“Mad Hatter” Jo

Everything else about Tokyo Disneyland and me, modelling hat pieces.

Map of the theme park

My first time taking this ride!

I'm happy already!!

The ride inside is very colourful and very cheery, and you get to see different countries, different costumes!



I’m not going to show you too much! It’s quite a long ride and there’s a lot to see, so I would say take it twice if the queue isn’t that long!

The window display do not give you a fraction of an idea of what is being sold in the shops!

She is so adorable!

This is battery operated and would actually light up!

Adding a few inches to my height.

Mardi Gras Mickey Hat

I also like The Monsters' Inc Ride!

You shine the torchlight that is attached to the car at specific points for a surprise!! Very kiddish but fun!

Monster's Inc Helmet

Sully's my favourite cartoon character!

I regretted not buying this toy. His shy expression sort of works in this picture!

Life-sized Sully!! The queue to take a photo with him was cut off by the park ranger, so I couldn't pose with him.

Totally mismatching!

Aww...I thought this pair was really cute!!


I forgot his name, does anyone remember?


This was the restaurant where we had our lunch. The portion sizes are pretty decent. I had the rotisserie chicken.

Cinderella's Castle

This was a gift shop inside the Cinderella Castle. I love the frescos on the wall, they are so incredible detailed!

A craftsman at work

Art pieces for sale

I've been to Tokyo Disneyland 3 times, and not once did I manage to watch the fireworks. That night it was canceled because of bad weather.

19 responses to ““Mad Hatter” Jo

  1. how could you forget the UP characters’ names?? heee it’s russell the kid and carl the old man
    really good movie

  2. Hi Joanne:) I’ve been to Tokyo Disneyland twice b4 and your photos brought back lots of nice memories for me. I just came back frm tokyo last month, and this time I tried Disney sea. The rides are more fun!! You could visit it the nxt time you go Tokyo!

  3. ChestThumping

    Little boy’s name is Russell.

  4. I think I ever went on the small world ride. It really is very long. I also went on the Winnie The Pooh ride. My favourite! If I am not wrong, the boy in UP is called Russel. I guess……

  5. As I was on package tour to Tokyo then, I had missed the fireworks at the Disneyland too cos we have to leave for our dinner just before the firework starts.. 😦
    I’m so gonna go back again!!!

  6. RUSSELL! the Up boy.

  7. Oh gosh! gotta love disneyland! oh btw the boy from UP is called russell! the old man is carl fredrickson!

  8. Very interesting, lots of different foods with DisneySea ..
    more at disney land .. Joanne, I also did not find a turkey leg at disney sea also, I eat in a universal studio (osaka), Oishi ..
    I had missed the fireworks.
    future I will try to disneyland

  9. never been happier than now

    hi joanne, how r u , u seems enjoying yr trips alot, envy u could travel so many trips.

  10. Been to Disney in USA, Japan and one thing that stands out in Japan, is that everything is just so Kawaii! We feel like we were kids again, and the service is superb! It never fails to leave a smile on anyone’s face and trying on different hats is definately a must for me as well…it’s like we are in a different world altogether, taking on different characters. The Gigantic Turkey Thigh is a must try..lol…your photos certainly brings back wonderful memories for me..thanks for sharing!

  11. hiyee…u look cute with the Minnie mouse ears..u can use it when u attend concerts…haha

    n..i don wanna take a photo with u if u where that hat (the photo after the Minnie mouse ears)..=p

  12. disneyworld > disneyland
    and there’s the new harry potter park in orlando also!

  13. I love the UP cartoon, Russell. Remind me of his cute voice.. hehe

  14. I wanna go to Disney Land again. Or at least go holiday. But nevermind. Just 3 more months then PSLE is over. After that can go holiday! Yay!!!!!!

  15. pretty, where did u got your WATCH FROM? they are dam chio!

  16. upup & away! you look soooooo gorgeous! 🙂

  17. wow. u arouse my desire to visit DISNEY LAND!!!!

    good photos anw, and u’ve been looking skinner and skinner! ** envious!

    good luck in whatever you’re doing right now!!=)

  18. Hi Joanne, such a nice post u have here.. nice photos!;) And you look so pretty;)

  19. i have nvr been to japan be4. but i have being to hongkong and went to their disneyland. it is quite small compare to tokyo’s disneyland. some of the pic u took is quite similar. and u are quite unlucky for not able to see the fireworks for 3 times. haha.. that is kinda of funny and cute.. hope u have better luck next time!^^

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