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While I was sourcing my pictures from Cape Town, South Africa for an 8DAYS supplement story last weekend, I found some pictures taken then that I’d like to share. It’s not easy taking animal pictures, because they have unpredictable temperaments. Not owning a telephoto lens also makes it difficult to get good close-ups.

无意间在 Table Mountains 看到的。

A monitor lizard, Table Mountains.

我开车到Cape Point 的回程路上碰到它们。真有一点害怕,因为它们不怕人也不怕车,好像随时会攻击我!

These baboons are fearless and because there were so many of them, I had a horrifying thought that they would attack my car! Taken on my drive back from Cape Point.

在开车到Cape Point 的路途中,会经过鸵鸟场。我没有进去参观,只是偷偷的跑去和它们拍照!

On my way to Cape Point, I passed by the Ostrich Farm. I didn’t pay the farm a visit but merely stood near the ostriches for a photo!


There’re plenty of such carvings on display at the flea markets. They cost quite bit at niche furniture shops in Singapore, but it’ll be too inconvenient to bring it home from there.


I love the way the flying bird contrasts with nature.


Seals taking a break.


Squirrels bound along the pavements in the garden. They’re very agile creatures so it’s not easy getting close to them.


A very sad-looking fish.


King Crab


South African penguins。

突然很想又再一个人拿着行李乱闯。当初我自己一个人到南非的Cape Town 也是很冲动的决定。那是我的毕业之旅吧,所以去了两个星期,没有很详细的计划,想做什么就做什么,一切靠直觉。很怀念那种勇气,怀疑自己现在是否也能自己到一个陌生的国家探险。我呢,上网查关于挪威的资料,突然很想去那儿看鲸鱼,享受自然风景,出海等,体验和这里不同的生活。希望拍完《小娘惹》后,可以拿个长假,去探险!

Suddenly I have the urge to pack my bags and go somewhere. Cape Town was my graduation trip, so I took 2 weeks and without much of an itinerary, did whatever I felt like doing, following my instincts most of the time. I miss that sort of spontaneity and I hope I haven’t lost that courage after so long. I think my next trip, if I can get a longer break, would be somewhere adventurous. I’m thinking Norway, swim with the killer whales, white water rafting, hiking and just simply doing something out of the ordinary.