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Celebrating 30 years of Drama with British elegance

Yesterday was a big day for us, because many artistes were gathered at the TV Theatre to celebrate 30 years of Drama.

It was all quite a rush for us, so I realised I didn’t get to take that many pictures of my own. Here’s one, with my hair stylist for the night, Ryan Yap from Passion.

Pictured here with Ryan Yap, Passion

He asked me what sort of hairstyle I would like to have. I suggested “40s Glamour” and this was what he came up with — ala Marilyn Monroe he said.

Thank you Martin for picking this out for me.

I fell in love with it almost immediately because I’m have been crazy about knee-length dresses for the past few months. With the Duchess herself being here in Singapore, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her simple and elegant dressing. This gold sequin dress by Burberry couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

It’s sexy without revealing too much (actually, it does, but I kind of didn’t want to go that far) and the conservative length was perfect for the occasion. I wanted something that wasn’t too casual like I would wear to a Christmas party, and not too formal like I was going to a Charity Ball.

Irresistible clutch

I have never been fond of clutches because I find it almost impossible to put anything in them. But I simply cannot resist Alexander McQueen’s 3D Flower Knuckle Duster.

It’s a piece of art that happens to be a clutch that comes attached with jewelry.

I can’t decide if I like the skull rings or the 3D foliage more but it’s one of those pieces that makes French manicure go out of fashion and drives the need to glorify my hand in some sculptural way in order to serve it some artistic justice.

Goofing around with pigs

Have you grabbed this week’s issue of i-Weekly yet?

If you haven’t, you might want to check out how I’d look in 3D, goofing around with pigs. But if you like to see it in full colour, here are some behind the scenes pictures of the zodiac shoot.

Gloomy economy = Poor dress sense

There is no lack of Japanese inspired fashion in Singapore and there’s no better place to witness that than at Far East Plaza. Nothing really caught my eye, maybe because there were too many of the same things.

When I got to Tokyo, I was appalled at the fashion display on the streets and in the shops. It felt like the gloomy Japanese economy has taken a toll on its fashion and people’s taste in clothes.

Summer is typically about light-weight fabrics, bright colours, sundresses, floral patterns, shorts, swimwear, straw hats, slippers, espadrilles etc. Somehow, the way the Japanese put it together just wasn’t aesthetically appealing.

The Bad…

Everything looks like some part of the fabric has been chewn off.

I don't get the whole T-shirt in a dress look. It's everywhere in Tokyo and hardly fashionable!

T-shirt, tube floral dress, tights and a printed bag just doesn't go!

There's something interesting about pairing shoes with floral dress, but this combination just doesn't look sharp or sweet.


This looks sloppy.

Maybe if they switch tops, it might work better?

These sundresses look like sleeping gowns.

The sales girls tend to wear the outfits sold in the stores. Floral jumpers is one of those outfits that is unflattering for most. It looks frumpy because you don't see the waist nor the hips!

All is not lost, it is a matter of finding the right cut and knowing if your body type is suitable. Much of  Japanese fashion is borrowed from Hollywood celebrities, modified with a twist of their own style. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Nonetheless, here’s what I found in the August issue of Japanese magazine “Gisele”.

A jumper can look flattering if the proportions are right.

Long sun dresses - without a T shirt inside.

If tube and spaghetti styles are too revealing, choose sundresses with sleeves.

The Good..

If it's too revealing, throw on a cardigan.

Or cover up with a loose fitting shirt.

Or just make sure you style your hair, put on make-up and go really cute with it!

I think this is nice, but I do wonder if having a belt might give her a bit more shape.

The Quirky…

There's something very pretty in this conservative get-up. Her hairstyle complements the look!

I like the way she is able to multi-task with ease and still look so stylish.

I think young girls look very good when they dress like that.

The blue patch of hair sets her apart from the rest!

We have a lot of fashion options here, and I’ve seen girls wear clothes better than some of the examples shown here.

What do you think? Can Singaporeans do better?

Star Awards 2010

I caught a bit of the re-run of Star Awards yesterday afternoon and I don’t know if it’s my ageing television or just simply the way sound is transmitted, but it did JJ Lin’s voice no justice. I’ve always been a fan of his because he’s a local singer/song writer who has displayed great talent and showmanship throughout the years.

He performed《无法克制》at the live venue, and his voice was crisp and confident even when it came to the high notes in the song. It was immaculate! But somehow on television, the power of his vocals failed to come through. In any case, he gave a flawless performance that night and I love it!

