Breathe, Live, Play Lego

Last weekend, I walked into a Lego shop at Takashimaya to look for a present, with absolutely no interest in what I always thought were “boys’ toys”. Instead I was completely charmed.

Now I need to go to Legoland!!!

Someone putting on the final touches of this Lego display in Legoland, to commemorate the inauguration of President Barack Obama

They made the people from bricks too! Not those with features painted on yellow bulbs as heads!

Barack Obama in Lego. WOW!

After my research online, I decided I want to build my own city, and thanks to the Twitteers who gave me a list of shops to go to in Singapore, I found one of the sets that would make the city. very first second set of Lego! (P.S. I had one set in childhood)

Huge box, small packets!

If you want to chart my progress, and see which are the two sets that I’ve ordered and are currently on their way, remember to follow me on Twitter for the latest updates!

Meanwhile, check out the remaining sets I’m waiting to get my hands on, that will help me complete my city.

Cafe Corner

Town Plan

Market Street

Look at what some others have done!

This was built by Ralph Savelsberg.

See the remaining town he built.

Bumper Car Ride built by Danila Dandily Martyakhin

A close-up in daylight.

There are countless talented Lego builders on the Internet. If you’re keen to see the evolution of Lego Police stations, you can check out Joshua’s blog.

As for me, I think his evolution is not quite complete, because he left out the Space Police collection.

Space Police Central

Lego really opens up a world of role play and possibilities!

If you’re a Lego Fan or if you know someone who’s really good at it, please share.

43 responses to “Breathe, Live, Play Lego

  1. Lovely set! Check out more in metro or toyrus. I chance upon those Japan minature set in metro. They are way much more tiny, every block is smaller than a pea size. They look cute for displaying on our racks too.

    I just owe one very first set of Lego blocks, apparently it belongs to my son. Looking at your set, makes me wanna get more now! Have fun…

    xoxo D

  2. Hi Joanne, you can check out this website:
    Nicholas Foo is the only LEGO® Certified Professional in Asia and currently based in Singapore. Hope it helps!

    (ps: We are the Singaporean couple who approached you while we were waiting to board the flight back home at Tokyo Narita International Airport on 8 July, if you still remember. haha)

  3. u mean u didn’t play lego when u were a child?

    Lego’s no boy-toy, k. it’s every child’s toy!

    btw, Lego Sale at Untied Square this weekend.

  4. Lego and Playmobil has always been my childhood play companion and i have had the opportunity to own some as such toys were extremely expensive. I will build houses and cars using my imagination and use the playmobil figurines and items to intertwine stories amongst them. This created many hours of fun for myself. I stopped playing when one day, while the playmobil horse which was ‘galloping’ on my kitchen window ledge “Fell to it’s Death”. I was so traumatised by it that i didn’t want to touch it again for fear of losing another of my favourite toy. In fact, 30 years on, they are still in a box hidden away. When my nieces started on the lego phase, i played with hers but never took mine out to share. I have also bought some playmobil and kept it for memory sake. My friends has been asking to ‘play’ with them especially the bigger sets of castles and princesses, knights in armour…maybe one day, i will take it out to share…

  5. Now, shouldn’t your title read ‘Breathe…’, not ‘Breath’? I’m a Lego fan too… check out the Batman stuff, especially the Batmobile!

  6. Hey Jo,

    You are getting me started with this passion again…haha.. Lego is a real addiction- you just wanna keep building. Enjoyz… ;p


  7. I still remember when i was young, my past time was to build lego model and present it to my parents. HAHA! That was fun! 🙂

    This entry is totally amazing! Great!

  8. I used to play Lego, and used to have fleet of Lego warships, for example, aircraft carriers, and battleships, crusiers.
    Yeah, buliding Lego is fun and I spent 2 days building a ship.

  9. I went to legoland in california in may.. It was amazing. They built the major cities in the states from Lego bricks!!!!

    I hear tat might be a legoland in jb soon. How soon or how true am not sure. But if u google it, bound to find some info

  10. Hi Joanne,
    May I ask where did you buy and how much? I never thought I’ll be interested in Lego either (boys’ toys) but when I saw the pics I thought to myself “WOW!” and piqued my interest! 🙂

    Thanks babe!

  11. Oh yea. My son has a whole series of Power Miners! All these cost a boom though!

  12. HI I am 12 yrs old and I am a big fan of lego I own over 170,000 bricks at home. I have been collecting them for over 4 yrs :p.
    Tip1 : since you love lego try making a candy machine of yours, go youtube to find out more.. I made a few at home in working condition without mindstorms ( Find out more one this on youtube.) BYE

  13. If you are going to lego land in califonia BRING ME WITH YOU!!!!!!!

  14. The Straits Times actually published an article titled “Brick it on” under Lifestyle’s hot section on 15 August 2010. It featured some Singaporean lego collectors / hobbyists. You may want to check it out.

  15. Happen to see u at Raffles Place today for your shoot Joanne after my steps classes, u look very gorgeous even when u dress simple.

    Btw do check out Simply Toys for more Lego offers. They have a 30% off any second box of Lego (offer goes on the cheaper of the 2 boxes and it is not an offer item) u buy when u sign with Citibank cards. There is one Simply Toys outlet just at Raffles Place MRT where u are today!

