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最新一期i周刊!The latest issue of i-Weekly!

这是 Lindsay Lohan 的“Marilyn Monroe“ 封面,也是造型师当天拍照时给我做的参考。This picture was shown to me on the day of shoot as a reference.

这是 Lindsay Lohan 的“Marilyn Monroe“ 封面,也是造型师当天拍照时给我做的参考。This picture was shown to me on the day of shoot as a reference.




When I knew I was going to be the cover girl for i-Weekly’s sex issue, my first instinct wasn’t too bad. There were a lot of concerns from my management, especially after the whole saga arising from my outfit on “3-Plus-1”, but I felt it was a good platform for me to share my transformation as a girl slowly stepping into womanhood. Derek, the writer for my story, couldn’t have summed it up better when he stated: Why does sexy have a negative connotation in our society, when it’s quite usual for regional (HK, Taiwan) stars to be branded as such? After my outfit caused such a stir on the variety show, Derek did a second interview with me, and for once, I was able to declare with a clear conscience that there’s nothing artificial in my body and have it written that way.

The newspapers have taken my quotes out of context to build a story they were trying to create, mixing my answers for different questions (including an article taken from a year ago, where the reporter made certain assumptions based on what I said). Speak of Hypodermic Needle Theory. I chose to remain silent because I saw no need in contributing to false speculations. Unfortunately, some took my silence as admission. I am glad that with my interview with i-Weekly, I can now close this discussion once and for all.

Biological changes are a natural process of life and I’m not spared from the same hormonal changes that every girl will experience at some point in her life. I hope my dissenters would realise that body changes are not always the result of artificial assistance. It’s simply growing up.

接下来的照片都是用我的相机拍出来的。所谓的幕后花絮吧!Here are some photos that didn't make it to print, taken from my camera.

Does this remind you of Keira Knightley's Chanel ad?



床垫很软,需要靠身体的平衡和手臂肌肉的力才能摆出这个姿势。Looks comfy? I was actually sinking into the mattress. Haha 🙂

我应该是很没有安全感,因为这样趴着让我最自在!I guess I must be insecure, because crouching in this position makes me feel very comfortable!

和封面的照片蛮接近的哦?Quite similar to the cover pic?