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Last Madame — The Love Scene

Me playing Fung Lan in Last Madame
Treading on dangerous waters with Inspector Mak
The love scene between Fung Lan and Inspector Mak

It took me a long time to decide if I would go nude for our bed scene in Last Madame. A story set in a brothel in the 1930s, we can’t shy away from sex. The tension between my character and Inspector Mak began the moment we met and the flirting continued. It was bound to happen, it was just a matter of when and where. 

It was a big step for me as an actress to go bare in front of the production crew and my fellow actor. I had my uncertainties and insecurities, but I decided to do this because the context of the story and character motivations were fully justified and I believed in it. It wasn’t just about love-making, it was my character learning to love and trust again, and a transitional milestone for both our characters. I had full trust in my co-star Jeff Chou, respect for my director and confidence in the camera crew before saying yes to my EP Jean. 

I was nervous of how it would eventually look on screen because there were no previous local TV references and so many things could go wrong, but when I finally saw the EP’s cut, I was moved by the emotions of the scene, and realised in that moment that I made the right decision. Because showing two bodies moving in unison captured the passions and inner conflict of the two characters so vividly, it had pushed the show to a different level. 

You’re welcome Jean, now go binge watch Last Madame on Toggle.



photo 1

我们在福建永定拍了i-周刊的封面,给我留下难得的回忆。很少可以那么自在地拍封面,是因为这次是以自己已经非常熟悉的造型出现呢,还是因为现在的我对于拍照已有不一样的见解 -- 或许两者都有吧!













这只狗很亲切,很喜欢咬我,也不是真正的咬,就是在跟我玩吧。。。本来我很担心会感染什么细菌,但是它无邪打动了我。它就是想要人疼,想要人爱 --



A Voyage: The Zhang Siblings Part 1

Behind every cover shoot, are the pictures that never made it to press…
photo 1

Things usually start out quite peaceful between the siblings…



The older brother who thinks he can get away by acting cute…




The sun was merciless…




And the siblings start to go at each other…




No letting up…




And the ending is…



photo 2


Celebrating 30 years of Drama with British elegance

Yesterday was a big day for us, because many artistes were gathered at the TV Theatre to celebrate 30 years of Drama.

It was all quite a rush for us, so I realised I didn’t get to take that many pictures of my own. Here’s one, with my hair stylist for the night, Ryan Yap from Passion.

Pictured here with Ryan Yap, Passion

He asked me what sort of hairstyle I would like to have. I suggested “40s Glamour” and this was what he came up with — ala Marilyn Monroe he said.

Thank you Martin for picking this out for me.

I fell in love with it almost immediately because I’m have been crazy about knee-length dresses for the past few months. With the Duchess herself being here in Singapore, I couldn’t help but be inspired by her simple and elegant dressing. This gold sequin dress by Burberry couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

It’s sexy without revealing too much (actually, it does, but I kind of didn’t want to go that far) and the conservative length was perfect for the occasion. I wanted something that wasn’t too casual like I would wear to a Christmas party, and not too formal like I was going to a Charity Ball.

BTS: A Tale of 2 Cities 乐在双城幕后花絮

Some of you must have seen our promo picture for A Tale of 2 Cities, which is a new drama that will debut on Valentine’s Day on Channel 8.

Our EP Paul Yuen directed this segment personally. He wanted us to come up with a pose as a couple and so we try to figure out in our little groups what to do to give you the wonderful final image.

Here goes…

Zhang Zhen Huan and Julie Tan

Zhang Yao Dong and me (Joanne Peh)

Rui En and Pierre Png

Kate Pang and Yao Wen Long

Standing by...


Take 1...



Love in a Cab — Rolling…Pre-Action

What happens in between takes?

On this set, lots of fun and laughter!

Xing Ang and I as high school sweethearts.

Some of you might recognise Jones Shi, a local singer who is currently developing his music career in Taiwan.

Auntie Rose and I

Julian and Auntie Rose

Kae is so adorable I'm absolutely in love with him! He was supposed to teach me how to play Cluedo on his iPod Touch but he ended up taking over the entire game.

We have an audience...some of them eventually went up the structure and watched us from behind the grills.

Another audience seating...

They have made themselves very comfortable.

Director with his cast


If you missed this heart-warming telemovie, you can now catch Love in a Cab on xinmsn!

Love in a Cab — Love out of a Cab

Director Han is such a humourous and easy-going person to work with, that I decided to do a series of pictures to show just how much I love him!

Love in a Cab — Looking Good

I’ve heard many people comment about how beautiful the lighting is in the telemovie. The following pictures will give you an idea the set-up required.

You will see these big white boards consistently in the rest of the pictures. I was told they are called "butterfly". I have no idea how the name came about but I love them, because they are so flattering!!

The "cookie" in the foreground cuts up the light so there's more texture to the way the scene is lit.

In broad daylight, it can get really bright!

The set-up in the taxi, without the lighting equipment yet! Ling Hooi (right) is the Director of Photography for this telemovie.

Director Han's storyboard

Love in A Cab — Joanne the Artist

Showing off my artistic talents…hahaha!

Ok, I don’t think I got the England flag right!

Love in A Cab – Remember this scene?

Remember this scene?

What you do not see outside of your television screen that goes into producing a beautiful shot.

Make-up artiste Doreen doing last minute touch-up

The final moment