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8DAYS Cover Out Now!

Our 8DAYS cover issue is out! Have you grabbed one yet?

I didn’t want to put up too many pictures earlier so as not to spoil the surprise of the cover, but now that it’s out, here is a sneak peak behind-the-scenes.

We were told to kept moving, and to keep pushing against Chris, so that the photographer can capture the energy on our faces. With the fan blowing in our face, us girls wearing boxer briefs for the first time in our lives, and socked-feet, we had to move in sync while balancing ourselves and looking radiant for the camera. It was definitely fun doing the cover together! I feel so alive…:)

Fong Fan preparing me for the next look…the dress was slipping off my shoulders, and we had to stuff a towel at the back to make it tighter!

For this picture, I was told that Chris is meant to be just a prop, so all he does is stand there, look handsome, and I get to pose around him.

Here’s a short video. I’m sorry the picture and sound syncing is a bit out. I don’t know why, anyone who has any idea please leave comment ok? Thanks a lot!



I’m not sure how many of you tuned in to the first episode of “Beach.Ball.Babes” last night. Those of you who did might be wondering how Christopher Lee drove so convincingly. I am about to share with you “behind-the-scenes” to a car scene we did together in a later episode. In other words, you get a little preview of what is to come later on, and how it was done.


I’m not quite sure what they were trying to do here, perhaps they were trying to find a way to tow the car?


While waiting for the car to be in position…cameraman, director, Christopher Lee’s body double, lighting engineer, camera assistant taking a break (left to right).


Christopher and his DS Lite.


Tired of squatting, or in need of a change of “fengshui”?


The cameraman prepares the camera for a front shot.


The cameraman is shooting Christopher from my point of view while I’m feeding lines from the backseat.


The tow truck in front drags the Range Rover “driven” by Christopher behind, to simulate the driving experience.

最辛苦就是摄影师,为了达到效果“不择手段”, 真的是敬业乐业!

A car scene on television may only be a few seconds, but the filming process can take up to a couple of hours, just mounting the cameras and repeating the lines from different angles. The professional cameraman going all out to capture yet another angle. Please do not imitate.


I’m waiting for the rain to stop with Christopher’s body double. For wide shots, he will take over Christopher behind the wheel.


Here’s a video to give you a better idea!




照片里是澳洲名厨Jamie Oliver,是我和助导Tiffany 的一个私人笑话,并不是因为我暗恋他哦!



《球爱》APs 是指《球爱》助导。(APs:Assistant Producer)。后面还冒烟,这才好笑!

Christina 和 Tiffany 花了半个小时在我的停车位上画画,还跑出给我买蛋糕,真的让我很感动。



《球爱》APs, 谢谢 x1million,爱死你们了!