The last time I attended the National Day Parade live was at the National Stadium when I was performing in the band during my secondary school years. After that, I had to contend with watching the parade from television every year.

This year, it was held at Padang and by serendipity, I managed to get last minute tickets (at 5.20pm!) to the parade.

There was a massive crowd around City Hall area as everyone tried to catch a glimpse of the sky performances. We weaved through the mass of people and finally got to the venue, hot and confused. Thankfully there were a lot of ushers around to point us the right way.

I’ve never seen so many uniformed men converge at one venue!

We were supposed to be seated at the Green sector, but we were told there were no more seats, so we ended up at the Yellow sector and this was the sight that greeted us when we popped our heads out of the scaffold spectator stand.

I’m guessing you have to come early to “chope” seats? Anyway, we ended up sitting on the steps which was a lot less stress-free because it would be really disruptive to the rest if we needed to answer nature’s call.

The sea of red is gorgeous!

The backdrop complements the celebrations, especially when night fell and the lights took over.

I found out from the magazine in the goodie bag that there were 7 different designs of it.

I plucked out the candy portion and ate only the biscuit!

The President driving past our section.

I love the sounds of these jets! I especially like the display where 2 jets criss-crossed one another and when one of the jets took a vertical climb up into the sky.

The entrance and exit points for the formation performers were on the side I was sitting on, so I could snap these “behind-the-scenes” photos!

The flash on my camera reflected off the costumes of these performers.

Sparks and aerial performer really took the show to another level! The lights casted on the columns of the Supreme Court really made the show exceptionally colourful!

The costumes made them look like characters off some video game. Quite scary!

The aerial shot of this was gorgeous from the screen, where Kit Chan was perched at the tip of the crescent moon. It was the perfect formation for us to recite our pledge.

28 responses to “NDP2010

  1. AWww…. Joanne, you need this year’s NDP tickets can be purchased?

  2. Happy 45th Birthday Singapore! From Kuching, Sarawak!

  3. I just thought that this year’s celebration rocks! ;D my friend was there, and i was spotting her there at the blue sector. but it was just like a piece of RED, and i couldnt spot her -.-” haha. and i love ur acting! ;D ❤

  4. Hi! Joanne
    I didn’t watch NDP2010 cos grandparents took my kids for outing dinner with friends on National Day. Hope we take my kids to watch NDP2011. Where’s picture of fireworks?
    Anyway, I enjoyed watching a movie of Aftershock and very touching and tears….

    • Hi Pink Rose,

      I decided to enjoy the fireworks instead of getting caught up with photographing it!


      • Hi Joanne,
        First thing, I like your photos! Esp the 4th one! The light was great for that particular photo!
        Secondly, I could not agree more with your comments about enjoying the fireworks. Good things are meant to be enjoyed. Though we do like to take photographs as memories and keepsakes, sometimes, esp during concerts and performances, I felt that it is too much of a waste to view the performances thru a lens and be busy with capturing a still of it. It’s Conflicting.


  5. Awesome. I watched the live telecast in Melbourne! Felt the most for Singapore when Kit Chan started singing ‘Home’…

  6. the pictures are nicely shot yesterday night. i enjoyed watching the show on tv. it was really nice. hope to catch it again next year…..with my family if i could get the tickets

  7. happy birthday singapore

  8. First!

  9. May I know how you managed to get the tickets to NDP parade? I had been trying to get hold of the tickets but to no avail for the consecutive 3 years. 😦
    I will do it again next year.

  10. Miss the days when I could watch it every single year as my mum was then the PA to Mindef’s PS. When she changed boss, I queued overnight every year at National Stadium, until the committee finally thought it stupid for people to be in the queue for 2-3 nights and changed to balloting system. Since then I’ve been successful just once for the balloting. Fortunately that time my kidws were already born and had the chance to witness it. They still remember snippets of the parade even though they were only 3yo then. And my glutton of a son remembers best what he had for dinner that day: Mom brought her very own homemade baked pasta, before the event started at 5.30pm!

  11. hi joanne,i was sitting just behind u at the ndp tat day.remember me?the one wearing army admin t-shirt.wanted to say hi to u but could nt pluck up the courage to do so.lol

    • Hi Hongyun,

      I’m so sorry, all I remembered was a sea of red and there was a Caucasian man with his son sitting behind me on the steps. But hey, HI!!!!!!


      • i was just in front of the guy and the girl.nice to meet you.u are so friendly.i enjoy your shows very much and hope to see u act in more shows.all the best in your career man!

  12. You were sitting with the crowd? That’s amazing.. most stars wouldn’t do that for fear of autograph-seeking fan mobs! lol..

    Anyway, any chance you’ll be hosting future NDPs instead of watching from the stands? Every year the hosts are the same.. so boring.. we need a little JPower up there..

  13. your photographs were so much better than the way i take my photos and videos. 🙂 i feel that there is a technique but i don’t know how to use it though i learnt it in my school news cca team during one of my courses so…..yours is really good pictures you took though

  14. i really enjoyed watching the show at home live though i don’t get to see it from padang but at least i can feel the bonding with everyone i know…..it was really enjoyable…..:-)

  15. Hi Joanne, i performed last year and miss the times when watching this year’s NDP. My friend performed in the marching segment under the NPCC…take cares. Btw how’s your little doggie??

  16. Hello! I was in the girl guides marching contingent! 😀 I’m amazed you came to watch the NDP! Wasn’t the fireworks spectacular? I was quite happy that you took a picture with just a quarter containing girls guides! Hehe!

  17. Hi Joanne

    It’s at times like this that I realize I do miss living in Singapore.

    Been away from the land of my birth too long already. Who knows? Maybe it’s high time for this prodigal son to come home…

  18. you are soo lucky. i hve tried to get tickets for a couple of years now.
    unsuccessful. hmm. i did took part many years ago thou.
    neway, saw it on tv and it was great. love the mobile column and
    the singapore songs. make me proud to be a singaporean.
    hope to get tickets next year. crossing my fingers. hehe.
    thanks for sharing the pictures. take care. warm regards.

  19. so sad that i missed out the chance to attend NDP 2010……because of i went back to Malaysia on that night……. Anyhow,the night seem like very awesome from the pictures that took by you….=)

  20. melissa miss joanne

    Hey Joanne,
    My mother was involved in this yr ndp…she was the 2nd last item if im remembered correctly…. It was Act 2 Five Stars !!!!!
    hahahaa, hope u enjoyed watching this yr ndp though..


  21. Hi Joanne,

    Nice entry. Can’t help but feel it peculiar that you to remove the sugar part of the childhood biscuits. Are you very strict with your diet regime? I’ve always thought that was the best part of the snack! 🙂

  22. Hi Joanne,

    Nice entry. Can’t help but feel it peculiar that you’d remove the sugar part of the childhood biscuits. Are you very strict with your diet regime? I’ve always thought that was the best part of the snack! 🙂

  23. Hi Joanne 😀

    This was my first NDP too since my P5 screening! XD Me and my friend were sitting a few rows behind you, yeah the seats filled up very quickly. >< Likewise, I was also surprised that a lot of people were actually very considerate and didn't swarm you for your autograph or for a picture! And actually I wanted to say that I thought you were very very nice for letting the few that asked take photo with you, especially the cute little girl 8D Since this was my first time seeing a celebrity out of the TV screen, it was really good to know that even out of the spotlights, you still shine as a nice normal Singaporean girl who just wants to have fun . 🙂

    All the best & stay happy!

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