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Language of thought

I just want to say a big thank you to all the avid readers of my blog. I have been receiving quite a number of requests to write in English, and I feel bad for those whose computer can’t display Chinese characters, and non-Chinese readers. But as I’ve replied to some fans in private, I just want to say, I love sharing my thoughts, views and feelings openly with everyone. Sometimes I think in Chinese, sometimes in English, and I end up expressing them in whichever language the thoughts were formed. To translate one to the other is possible, but it loses the emotional subtlety that is most precious to me. It’s my emotional world I want to invite you into, to share with you my intimate thoughts and present who I really am, apart from my on-screen persona(s). 🙂

Recently, I bought 《红楼梦》because I love literature, although not necessarily acing it during my JC years. *oops* (I bordered on failing throughout the two years). I love the period, the stage, the characters and most importantly, the language of literature, both English and Chinese. With every book, regardless of its genre, I find myself teleported into that time, watching the characters, feeling the emotional nuances they do and walking through the era they existed in. It’s always a very deep and thought-provoking experience and it is this, I like to share with all.

I can’t read Chinese fluently, more so if it is in traditional characters, but I try, because I’m intrigued and curious and never want to stop learning.