It’s a Great Great World – Ghost Train

I do have many more pictures to share but if you can’t wait, remember to tune in to The Making of It’s a Great Great World, Mon 24 Jan, Channel U at 9.30 pm.

There was a light drizzle while filming.

Director Kelvin Tong communicating with the actors

Director, AD and DOP deep in discussion.

With the operator, train cart and actors, ready to roll.

Getting "star" treatment...

The art department getting the ghostly props ready...

Smoke was used to create an eerie atmosphere.

Quite scary!

5 responses to “It’s a Great Great World – Ghost Train

  1. Hi Joanne, just wanted to find out did you recently create another facebook a/c? Cos i had a friend request from a “joanne peh” that uses the photo of you taken with my boy at Times Bookshop as her profile pix. Wondering if it’s really you cos I don’t see your tweets reflected on the newly created fb page. deb

  2. The show is good! Love it! Wish we can have more shows of that era! All the stories are very touching and heartwarming. 🙂 Didn’t expect to cry..haha good job!

  3. Wow Joanne Peh is SEXY.

  4. Hi Joanne, I have jus watch the movie it is a very interesting movie especially the ghost train scene where ppl laught very happily:D. Can I know it is difficult to actor??? Haha no offense of my name:P

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