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Besides the Press Conference…



Many people have been asking me what I’ve been busy with lately and when will my next drama be on television. Thank you all for asking!

I am currently still filming the 180-episode long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. Filming for this drama began last year in December and will end mid next year. Currently, we are done with about 100 episodes, so that leaves another 80 more to go. However, our drama will be coming to your television screens from November 9th onwards, every Mondays to Fridays, at 7 pm on Channel 8. This means that we will be filming while the drama is airing! It’s fun that none of us knows how it’s all going to end!

In the meantime, here’re some pictures taken during our press conference held for the media two days ago…

Group Photo

《想握你的手》主要演员. Cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE.


姚文龙和方展发。播映日期和时间在背后!Yao Wen Long and Pierre Png.


Chinese characters for "YOUR HAND IN MINE"。

媒体招待会还没开始之前,演员们在干什么呢?哈哈, 当然是拍照啊!

Before the cast goes on stage to meet the press, how do we pass time? It’s got to be massive photo-taking.


我好喜欢这个手镯。它很独特,而且色彩鲜艳!I love this bangle! Actually it is made up of 2 bangles and the multi-coloured skulls add a dash of fun to the otherwise typical design.


让你再看清楚一点:这是莫小玲的私家货。Take a closer look at this private stash that belongs to actress Patricia Mok.


在等待媒体招待会的当儿,我们就 “无聊” 起来。。。Nothing else better to do, we start photographing our expensive shoes.


还加入了不同款式。。。猜猜谁是谁?And we have additions to the family! Guess who's wearing what?


李心钰,莫小玲,白薇秀 (我),林湘萍,蔡佩璇 (左到右)。Belinda Lee, Patricia Mok, Joanne Peh (me), Yvonne Lim and Cai Peixuan. (left to right).


拍了鞋子,就低镜头拍脸,哈哈,我不小心按了 zoom 所以三人好挤。Bored with the shoes, we started experimenting with unflattering low angle shots. I accidentally hit the zoom button, that's why it's so tight.


莫小玲拍我在拍我们。哈哈! Mok taking a photo of me taking a photo of us.





闹完自拍就拍别人。。。Done with self-portraits, I started playing paparazzi...


夫妻潘玲玲和黄世南。Married couple Pan Lingling and Huang Shinan.


Before I had a chance to snap pictures of everyone, it was time to be on stage. We have a huge cast, so the interviews took some time. After which, I spoke privately with a couple of reporters quickly and had to proceed to shoot some trailers and interstitial. I was paired up with none other than my lover in the show!


张耀栋。Zhang Yaodong.


我们在为《想握你的手》录预告片,你们一定要留意收看。我们没有剧本,也没有台词,不过感觉很好。不是我老王卖瓜,而是耀栋和我在一起拍了这么长的时间,默契十足。题材原创于我们,蛮好玩,希望大家会喜欢。We are doing a trailer for YOUR HAND IN MINE. It's unscripted but after filming together for so long, we've got good chemistry. It's original material from us, so I hope all of you will like it. Stay tuned!


导演在向我们解释他的概念。The producer is explaining the premise of the trailer.


我们还录了中文的圣诞祝语,说了一堆无里头的话,哈哈哈!We also recorded a Christmas trailer in Mandarin so look out for it!


The tell-all December Girl

Elle Singapore

I love the end of the year, because there’s Christmas and imaginary snow to look forward to. That is why I was thrilled when I found out I would be part of Elle’s year-end issue. It’s a great collaboration because there’s a new direction, a new stylist and for me, a nice round-up to a new beginning.

2009 has been a dramatic year for me, in more ways than one, and this interview would tell all. I don’t know if it was the unorthodox interview setting (three girls having wine and cocktails) or the alcohol (I had a mojito), but we had a heart-to-heart chat and it felt refreshing to be able to not just answer questions but have a real conversation with someone who understands.

I am touched by the opportunity given to me, and the encouragement to keep me going. It will be a huge issue. Meanwhile, check out a the video below.


Gary always looks stressed when he's working, but I love that intensity when he tries to get the hair to look picture perfect.


