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Celebrating Minister’s Birthday

Yesterday (Sept 13) was Minister George Yeo’s birthday, and we managed to have an early celebration with him on Friday over a simple dinner.


Interesting "cake". It's apple strudel!


I don't know what's the actual age of our Minister of Foreign Affairs. The three candles hardly say anything. Hmm...


Making the first "official" cut. The special dates seen in the lower right hand corner was a gift Minister received from Saudi Arabia. It's sweetened and has almond seeds in place of the actual seed in the middle.


This looks yummy doesn't it?


Jack, Minister and I. The rest acted as our photographers. 🙂 Thank you all for the wonderful hospitality and delicious local fare.

Tea at Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It was a privilege to be invited to the Minister’s office for tea. I know it sounds almost like there’s a double-entendre , because back in school, “You are going to have tea with the principal” usually means you’re in trouble for either misbehaving or failing of exams. But no, I wasn’t in any trouble, and there was not only tea served in pretty delicate china, there were curry puffs too.

I learnt from somewhere that when you serve tea to the English, you ask if they would like lemon or milk. I guess in Singapore, it would be “Kosong”, “O” or “Tarik”?

I’m more of a coffee drinker but if I were to have tea, I like mine with milk. The “Tarik” kind. Not that I’m complaining though, just that I come to realise that there are myths surrounding politicians like there are surrounding celebrities. And perhaps in many ways we are similar.


I guess that’ll take another tea session to find out.


Personal secretary to Minister. I hope I didn't get this wrong. Otherwise, please leave me a comment and I will make the amendments. Oops.


Minister and I


The hospitable staff at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs