My Struggle with the Pistol


This morning, the team from CLIF 2 arrived at the National Shooting Centre to film a scene.

One would think that my playing a policewoman for two seasons now would put me at ease with guns and ammunition. Unfortunately there was no thrill nor excitement. In place was a heavy heart, filled with fear and dread.

At one point I was overcome with grief as I stepped on the empty shells on the grass to take my position for the camera. It was, to me, a painful reminder of the children who lost their lives in Connecticut some days ago.

When I pulled the trigger of the pistol for the first time, I had to choke back tears because I realized just how easy it was to fire. And I was disheartened and relieved at the same time — for the safety our children are getting here from these weapons of war, some other place in the world is grieving from the lack of it.

It had been a tough morning as I battle my own demons not just with the flood of emotion but also with regard to the scene. We should never ever turn to shooting as a means of venting frustration. Not in the reel world nor the real world.

I pray that children around the world will have a chance to grow up, and not have their lives cut short because of human beings greed for money and power.

8 responses to “My Struggle with the Pistol

  1. I thought you’d be filming with (Taurus) revolver, and not pistol?

  2. I wonder why there are more scripts with guns and fast cars, then those that are peaceful and loving. ie. Blissful scripts. 🙂

  3. Joanne, you acted very cute in CLIF 2, as ASP LIao XInyi. That way you smile is cute, to SSI Tang (played by “715”). I enjoyed twitter-ing to you that you are so weak, always led by someone more junior in rank of Police Force. In CLIF 2, ai yoohhh.. so weak when compared to SSI Huang ( played by Rui En) ..
    So, when you go overseas, you need to watch local dramas.
    Go to this face book:

    Those two are set up by poly students


  4. I’m very grateful here we do not have easy access to guns, and kids have the proper environment to grow.

    I actually like the way you acted very natural, that first conversation with thomas ong. It shows you with a friendly demeanor, intellectual in the way you engage and show interest in someone, probably the type who interact well with young people as well.

    A pity Rebecca Lim is not acting in this show as a forensic scientist. She has the look of intelligence to flesh out the role of a forensic head in a clinical way, much better than lee nx. And I do know forensic doctors are fairly clinical, whenever two doctors are engaged in a conversation.

    Lee’s acting skills makes it convincingly nice to watch but he looks more of ceo or gambler king type than a forensic dept head. Cannot be compared to Bobby au yeung.

  5. When is C.L.I.F.3 released? have been eager for the sequel continued his return from the UN Peacekeeping Force 🙂

  6. Well said, Joanne. Proud of you because you have a kind and warm heart for the innocent kids around the globe. Similarly, I often feel sad when I was nursing kids with terminal illness. Why them, I often questioned myself.

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