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Breakfast and Megamarts

While Singaporeans like bee hoon, pau and other local delectables for breakfast, I had a little surprise!

Nothing beats waking up in the morning to home-made waffles with maple syrup and fresh strawberries!

Perfect for window display! The waffle is so light I had 1 and half!

I thought this brand of margarine is really cute. I love the exclamation mark at the end, like it's screaming at you to pick it up at the supermarket.

While we're on the topic of supermarket, I love the supermarkets here in the US! They are so massive and everyone can be pushing a cart, but no one knocks into one another. Aisles are wide and items well stocked. The only thing is, if you're not familiar with the placement of items, it's quite a distance walking from one end to the other.

Most supermarkets are open past midnight, some even 24 hours, so it's really convenient if you want to buy groceries late at night. Parking is ample and free too! This is Walmart Supercenter, which is a mega-hyper-mart!