Pray for Japan

Originally posted on David Gan's blog

Original post on David Gan’s blog

7 responses to “Pray for Japan

  1. 😦 not the best shot i’ve seen of you. stylist need to …

  2. The Japanese “have”, not “has”.
    You might want to correct the erroneous grammar.

  3. hiiii, joanne! just wondering, how often do you go facial? your skin is flawless!

  4. because when love . . . because hurt enough to die . . . because people can love ever and ever . . . because people want share when love . . . because people sensation alone when seek for middle age . . .

  5. hello joanne! iam uynh i cry because i love ck pig . . . ¥_¥

  6. Chris Henniker

    If this happened in London, my house would be flooded or looted. I live near the Thames Barrier in Woolwich and if that failed, it would be a complete breakdown in law and order as well as well as mass drowning. No Englishman, Scot, or Ulsterman now would ever show the dignity the Japanese would have. They would be killing each other for the aid or looting, which the local Somali and Jamaican gangs would be selling off.

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