Make-up artiste Agnes Ng at work


Heels and accessories

One night I bumped into fashion stylist Fong Fan at an event and she discovered this spot. As we stood chatting, she thought this would be a great venue for a photo shoot, and this is where we came back for the cover shoot.

Fashion stylist for this cover shoot, Fong Fan. One night I bumped into her at an event and she discovered this spot. As we stood chatting, she thought this would be a great venue for a photo shoot, and so this was where we came back for the cover shoot. I snapped this picture of her that night because I thought she looked like she was was in NYC or LA or somewhere other than Singapore.

I got her to pose for me and she gamely did.

I got her to pose for me and she gamely did.


Agnes adding on the final touches.

Why So Serious? (+ Fashion Asia Pics)


I’m always touched when my juniors from WKWSCI (Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information) write to me. Whether it is to ask for advice, or to leave a comment or to share what their thoughts are, I find myself reminiscing about those school days. I’m envious of them, for stressing over the readings, grappling with deadlines and struggling to make it on time for morning lectures because I actually quite enjoy being in an academic environment where the grueling curriculum serve a purpose for you, without you having to set one for yourself, even if you aren’t very clear what it is.

One of them left a comment on a previous entry, regarding how her ex-boyfriend suggested that she should have take a more practical module instead of “Acting” but she was glad she took no heed because acting was the only fun she had the entire semester. While I was formulating my response to her, I wondered if that is the reason why people here sometimes take everything too seriously? Have they stopped having fun? Part of my response to her was “…I don’t understand why people equate fun to being frivolous and [fun] is often frowned upon and associated with being lazy, impractical or time-wasting.” because I genuinely think having fun is part of living, and that it does makes work or study a lot more enjoyable than it is.

Is there a prejudice against people who actually have fun working or studying? Is it wrong to want to have fun? Are they mutually exclusive?

One of the reasons given is that people can get carried away when they’re having fun, so much so that it distracts them from the tasks required to be completed which inevitably results in a  lack of productivity and efficiency. But we are not talking about children here, we are talking about young adults and adults who have developed an awareness since. Surely they can be trusted to know their responsibilities and fulfill them?

I’m not saying it’s not important to be productive or efficient or professional, but they need not always be at the expense of having fun. One of the differences between human beings and machines is that we have emotions and our interaction with one another is organic, as opposed to being programmed. Yet how often have we met people who seem to be talking and reacting like there is a course to follow?

While I don’t have scientific evidence to prove, I do feel that human beings are naturally drawn to happy, positive emotions because it’s a lot easier to experience them, ceteris paribus. Of course I might be wrong. It’s just that I’ve seen for myself, that in cases where the overall experience is positive and enjoyable, there is less focus on the unpleasantness and difficulty of the task, less complaints, and a greater willingness to engage in it.

I’ve heard and it saddens me to know that there are employees who have been told by their employers to adhere to certain rules and work conduct which indirectly promotes behaviour that is devoid of human emotion. We are all unique individuals with different personalities and one of the reasons why humans, instead of robots, are in most jobs is because the world is made up by people. Products, ideas, campaigns, movements are all driven by human beings. Because each of us bring to the table a part of us, which is different from someone else.

We all want to work hard, but we can definitely work harder, if we can also have some fun at the same time.  They are not mutually exclusive, unless we humans make them to be.

Enough said, here are more fun pictures from my Fashion Asia Bangkok trip to share. Have fun everyone!


I have no idea why that pose came about!


Clarence, the unsuspecting victim stole the scene from us!


I thought these earrings were really cute. Muak muak.


I like the look and feel of this top!


Pretending to mannequins...


...still pretending to be mannequins...


...Keith looks totally the part!


Did u know the "book" I'm holding is actually the box that comes with the accessories at Stretsis? So pretty!


OMG, what/who is that?


Alvin (MediaCorp make-up artiste) and I




A happy face from each of us.


These are fake flowers but they look so pretty!


Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand, The Land of Smiles.

《亚洲时尚风》曼谷 Fashion Asia Bangkok

两个星期前,我到曼谷拍摄一集的《亚洲时尚风》。记得来临的星期二(Oct 6), 晚上 8点, U 频道。想看更多的照片和了解多些时尚贴示可以留意明天出版的 i周刊哦!