JJ Lin performing 《无法克制》on the second day of Star Awards 2010 held at Resort World Singapore, Compass Ballroom.

JJ and I at the post party!

The day of Star Awards happened to fall on my birthday (25 April), so before the whole frenzy began for hair and make-up, I had a sweet surprise backstage.

Winnie and Xing Ni quietly singing a birthday song for me.

Making my wish before cutting the "cake".

Mini-cake/Muffin. Winnie knows I'm cutting sugar so she made a really guilt-free one with no sugar! sweet of her!

Me and my home-made "birthday" dinner. My mom cooked everything except for the chicken breast, which is my own salt-free, less oil recipe. I had chicken, egg, brown rice, vegetables and bittergourd beancurd soup. Yummy!

Oops...and everyone else was eating packed dinner provided. It's the company that matters!!

And then the frenzy began. As I was the first out on the red carpet, producers were calling and rushing everyone to standby. Ryan touching up my hair; Jeremy adjusting my outfit; Elaine finishing up with my make-up.

My fan club - Jolliteers

We stole a group photo before making our way to the ballroom. (From left to right) Belinda Lee, Priscelia Chan, Pan Ling Ling, Joanne Peh (me), Cai Peixuan, Jin Yinji, Yvonne Lim and Lin Meijiao.

The not-so-glamourous secret passageway that leads to the ballroom. Pan Ling Ling played my mom in The Little Nyonya, so I never stopped calling her mommy since then, athough Ling Ling is way too young to have me as her daughter. Still I just love her!

While we wait for the rest of our colleagues to come in after the red carpet, we decided to kill some time.

With the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE, Zhang Yaodong (left) plays the love of my life and Shaun Chen (right) plays a baddie!

Huang Wenyong (left) and Chen Shucheng (right) are also part of YOUR HAND IN MINE.

Pierre Png plays my boyfriend in YOUR HAND IN MINE. Yes, I'm stuck between two guys, and as the drama unfolds, keep watching to see who I end up with. Weekdays, 7pm on Channel 8!

Chen Liping sporting a new haircut for her new drama. I love her image now, it's refreshingly different from her character currently in YOUR HAND IN MINE. This reminds me of Ellen Degeneres!

Some of the men that I have been paired with in dramas throughout my career. (From left to right) Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho.

Announcing the last position for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award. All my colleagues congratulated me prematurely while the presenters on stage took their time to announce the last name. I was so embarrassed! What if it's not me?!?!

The final 10 of us on stage.

April Delight

This has been a big month for me, in more ways than one. It started off with a Nespresso machine as a birthday gift.

Then there was winning the Media Darling Award in last Sunday’s (18 April 2010) Star Awards organised by MediaCorp Singapore.

My outfit for the night was a D&G ensemble. My stylist Jeremy improvised with the fishnet stockings and a bodysuit underneath because it was so sheer. I was freezing the whole night! The dress had to be flown back to Milan the next day.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 RTW

And a double birthday celebration from my fans!

After the awards, my very sweet fans were waiting for me outside and celebrated my birthday for me again. I say again because we had an earlier gathering to celebrate my birthday already!

I got cupcakes because they know I’m trying to stay trim and fit. How thoughtful!

Unusual Footwear

The days of women with bound feet are over.

With the liberation of women and greater independence comes shoes of different sizes, widths and designs. After all, women always needs shoes to go with different outfits.

Maybe you’ll find something you like over here? *grins*

Chinese women back in those days had to bind their feet to fit into these 3-inch shoes.

Hoof design. I suppose these can look quite sexy if you have the right outfit and posture??

Peacock Design. Somewhat pretty!

Eeek Rat Design! Enough said. Yuck!

Fish slippers. And you wonder why your feet smells???

Barefoot Design. Somehow they look like they stink, hahaha!

High-Chair Design. Looks so sturdy!

Double Heel Design. Anyone must look awful walking in these heels because you probably have to lift up your feet and trot in order not to trip over yourself?

Origami Paper Design? They look like they're made of cardboard or something? Probably good for display?

Ergonomically Odd Design. This looks somewhat comfortable, although I wonder how it stays on your feet when you walk.

Lethal Weapon Design. You don't want to be around this lady when she's angry!

Umbrella Design. I guess this would keep your feet dry, but wouldn't the spokes poke the ankles?

Prism Design. You probably can't see the shoes on the wearer because it reflects everything off the ground.

