Misleading headlines

Misleading headlines are not exclusive to this generation, although social media does provide more room for distortion. Public opinion, albeit based upon exaggerated facts or inaccurate reports, remains a creative expression, unique to every individual and allows us to make sense of life. We cannot deprive one another of this need, for it will strip us bare of thoughts, thoughts that help us move forward.

Lack of clarification is not a sign of weakness, it is my respect for your need to be creative. Art needs creativity to flourish and this industry is all about that.

Prominent literary figures have written about this way before this era.

Jean Cocteau, French poet, novelist, dramatist, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker, in his 20s.

The inaccuracies of the press, and the banner headlines by which they are trumpeted, are soothing draughts to this thirst for the unreal.

— Jean Cocteau, 5 July 1889 – 11 October 1963

8 responses to “Misleading headlines

  1. Unfortunately, the only exercise people get nowadays is jumping …jumping to conclusion that is, based on their perceptions. However, perhaps, this is the only excitement they derive from their daily otherwise mundane lifes. Enough time to gossip but no time to find out the actual facts.

  2. Hai Joanne!

  3. I think that’s the problem with those who don’t think before they speak. Get A Life man! Having to jump into conclusion and making false statements out of their assumption, are simply excuses for selfish minded people who make their day out of other people’s sorrows. Wouldn’t it be better to take responsibility in our freedom of speech, which everyone like to have. Cultivating a more constructive and sensible way of speaking, will then promote respect and appreciation in all of us to speak freely. Apart from saying jokes.. 🙂

  4. It is my view that the art of handling the outcome is more important then focusing on the the public opinion itself.

  5. makes me wanna go listen to the cocteau twins…

  6. Anyway, beware of the digital lynch mobs!

  7. With the scandal we’ve had in the News Of The World about invasion of privacy and the innacuracies of the English gutter press, I wonder if those innaccuracies were intentional. Are these inaccuracies unconsciously inserted because we need the unreal , as facts are unbearable? Or is this malice? Do we need to be lied to as the truth is either dull, disappointing or terrifying? Look at the Harold Shipman case, people belived he was a caring doctor even though the truth was that he killed 215 of his patients. That said, he was known to do his job very well but the truth was unbearable to his victims families once revealed.

  8. It has been like this since man realised they had individuality and the dawn of written civilisation.

    But, In this day and age mis-leading headlines and twisted facts sell and are sensationalistic. We don’t have to look far, Just look at the “Hacking-Scandal” in the UK under BSkyB owned papers. In this day its money motivated which in turn sells adds, I’m not saying its not creative it is but money is the motivator and politics (Not a great combo). In the past it was creative as that was the motivating factor, To capture ones mind and trend of thought.

    Oh well.

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