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Since “Your Hand in Mine”, many of you have not seen me on television much. That is because I am still in the midst of filming.

A couple of months back, I started filming “An Activist Journey“, where I travelled to an Asian country each time, to learn about a specific social issue and what some people are doing about them.

Currently, I am left with two more countries and I believe the trailer and official website for this programme will be out soon.

In between my trips, I am filming a telemovie, “Love in a Cab”. Julian Hee stars in this feature film with me as we crossed paths over a 10-year period.

I have a lot of fun on set with an extremely young and dynamic crew, but because I don’t have  time to upload the photos, I’m not able to share much with you on my blog. However, you can follow me on Twitter (@JoannePeh) if you’d like to be updated on what I’m up to.

Stay tuned!

Picture taken on set

11 responses to “Current Projects

  1. Joanne, I learnt from RBKD (fan club of Rui En), that you and Rui En are currently filming the comedy drama, which will be airing in Feb 14, 2011.
    Yes, it is same producer who directed the drama ‘Unriddle’.
    It is hoped that when Mediacorps decided to start ‘Unriddle 2 ‘ ,you and Rui En be included as main casts.

  2. where did you get your cardigan from?

  3. on what channel will Activist Journey be showed?

  4. I live just upstairs the block you guys are filming from, so have more or less seen some parts:) My brother calls you and julian hee the hello kitty couple. ^^

  5. take care.

  6. hi there! i love your dressing sense. can i ask, on set, for filming, do you guys put your own clothings or is there a stylist on set?
    if you guys do your own dressings, can i check where do u usually shop for clothes, bag, shoes etc..

  7. Hi !
    After I saw you filming near my house,
    I never get a chance to see you again.
    Hope you are fine!
    Keep up the good work!
    I will always support you!

  8. Hi Joanne,

    For me, Activist Journey has been a great show! But do you think you can pass on my suggestion/request to have english subtitles for the show? I believe that with english subtitles, I could recommend this show to my students so that my non-chinese speaking students can appreciate the work you’ve done. Thanks!

  9. Hi Joanne,
    Nice cardigan. Where do you buy ya? I am a fan of your blogs. They are very well written and nice info and story.

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