Industrial Design. This looks severely painful to walk in. How oppressive!

Game Wedge

Shoes that pump music?

Always walking on grass

If you had S$11,300…

I’ve created a poll at the sidebar just for fun. These are by no means the only two comparisons, but oh well let’s see what everybody thinks.

Presuming you have S$11,300. You can spend it on either one of the following:

A group package tour for 4 to Turkey for 13 days


A Hermès Chaine d’Ancre handbag in chevron canvas and leather trip?

Tick your choice in the sidebar!

[Poll ended 17 April 2010 with Turkey 704 votes to Hermès 77 votes.]

Tattooed Tights

When I saw Marchesa‘s Spring 2010 collection last year, I wasn’t just fascinated by the origami-inspired folds on her dresses fit for a bride, but the nude stockings some of the models have on. After all such dresses can only be worn once, but stockings/tights are always good extras to have to spice up an outfit.

Marchesa Spring 2010

Gone are the days of boring nude stockings that are made unfashionable by robbery-type movies where thugs wear them over their heads to avoid being recognised.

Bebaroque is now synonymous with stylish hosiery. It is a Scottish label started by two designers who graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 2005.

Hand-crafted soft stretch crop leggings

So sheer it almost looks tattooed on!

The gold ribbons glam up an otherwise boring ensemble of black tights and black heels.

I'm not quite sure this is Bebaroque's design. Could be by some other brand too.

I love these floral prints, but I don't think they are Bebaroque.

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to choosing colours of tights. I generally stay away from bright solid colours like white, pink, red, blue etc. I find that unless you’ve got mannequin legs, they just don’t flatter. I remember when I was in secondary school, I had a discipline mistress who was well known for her white tights. She was a fair, full-figured woman who had her hair slicked back in a tight bun and wore dark-rimmed glasses. She would wear all sorts of frocks but always with white tights and kitten heels. Those white legs really stood out. It wasn’t that she looked awful or anything, in fact, her legs were quite slim because we thought they were plastic! That became her signature.

So I guess who cares if it’s stylish or not? As long as you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, (either that or ignorance, haha!) it could become a statement.

I'm not a fan of white or off white tights. With the right styling it might work, but I would stay away from it.

Wearing heels with tights helps to elongate the legs and amps the style quotient. I would recommend eclectic wardrobe choices if you want to wear printed tights that could look very wrong. Somehow if everything that conventionally shouldn't go together is put together, it becomes right, albeit in a quirky way.

Going short on the hemlines is another way to give the tights extra mileage. I like the way she paired the bright yellow jacket with her otherwise monotonous ensemble. It complements the gold on her tights perfectly!

This kind of works, but wearing flats means the leg muscles are not fully engaged and it shows through the light-coloured tights. Oxfords or ankle boots might be more favourable. That would be school girl chic.

Bebaroque also makes body suits. Something like that could be paired with a poofy tulle skirt or a tight corset tube dress.

If you do not want to order directly from Bebaroque, you can find them on (based in UK and more expensive but they also carry selected scarves) or (based in US and slightly cheaper, and also stocks hosiery from other brands). Price for Bebaroque starts at US$29.95 (S$42 approx.)

Inspiration or Coincidence?

Now was Szegedi’s collection inspired by Gucci’s S2010RTW collection or did both Frida (Creative Director of Gucci) and Kate had the same vision?

I can’t help but see the similarities. Right down to incorporating lkat print into the collection. Although in this particular comparison, I prefer Szegedi’s neon lkat pattern, combined with cut-outs, black velvet patches, on a see-through fabric. The piece is alive!!

Gucci S2010RTW (left) and Kate Szegedi S/S2010 (right)

Gucci’s S2010RTW collection sees harnesses being layered on, jackets opening at the back, combining the hardness of metals with the cut-outs to carve a feminine  figure.

It’s about time the designers celebrate curves instead of making clothes for stick-thin body types.

This was what I wore for one of the photos I did for April's issue of ICON magazine. The cut-out design cinches the waist and celebrates the curvy silhouette of a woman.

This jacket is made of deer skin and despite being bare back, can still keep you quite warm. The metals actually take to the heat of your body after a while.

The cut-out design on the pants is found throughout Szegedi's collection except that on Gucci, it looks more subtle and polished.

While Szegedi sticks to making separate pieces, Gucci makes dresses. Doesn't this remind of paper cut-outs?