Disney Overload

I went to Anaheim Disneyland, Los Angeles, a year ago, and somehow Tokyo Disneyland still excites me more. I think it’s got to do with the Japanese and their “kawaii” spirit. Unlike the American Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland seemed to have more toys, accessories, apparels and cute collectibles; snacks and food are made in the likes of Disney characters; the containers/tubs in which they come in are designed for keepsake; almost everyone in Tokyo Disneyland, adults and children alike, has at least one Disney item on them.

I truly felt like I was on the happiest place on earth, because everyone was loving Disneyland, albeit in an overt fashion.

This was from the Winnie the Pooh popcorn pushcart. Honey flavoured popcorn! There are different popcorn flavours that come in different collectible tubs at different pushcarts.

Another variation of popcorn tub

Hairbands like this are very common.

Another variation of hairband...Dumbo-inspired.

You also have hair clips like that...

Even the guys have fun with accessories!

These masks are sold in the shops too!

I lost count of the number of Mickey Mouse heads on this lady who was in front of me in a queue for a ride. I love her backpack!

Close up of her T-shirt.

Close up of her companion's bag strap.

Minnie tee!

Mickey printed on an umbrella.

Or, you can get a Mickey Mouse raincoat from the shops!

And here's the Minnie Mouse raincoat to match.

Sorry you can't see this clearly, but even the traditional costumes they are wearing is printed with Disney!

It wasn't unusual to see many young people wearing traditional costumes during this season.

Mickey and Minnie are dressed in the traditional costumes as well! We tried looking for memorabilia of the Disney bear in the middle, but could not find it. I remembered from my last experience that there is an entire shop devoted to Disney bear in Tokyo Disneysea, so that's probably where this came from.

Not one, not two, but a whole family of toys, that I can't tell which is hung from where!

Looked to me like there was some beauty contest going on, because I saw several little girls dressed in princess costumes around the park.

Doesn’t this look like it’s a lot of fun?

18 responses to “Disney Overload

  1. I love the popcorn container.. kawaii

  2. Yes, the last time I was in disneyland, ifelt like as if it’s cny, everyone was so dressed up!!! They really went all out to have fun!

  3. Did you get any of the hairband for yourself? 🙂

  4. do you mean there are no such popcorns or accessories in other disneyland?
    always wanted to go to the largest disneyland, the LA one

  5. Haha, just to note, the ‘dumbo inspired hairband’ is actually a hairband of Angel, Stitch’s girlfriend! 😀

  6. been to both disneylands as well! but i think the LA one is better in the sense that there isnt any language barrier 🙂 would like to visit the ones in orlando and paris someday! :D:D shld be rly cool!

  7. Wonderful photos! My 1st Disneyland visit was the Tokyo one and I have enjoyed myself very much too.. Was really impressed by the patience and orderly manner of the Japanese when they queue for each ride.

    P/s. The gal with the minnie hair clip (5th photo) 好像杨丞琳哦。。哈哈。。

  8. Looking at your photos makes me miss Tokyo Disneyland. I was there last December….best time to go 🙂

  9. Got that Winnie the Pooh popcorn collectible tub when I visited Tokyo Disneyland 7 years ago. And I longed to visit it again!

  10. Oh gosh! gotta love disneyland! oh btw the boy from UP is called russell! the old man is carl fredrickson!

  11. Hi, I went to Tokyo Disneyland 2 years ago and I didn’t get to see all those food. I did ate the mickey mouse ice cream but because i went on christmas day, it was damn cold. They always have different containers for the popcorn so everytime you go, it’s different. So that it won’t find it boring if you go twice. They even have a special christmas container. Too bad I didn’t have time to visit DisneySea which my friend says is good as well. As for Disneyland in USA and DisneyWorld in Florida, you need at least 2 days. Cos you too need 2 days in Tokyo Disneyland if you want to try all the rides and see all the shops. Enjoy!

  12. hi the last pic, it is not a contest but a makeover. They will dress the girls up like a Princess so that they can tour around in Disney.

  13. The largest is Disney Euro.

    As for which ones are most popular and talked about in the states that is Disney World and then Disneyland (in Cali). Then Disney Tokyo and most people do not even know there is a Disney in China.

    Remember if you decide to visit every Disney then you have to include the Disney Carnival; yes that means the cruise ships and the small island.

    I know this is different subject and yet in away related because it’s still a vacation trip. Have you been to any of the SeaWorld locations?

  14. Hi Joanne, I like the pictures taken. Can tell me which camera and lens you are using most of the time? Thanks.

  15. Yes you are right, the Duffy bear is from DisneySea. Japanese pronounce it as Dahii

  16. Hi Joanne,

    those princesses you saw in disneyland are actually dolled up by the staff there. That’s one of the special privilege girls get if they visit disneyland on their birthdays or during their birthday month. Yep something like that!

  17. omg! russell is sooo cute! I’m heading there soon!

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