The Making of a new Me

最近为了新戏 「乐在双城」忙着改造型。这已经是我第二次上发廊。竟然需要动用到四大精英,真是让我受宠若惊。



In preparation for my new drama “Happiness in Twin Cities”, I had to undergo a major hair revamp. This is already the second time at the salon and I am so well taken care of by 4 extremely dedicated and professional hair experts.

What is this major transformation all about?

Haha, you will find out soon!

9 responses to “The Making of a new Me

  1. 是“阵容强大”,不是“真容强大”。应该是不小心打错字吧!

  2. wow.. waiting to see your new style =0

  3. 是“阵容强大”,不是“真容强大”。应该是不小心打错字吧!

  4. Hi, I read from Channel 8’s 8gg blog that the title of this drama should be tale of the twin cities instead. it’s a little confusing when everyone is using different titles 🙂

  5. hi can u post ur new photo

  6. Hihi,
    now you are making me curious, haha. I will be looking forwards to your show then. Wishes you all the best in your new show! Jiayou!!! 😀

  7. Hi Joanne, I think it’s a making of a true superstar!! By the way, just like to tell you that JP (short hair version) was in my dreams the night before…I was smiling waking up at 5am, before going back to slumberland, truly flattered…; )

  8. 期待戏的播出哦:)加油!^^

  9. hi!hope to see ur new makeover soon!

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