Finding the Perfect Bathroom Wall Sconce

I don’t know how many of you share the same woes as I do, trying to find the perfect bathroom wall sconce. After visiting the light shops in Balestier, Jalan Besar, and some one off lighting shops, I was still gravely disappointed at the options available.

I have come to the conclusion that because it’s just not the trend now, none of these shops are going to risk bringing in stock of something people are not likely to get. The current home lighting trend is concealed lighting, industrial, Scandinavian-style, minimalist, vintage old school…people don’t usually want wall sconces in their bathrooms.

To me, the choice of furniture and lighting speaks volumes, not just reflecting the style of the home, but also the owner’s taste. Warmth and coziness is created through these subtle additions. If everything is so concealed, it will be too cold for my lighting.

Looking at these pictures, you will see what I mean. For me, they drive home the fact that with the right light sconce, it adds to the style and ambience.

2 responses to “Finding the Perfect Bathroom Wall Sconce

  1. Great read. You’re right about the lighting bringing the subtle changes in how a person can feel room to room. Nice pictures too, always goo inspiration.

  2. Just had a thought about lighting: What about an Appleton spotlight as an uplighter? These are commonly used on American police cruisers and have often put on the A-pillars of many custom cars since the 1940’s. It could add a different take on something needed in the home, especially with Tommy The Greek pinstriping as a highlight (could look good with Lucite switches).

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