The Strawberry Judgement

I’m a huge advocate of having fruit before meal, so I make sure my fridge is always stocked up with strawberries, blueberries and salad leaves. As a result I am quite experienced when it comes to choosing strawberries.

The other day I was at the supermarket picking out fresh cherries when I overheard two ladies passing judgement on the Korean strawberries that is next to the pile of cherries.

One of them claims that because of the lighter colour of the Korean strawberries, they must be very sour and not so sweet. The other confirms it by saying that the Australian strawberries are of a deeper red and will be more sweet.

I have purchased both types of strawberries myself and here is my experience.

Australia and NZ strawberries are indeed of a deeper red colour and more expensive. But they are not necessarily sweeter. In fact, some of them are quite tasteless. Their shelf life is also shorter.

The Korean strawberries, have a sweet smell, can sometimes look pink and cost less. But they taste sweeter and last longer in the fridge.

I am not advocating strawberries from a particular country, I just realised that when people judge a book by its cover, fruits by their colour, it is not always the most accurate indicator of what they really are inside.

If you are willing to give anything a chance, you might just overcome your prejudices and learn something new in the process.


2 responses to “The Strawberry Judgement

  1. Dear Joanne,
    How are you? I am your fan from Sydney. I wrote you a mail shortly after your break up last year but regrettably, I received no reply. But, I am pleased you have found happiness.
    In regards to Oz strawberries, may I alert you all that despite they are rich in colour, they are usually full of chemical pesticides. As such, they may be tasteless or even bitter. We only buy organic strawberries even though they are more expensive, you can definitely taste the difference – sweeter and no bitter taste.
    Shirley Moran.

  2. I’m from australia and i agree with you that not all australian strawberries are sweet. I’ve had plenty that were sour/tasteless.
    btw i am so glad you’re back to blogging! love reading your posts(:

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