My Kitchen+Bathroom Therapy

Kitchen and bathrooms in any home has got to be the most heavily used areas and sometime the worst maintained. That is why I was a little anal when I took over my apartment. I may not cook often, but I still find myself spending quite a lot of time in the kitchen, doing dishes, preparing food, so it was important that the kitchen was a clean slate.

Now I wanted to give the kitchen a fresh look without spending too much money. The space didn’t allow for very innovative layout so it didn’t make sense for me to tear down the kitchen, and besides the existing structure wasn’t too bad. It just wasn’t new.

I turned to Apartment Therapy to see Before & After projects of kitchen remodelling and felt so inspired by some of their projects.

Here’s one that I really like:

AT1This went from dark and cramped to light and cozy.

This other one went from traditional and a little dated to something more inviting and modern:


Overseas remodelling projects can be so inspiring because of the resources they have. When I was in the US, I spent hours in Home Depot and Lowes just trying to see what sort of home improvement materials they have. It is so cheap to do so too!

Here in Singapore, building materials are expensive and resources limited, anyone who has attempted renovation would know it is more often than not a tedious and cost-intensive process.

For my kitchen, I didn’t want to wreck my brains at coming up with a brand new design. I didn’t have the time to commit to choosing new tiles, counter top, cabinet finish, kitchen layout and system because I was filming non-stop and spent a good amount of time overseas. Even if I did have the time, I didn’t want the kitchens and bathrooms to look drastically different from the rest of the apartment.

So when I found out from a friend  that there was a spray-paint technique of giving old tiles a new look, I jumped at it.


I went with a darker floor for a more elegant look. There were a few colours and finishes to choose from, but I eventually decided to go with a minimalist look — white & grey.


cabinetsOther than my kitchen, I also cleaned up my bathrooms.

There was a bit of work done to my utility bathroom even though it looks like a simple job. Everything was refurbished without having to be replaced.

My toilet bowl, sink, walls and tiles were resprayed. The best part was there was no hacking or drilling done.

Utility Toilet

The people from Chiaki Worldwide were very helpful as they advised me to use a rough paint finish for the walls of my utility bathroom because there were cracks and the rough finish would cover the cracks better. They did warn me that it may not hide the cracks completely.


sinkThere were also hairline cracks in the sink before, but they were fully concealed after the job.

bathtubThe technique could also hide the chip in my bathtub and I was pleasantly surprised. If I had to replace the bathtub, it would have been so costly and troublesome!

I find that a little goes a long way and makes a huge difference to how it looks. It isn’t a major transformation, but this technique has allowed me to have a new kitchen and bathrooms without the headache of a major renovation.

A Voyage: The Zhang Siblings Part 1

Behind every cover shoot, are the pictures that never made it to press…
photo 1

Things usually start out quite peaceful between the siblings…



The older brother who thinks he can get away by acting cute…




The sun was merciless…




And the siblings start to go at each other…




No letting up…




And the ending is…



photo 2


Goodbye Christmas

This year is moving along so quickly. I just had to find time to take down my Christmas decorations and get ready for the Year of the Horse.

Have you taken down your Christmas tree yet?

I love the whimsical nature of my Hallmark vintage ornaments, but till the next Christmas, they shall all go into hibernation now.







The Strawberry Judgement

I’m a huge advocate of having fruit before meal, so I make sure my fridge is always stocked up with strawberries, blueberries and salad leaves. As a result I am quite experienced when it comes to choosing strawberries.

The other day I was at the supermarket picking out fresh cherries when I overheard two ladies passing judgement on the Korean strawberries that is next to the pile of cherries.

One of them claims that because of the lighter colour of the Korean strawberries, they must be very sour and not so sweet. The other confirms it by saying that the Australian strawberries are of a deeper red and will be more sweet.

I have purchased both types of strawberries myself and here is my experience.

Australia and NZ strawberries are indeed of a deeper red colour and more expensive. But they are not necessarily sweeter. In fact, some of them are quite tasteless. Their shelf life is also shorter.

The Korean strawberries, have a sweet smell, can sometimes look pink and cost less. But they taste sweeter and last longer in the fridge.