About 2 weeks ago, I jetted off to Bangkok to shoot an episode of Fashion Asia. You can catch it on Channel U, this coming Tuesday October 6, at 8pm! For more pictures and fashion tips, check out this upcoming issue of i-WEEKLY, out tomorrow!


We were put up at Siam City Hotel. The room was beautiful! It may be rather small and cramped, but it is clean and has a homely decor. From where I'm standing, there's a sofa and a work space, so I would say it's got everything to make it convenient for the guest. I would give it 5 stars although I'm not sure of its actual ranking.


Every morning we would gather here before we set out. Feels European!


This was taken outside the Oceanarium at Siam Paragon. Princess Ariel from Disney?


There was a local fashion designer showcase going on at Siam Paragon and we gate-crashed it, with permission of course.


We had dinner at this restaurant owned by the lady on the menu. Here with me, Clarence Lee. He's a great traveling companion! The last time I traveled with him was many years ago, when I did a Sydney supplement shoot with 8DAYS. We had so much fun!


Morning glory. Highly recommended by Clarence!


Crabmeat and salted fish fried rice. I was so hungry that day I ordered another medium plate to go around. 😉


Cameraman Tong, Soundman Yap, Make-up Artiste Alvin and Cameraman's Assistant Lau (left to right)


The regular face of FASHION ASIA, Keith Png! This is my first time on a trip with him and I certainly hope it's not the last. He's got a very easy-going personality and a naturally charming disposition. We had a lot of good laughs and high-energy moments. I like him so much that I hijacked the seat from his partner on our return flight and kept him talking the whole journey back~ Oops, sorry Keith! Haha!


Because it was a long weekend holiday (Hari Raya), a lot of Singaporeans were also in Bangkok. We were filming at one of the boutiques in Siam Center when this group of fellow Singaporeans saw us and apporached us for a picture. How can we say no when they're all so cute!


Speaking of bumping into people, V ran into me while I was at Siam Paragon and asked if I was from Singapore. I later found out that she's from Cambodia and she actually recognised me from Little Nyonya, which she said was a huge hit back home. Wow!


I've never tried this before. Keith bought this for everyone at Chatuchak Market and said it's grass jelly with brown sugar. It's quite yummy, and perfect for a hot day but it would have been even better if the ice was crushed much finer.


They look so pretty, almost like those Japanese mock-up food for dollhouses. Actually I don't quite know what they are because I didn't try it. I think it's yam or some sweet paste inside? Anyone who knows what this is, please comment ok? Thanks!


Here's everyone at a lifestyle shop on the last day of shoot after the last hosts' links were done. We ended at 8.45 pm and quickly proceeded from Central World to have a nice seafood dinner before this famous restaurant (I don't know the name, sorry) closed for the night. I didn't have any pictures of that cos' everyone was so hungry, we just want to eat and relax. You know some of the crew members from the previous pictures, so here we also have the producer Huiting and scriptwriter Lili flanking Alvin (make-up artiste), and the Thai guide Tom next to Keith.


We were up at 4.45am so we could reach the airport in time for the first flight out. Here we are basking in the flattering morning sun, still somewhat sleepy.

More pictures after the programme airs on Tuesday, Oct 6, 8pm on Channel U… 🙂

MediaCorp celebrates Children’s Day?

MediaCorp Trade Show 2009

The annual trade show was held at Ritz Carlton this year and almost every artiste was involved, except for those overseas or shooting in productions with a deadline schedule. It was a day where we, the “children” of MediaCorp, from TV, News, Radio and I think Publishing, got together for a major showcase of upcoming productions, programmes and projects to advertisers and long-time clients.

That was how I spent my Children’s Day!


We were joking that Jeanette's (centre) from the past (60s' image from her upcoming drama TOGETHER), I'm from the present (image from my upcoming drama YOUR HAND IN MINE) and Patricia's (extreme left) from the future (cos' she's wearing clothes from Superhero)!


Patricia and I pulls a face at Jeanette as we pretend she is a Madam Tussaud's wax figure exhibit. It was by pure coincidence that we both decided to stick our tongues out!


