Love in A Cab – Remember this scene?

Remember this scene?

What you do not see outside of your television screen that goes into producing a beautiful shot.

Make-up artiste Doreen doing last minute touch-up

The final moment

6 responses to “Love in A Cab – Remember this scene?

  1. Hello! I am not a fan of yours but I think that you are one of the better local actresses in Mediacorp. I’ve been looking forward to watching Love in a Cab and sure enough it didnt disappoint. Look forward to more good shows like that. And could you help tell Julian Hee that his acting has improved so so much!!!

  2. woots =) preetty

  3. Hi 薇秀;

  4. Yes, Joanne keep it up. Though you do not have a lot of opportunity to act in good shows in Media Corp. But I believe you will be able to outshine Jeannett Aw. Jeannee Aw has plenty of opportunity but she could not act.

  5. You look damn sexy! I would really love to have a go at you. *wink*

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