I am not advocating strawberries from a particular country, I just realised that when people judge a book by its cover, fruits by their colour, it is not always the most accurate indicator of what they really are inside.

If you are willing to give anything a chance, you might just overcome your prejudices and learn something new in the process.


The 2014 Resolution

On the first day of 2014, I’ve made some changes to my blog to start afresh and kickstart my new year resolution, which is to read and write more. Sounds like something so easy, yet I have found no time for it in 2013. The last book I read was 2 months ago — “The Glass Castle”; my last blog entry was 12 months ago. It’s been too long.

As I try to pen the first entry for the new year, a lot of words are no longer coming to mind. It worries me that I have gotten so used to expressing myself with pictures that my mind has become lazy. I hope to change that in 2014.




Job Opening for Artiste’s Assistant


The successful candidate will be required to travel in June. Please send in your full résumé with a recent photograph. Thank you.

My Struggle with the Pistol


This morning, the team from CLIF 2 arrived at the National Shooting Centre to film a scene.

One would think that my playing a policewoman for two seasons now would put me at ease with guns and ammunition. Unfortunately there was no thrill nor excitement. In place was a heavy heart, filled with fear and dread.

At one point I was overcome with grief as I stepped on the empty shells on the grass to take my position for the camera. It was, to me, a painful reminder of the children who lost their lives in Connecticut some days ago.

When I pulled the trigger of the pistol for the first time, I had to choke back tears because I realized just how easy it was to fire. And I was disheartened and relieved at the same time — for the safety our children are getting here from these weapons of war, some other place in the world is grieving from the lack of it.

It had been a tough morning as I battle my own demons not just with the flood of emotion but also with regard to the scene. We should never ever turn to shooting as a means of venting frustration. Not in the reel world nor the real world.

I pray that children around the world will have a chance to grow up, and not have their lives cut short because of human beings greed for money and power.

Celebrating 30 years of Drama with British elegance

Yesterday was a big day for us, because many artistes were gathered at the TV Theatre to celebrate 30 years of Drama.

It was all quite a rush for us, so I realised I didn’t get to take that many pictures of my own. Here’s one, with my hair stylist for the night, Ryan Yap from Passion.

Pictured here with Ryan Yap, Passion

He asked me what sort of hairstyle I would like to have. I suggested “40s Glamour” and this was what he came up with — ala Marilyn Monroe he said.

Thank you Martin for picking this out for me.

I fell in love with it almost immediately because I’m have been crazy about knee-length dresses for the past few months. With the Duchess herself being here in Singapore, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her simple and elegant dressing. This gold sequin dress by Burberry couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

It’s sexy without revealing too much (actually, it does, but I kind of didn’t want to go that far) and the conservative length was perfect for the occasion. I wanted something that wasn’t too casual like I would wear to a Christmas party, and not too formal like I was going to a Charity Ball.


So I found out that in Toronto, a Canada-based second-hand bookshop The Monkey’s Paw has created a vending machine that gives customers an interesting way to get new books.

This is how the machine works:

I’m not too sure what the reading culture in Singapore is like, but I thought this is so fun to have! Imagine being surprised by whatever title that falls out from the machine? And sometimes, there just might be some sort of cosmic power at play as to why that particular title dropped out for you.

It reminds me of the times when I was kid and I used to put in 20 cents and turn out a toy that would be kept in a plastic capsule. You never know what you’re going to get.

Barbie Then and Now

My newfound obsession with Barbie dolls started when I was getting ready for my upcoming role in PILLOWTALK (also known as 《再见单人床》) where I play someone in love with the idea of love and how I learn the meaning of love through the trials and tribulations I have to go through with my long-term boyfriend.

It wasn’t a conscious effort to engage with Barbie dolls just so to get into the role, but I suppose it was just happened around the same time.

I know more about Barbies now than I did when I was a kid. Actually I didn’t have Barbies to play with when I was a kid, so I suppose you can say I’m trying to relive my childhood.

I’m really fond of vintage dolls because they are, in my opinion, much prettier. I don’t understand what happened through the years, but looking at this link below, tell me what you think. Dolls and the accessories back then, seemed more refine.