I love her outfit and imaging. There's something very classy about the costumes in those days. She didn't have her red lipstick on yet, but when she did, it completed the look. I'm so for this style right now!


Guess the owner of these beautiful legs, and I'm not going to tell you the correct answer because it's quite obvious!


I wanted to do profile shots of my colleagues who didn't have to dress in characters of the show they're doing, but was whisked off for rehearsal before I could snap anymore. By the time I got back, there were too many people so I only managed to get Jade (left) and Dawn (right). Jade's jacket was from some shop at Siam Square, Bangkok and Dawn's dress was from Jayson Brunsdon, Wisma Atria Singapore.


I love this duck ring. It's so unique!!


Ooooh...whose sexy back?


Ong Ai Leng's!


Rehearsal for the dance item starring one of our fellow colleagues...


...the one and only Patricia Mok!


This was one of the 3 dance sequences she had to do.


Hosted by Adrian Pang and Angel Teo. Try to guess what these artistes on stage share in common? Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei, Ivy Lee, Christopher Lee (left to right).


Cuifang and I


Ah-jie is still gorgeous after two kids! You only realise what perfect features she's got until you actually get close enough to see for yourself.


She looks good any angle!


Aunty Lucy, Zoe Tay, Chen Hanwei and Ivy Lee (left to right).


A random group shot as we waited offstage. The hottest groom in town might have blinked just as the shutter clicked but he's still the "style" man (See his latest Style: Men magazine cover). And yes, he hasn't been able to go for his honeymoon yet.


Yet another random group shot.


Chen Liping and I and the rest of the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE were on stage to promote the 180-episode drama.


The less-than-glamourous backstage holding area.


After rehearsal, it was back at the holding area as Belinda Lee (left) and Cai Peixuan (right) quickly have their lunch.


More photos...this time with Justin.


This was how we were before Justin came into the picture.


See how many shots it took to try and get everyone in shot properly and not distorted. It's still not perfect, but fun!!

The Wedding of the Year – Part 2


I’ve never really had the chance to work with Fann on any drama. The closest encounter was in the drama MAKING MIRACLES, where she played a doctor and I, a nurse, but still I didn’t have any direct scenes with her. She always strike me a very strong woman, for working the way she does, putting in the number of hours and still always looking so radiant. I admire her for her poise and charisma because there’s something about her that draws you in yet leaves you hanging for more. She is the role model for the rest of us in the industry.


I’ve worked with Christopher on BEACH BALL BABES. We weren’t close, but I could tell, he’s very much in love with his wife from the way her name hangs on his lips quite often. I like that when he was interviewed last night whether or not it was tedious preparing for such a massive wedding that he was forthright about it being tough as opposed to giving a politically pleasing answer. He’s charismatic to women and still remains a guy’s guy. He has good camaraderie with his co-stars and strikes up rapport with the crew and director off camera. He’s the guy everyone enjoys working with.


There is something inspiring about their relationship because it must not be easy being two high profile celebrities, who not only have to put up with media attention but also have to endure the trials and tribulations of being separated when one is filming in a foreign land for months at a go. When I see the two of them in the make-up room, there is something magnetic about the chemistry they share just being side by side that makes me embarrassed to be even breathing the same air. That’s what love in the air is like. It taught me that love can be without words.

There is hope that we will all find the right one someday too.

I wish them all the best in their careers and family building.


Irene had one of the toughest jobs last night as one of the hosts for the wedding of Chris and Fann.


Bryan Wong was my table partner. There were photographers taking photographs of guests and developing them on the spot for us.


It was very hard to catch a picture of the couple because they were always surrounded by their entourage, photographers and excited guests.


Belinda Lee and Trey, freelance stylist.


Trey is the funniest person I know and we always have a good laugh every time we meet.

Belinda Lee and I were filming the long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE just before the wedding dinner.

Belinda Lee and I were filming in the same scene for the long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE just before the wedding dinner.


I love Jin-jie's outfit. The shade of green looks good on her. Here's how to look oriental and still remain elegant.


Jin-jie, Jacelyn Tay, Eileen and I.