  16. Hihi! My boss is a LEGO enthusiast and he’ll be opening his own LEGO shop in Bishan Junction 8 with afew shareholders. Will update u once it’s opened and u may wanna go there and have a look… =)

  17. Joanne ,
    Because of you, I suddenly yearned for Lego toys and began to visit toy sections at many shopping centres at Orchard Road, to look for Lego aircraft carriers but cannot find..
    I searched online and found Lego modern era aircraft carriers. It was large , with modern fighter planes and helicopters.

    Previously, I used to own World War 2 era aircraft carrier.

    I hope that modern aircraft carrier (Lego ) be available in Singapore shops.

  18. Oh this is so nostalgic for me! I loved playing with legos as a child.. the endless possibilities. But nothing of mine ever looked complete or that good (short attention span) but this makes me want to go buy a bucket of legos and build again!

  19. i only remember stepping on lego bricks and crying in pain. lol

  20. i used to play lego for 24/7 last time

    whoa lego is getting awesom-er nowadays!

  21. Hey,i saw tis book called Lego:A Love Story in prologue @ ION Orchard.u might want 2 check it out.i had 2 sets of lego when i was young,one of them was a Harry Potter lego, used 2 play it every day n not get tired of it……..but did not play much when i got older 😦 but when i saw your blog,i could remember those days when i used 2 play:)now,i play it with my younger bro,n we always compete who builds the best!:D

  22. HihI~ Buaya JEss crawl over ur blog n looking for Lego Buaya Farm! LOL! I love lego~~

  23. Joanne, have you been to Toy R Us?
    They got a lot of Lego toys.
    However, I don’t think you may want to go there because some kids will scream ” Joanne Peh, Joanne Peh!” ..
    He he!

    I went to Toy R Us to look for my favourite Lego toys- navy warships but cannot find.. 😦

  24. Hi Joanne, if you would like to build up your Lego city, good places to shop now are (1) Metro (having 20% off Lego now); (2)Toystation at Serene Centre; (3) ToysHunt at Great World City which has 20% off Fire Brigade.
    More info can be found on my blog:
    (Also look at the right hand bar for latest Lego offers)

    Welcome to the addictive world of Lego. Btw, the ‘official’ name for ladies who are Lego fans is “AFFOL” or Adult Female Fan of Lego. (^_^)

  25. Pingback: Joanne Peh is an AFOL too! « A Modular Life

  26. Lego does not issue military themes by the way (not counting the green toy soldiers from the Toy Story theme). So I don’t think you’ll be able to find modern warfare type of sets unless you saw those that are designed by Lego fans.

  27. Hi Joanne,
    Just to share with you that there is actually a local LEGO fan club in Singapore.
    Here is the link :
    Do visit and join in the fun there. 🙂

  28. Hi Joanne, have you got the lego train set. I think it is a very good set goes together with the new public transport set in Toy R Us. You should go take a look if you want to build a Lego city.

  29. wow ms joanne, thoses sets u are looking is almost double or triple the prices in sg now and is also darn hard to find…

    someone is selling market street at $500 on e bay (local)

    Town Plan at about $300 on e bay (local)
    if i’m not wrong Sceret Chamber does have a set at $380

    as for cafe corner Toystation at serene centre is selling

    hope the above infor helps :0


  30. Hi,
    Not sure if you have it already but there’s also a LEGO book celebrating the 30th of LEGO minifigure that’s very interesting. ISBN : 976-1-40534-169-1 from DK. It’s like a magic book… the more you see, the more you want those LEGO sets… Heehee … I’m a addicted LEGO fan!
    Happy Collecting and Building!

  31. Finally found the Lego aircraft carrier based on modern US Navy ship -USS Kittyhawk – at Vivo City Toy R Us..
    It cost $299.
    Didn’t buy because it was in large box.

    BTW, saw you up close at Plaza Singapura, (wanted to yell BAAAAI WEEEEIII QQQQQ’) but I didn’t .. hehe!

  32. Hi Joanne,

    It’s never too late to start on Lego and they’re certainly not only for boys. Anyone can enjoy Lego (barring those with little pieces for toddlers). I myself had rekindled this building interest of mine in 2006. I collect the modular buildings too, though my main focus is on the Star Wars line.

    These are some of my Lego-related blog posts to date:

    You can use the following website to keep track of your collection and also share it with others. Here’s my collection to date:

  33. Your blog post reminded us of our childhood. We would play with lego and construct things that comes into our mind. We are amazed by the picture of the legoland and it definitely let us regain our interest. Hope you can create your dream town soon! =)

  34. U missed out Green Grocer which I find the best modular building ever.
    The details are excellent!!

  35. Wow! Congrats! May I know where and how much you get that for?

  36. Hey, I’m a BIG fan of Lego too. Always been! :)) Modulars are my all-time favs too! Have fun building your city ~ it’ll be quite an experience! :))
    In fact, my city’s under construction as well … feel free to drop by my blog:
    Will be looking fwd to future updates on your city … :))

  37. This is wonderful. Now that you’re an AFOL (adult fan of lego), I don’t have to pretend my hobby is weird anymore.

  38. Is there a local Lego fan club in singapore?

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