Goofing around with pigs

Have you grabbed this week’s issue of i-Weekly yet?

If you haven’t, you might want to check out how I’d look in 3D, goofing around with pigs. But if you like to see it in full colour, here are some behind the scenes pictures of the zodiac shoot.

6 responses to “Goofing around with pigs

  1. Where’s your heels from!

  2. doing it with the real ones will be cuter-this is too artificial.

  3. is the pig alive?

  4. Happy CNY in advance.

    I hope you wear pink cheongsam and sing my favourite song – Wan Nian Hong in CNY special.. (I know my wish may not be entertained. but I really wish to hear you sing Wan Nian Hong.)

  5. hi! your polka dots dress and that denim looks so good together!! any idea where can i get them?

  6. 你好,薇秀,我的籍贯是福建,在网上看到你都祖籍也是在福建吗?

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