Love in A Cab – Funny Director

Thank you all for tuning in to Love in a Cab on Channel U last night.

It was a lot of fun shooting this and as you will see in the upcoming behind-the scene pictures I will be posting.

Alternatively you can also check out our facebook page.

Pay attention to packet of coffee dangling from Director Han Yew Kwang's fingers...

8 responses to “Love in A Cab – Funny Director

  1. Hello Joanne! This is my first time writing to you! You looks so pretty. (: Wish you all the best in ur career. I am awaiting nxt yr’s tale in two cities. Joanne FT RuiEn will makes the nicest show ever! 🙂

  2. its really awesome =) hope there’ll be a replay !

  3. I chanced upon this show while channel surfing abit and really totally enjoyed it! Made my day as it has been a long time since I watched a movie that I actually feel “satisfied”. Went to bed glad to have been “warmed” by such a thoughtfully made movie. Joanne’s pretty and convincing and lovable as a Singaporean heartland lass and Julian’s really moved on from his pretty boy wooden acting days. Kudos due here!! Thanks much for touching me and my friends and the additional bonus of taking us back the events of the past decade, helped me in putting some items into my 2011 New Year Resolutions… Thank you Director Han Yew Kwang for presenting us with such a well made, thoughtful and heart warming movie, it really is a hugely enjoyable movie. Will keep a lookout for your works in future and hope more to come from you thank you! From: A Fan Now

  4. This film is irrefutably one of the best films singapore has ever produced and your acting was really good! hahaha. btw do you have any idea where i can find the background music in this film. Its really beautiful.

  5. lately, since the asian games, kluang folks r not able to watch progs on channel u 🙂 i was so looking 4ward to this – joanne peh & julian hee. disappointment all abound

  6. Hey Joanne,Gotta Agree to you mentioning Yew Kwang as a funny director…
    Met him a few times as a reviewer of local indie films.
    He’s always superb in slapstick comedy…Someone great to work with…

    Looking forward to the DVD

  7. This light and hearty telemovie is very good. It is such a nice show. Hope that director Han will cast you in all his shows. Joanne, not only has a pretty face but can act well too.

  8. Hi Joanne, do share more fashion and shopping tips on your blog. I think you have got good taste 🙂

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