Jack and I.


Here's a warped picture of Karen and I because I tweaked the settings on my camera. I thought this was quite cool. I love her outfit from Balmain. She got it from Paris!


Another happy couple! I love seeing blissfully married couples, they make me cry!


Thomas used to be my managerial executive when I was still a newbie. It was so good to see him!


Patricia (left) bantered with Irene Ang on stage for a bit. He Yong Fang (right) used to host City Beat with Bryan Wong when I was still in primary school. I remembered because I bumped into them at the Science Centre once and she obliged a photo with my classmates and I.


Dr Georgia Lee and I, both in blue. 🙂


This is Gary, stylist from Passion.


Jesseca came over to sit with Dawn and I after the second course was served. It was nice to have girls' talk. Haha!


Jeremy, Ben, me and Keith.


Ok, everyone's a bit buzzed here...haha!


The stylists from Passion, with some crashers like Clarence, me and Keith. Oops...can you make out the blurred face the back who is trying to get into the picture?


"Ah Bu" was so happy last night!


The couple, as they move from table to table. The "brothers" look like they are strategising the next move.


I was lucky to be able to sneak a picture with the beautiful bride before she was whisked off to the next table. Her happiness is infectious!

Wedding of the Year – Part 1

It was the Wedding of The Year as we celebrate the marriage of Christopher Lee and Fann Wong, and true to its name, I was completely awed by the effort put into organising this massive wedding. As I walked to the ballroom of Shangri-La, where the wedding was held, the lobby was quiet and there were even hotel staff holding placards to another event.

I was not ready for what was to come.

If you’ve been to Shangri-La’s ballroom, you will know that there a little “runway” which leads to the ballroom where panels lined the side and hotel staff stand by each panel to greet and usher you in. Last night, that turned into the Hall of Fame. At the end of this “runway” were throngs of photographers and journalists all camped out in a nice corner, taking photos, videos and interviews of the guests who arrived. You almost can’t slip into the reception unnoticed, unless you turned up late of course.

Into the reception and recording of 《芳心有李》, a variety show dedicated to tell the story of the lovebirds right up to their wedding day, was already in progress. There were bottlenecks everywhere, and mind you, the reception area is huge! Everyone was just catching up with one another, old friends, old colleagues. I was quite overwhelmed, it’s like you see so many people you know, but you don’t have time to properly say hi to one before another familiar nudge turns you around to yet another familiar face.

The dress code for the night was glamorous. Long sweeping gowns, beautifully done-up hair and extensive jewelry display. People you meet at work who don’t normally have make-up on now look completely different with make-up and shoulder-baring dresses. It was a gorgeous night to celebrate the union of a gorgeous couple.

I have over 40 pictures to share, but right now, I can only show some as I edit and compile the rest of it in the next entry. Look out for it!


Keith Png and I. Can you see the crowd in the back?


Christopher, Kyle and me.


Christina aka Kyle's mom, and I.


Jessica, me, Yahui and Andie


The ballroom was transformed into a rather magical land. Regardless of what the intended theme was, I felt like Alice in Wonderland.


These table decorations remind me of the magical woods. Something out of an Enid Blyton book when I was a kid.


The newly-weds. With so many people crowding around them at each time, we get a better view from the two large screens placed on each end of the ballroom.


"Half-time", we got out of the ballroom for a breather. Here's Jesseca and I.


They have a standee of them! With so many guests invited, those who didn't get a chance to pose for a picture with the real couple had an alternative. Haha! Reminds me of the caricatures from their movie THE WEDDING GAME, except this one looks more like them!


Here's a group of people who work long and hard, behind the scenes, on a typical work day in MediaCorp.


Justin's the stylist for my long drama YOUR HAND IN MINE. He gets me the beautiful clothes you see me wear on television for the drama.


Josh Bryan Ho, friend and regular make-up artiste.


Ryan Yap, the man behind many celebrities' hair at Passion.


She wishes to remain anonymous.


Joan from the make-up unit.


Lebon, freelance fashion stylist.


Danny, freelance make-up artiste.


These tablets allowed guests to write their well wishes to the couple. So little space, so much to say...