来的过程。我的人生多一篇丰富的内容。