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My gift to David Gan

I’m so glad I managed to return just in time for David’s birthday. I wanted to surprise him and the plan was to custom order a Birkin cake for him and I even had the colour and style chosen. But while I was in Laos, the chef emailed me and said Dr Georgia Lee had presented him with a Birkin cake at the surprise party she threw him! Thank the people who invented Twitter because otherwise it would have been so embarrassing!

We were both disappointed that we had to scrap the Birkin cake idea, because she was really excited about making a Birkin cake. We didn’t mull for long because I managed to come up with an alternative which she liked and said could be done!

I suggested to her the Limited Edition Hermes Leica M7. This is how the real one looks!

This is "The Birthday Cake".

David could not bear to cut it and had no idea where to start!

Here's the chef, Felicia. I'm so proud of her because she's young, pretty and so incredibly talented. She designed and conceptualised everything, including the paper bag and gift box! I'm going to hire her if I ever open a bakery/cafe.

Look closely at the details of the actual camera

Now look at this. Would you believe this was edible?

Look at the incredible amount of details she's included in this!

She's got it covered from all angles.

I can't quite decide what my favourite part of this paper bag is. The delicate stuffing or the black cord that is so realistic. Notice the fold lines of the paper bag.

I've blurred out the words on the gift box because I'm a bit shy but here's Felicia's masterpiece. What a piece of art! I ordered it to be chocolate and I have to say it taste as good as it looks. The fondant was not too sweet but delicious enough to make you want more. I was so happy when someone at the salon said it tasted better than the Birkin cupcake at the Fullerton! Way to go Felicia! Whoever posted her blog address in my comments section, thank you for sharing.

Thank you Felicia, and the people at Passion, for helping me make this a special surprise for David.

Check out more of her delicious food designs at http://muffinsareuglycupcakes.wordpress.com/