Pigging out in Disneyland

I managed to squeeze an extra day or two after filming in Tokyo Japan to go to Disneyland. Because it was my third time, there weren’t as many surprises. I did however notice that I was eating the whole day!

I can't remember what the exact theme was. It was some festival where you can write your message on this little piece of paper and hang it up.

I love wafer ice-cream!

Chewing Mickey's ears

In popsicle form

In popsicle form

These buns are so funny!

I never tried these, but I wonder if they taste as good as they look.

I think you can never go wrong with peach danish. I remembered having this the last time. Love the peach, but not so crazy about the crust.

Another flavour.

I eventually settled for a chocolate cheesecake.

I must always accompany my sweet treat with black coffee. The cake wasn't fantastic, I was hoping it would melt in my mouth like how some Japanese cheesecakes do, but it didn't.

The whiff of waffles warmed us on that cold rainy day in Disneyland.

I was looking for the pushcart that sold Smoked Turkey Leg but found the Teriyaki Chicken Leg instead. It was too salty for me.

What a happy place Disneyland is, with every wrapper saying this!

I love maple churros!! They really make my day!

Found this at Queen of Hearts restaurant during lunch. I've never heard of "Unbirthday"!

This was dinner, not very inspiring in terms of the way it looks, but taste pretty good. Beef, vegetable and rice.

Next up, all the lovable things in Disneyland!

25 responses to “Pigging out in Disneyland

  1. Joanne,

    If you remember Alice in the Wonderland,

    “Happy Merry Unbirthday” was sang when Alice met Mad Hatter, during a tea party.

    *wink* does it ring a bell to you now?


  2. Wow! Wonderful photos taken! Makes me want to get a long break to visit there!

  3. Wow! Looking at these photos make me hungry! Hee. ^_^
    May I know how did u manage to keep urself in shape? I am trying real hard to slim down. @@

  4. joanna peh is so pretty.

  5. joanne,
    i’m actually staying at tokyo, and i’m so happy to see you enjoying urself here!

  6. I was there too but was on 20th July. Weather was so hot! Wonder where you found those wonderful breads…hmmm…din see it there.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I don’t remember what’s the name of that cafe. It’s located by the section after the whole shopping area and if you head to Tomorrowland, you will pass by on your right.

  7. U look great in ur posts, all the food look so yummy!
    I saw the smoked turkey leg u mention, was tempted to try it..
    u try it before? Nice?

    I saw u at the airport when u touch down in Sg, ur dressing is totally chic.. Looking forward on u posting ur dress style~!

    • Hi Jer,

      I don’t remember what I was wearing. Thanks for your compliment, a bit paiseh to talk about my own dressing la…haha! I wanted to write an entry about Japanese fashion, but haven’t found the time to organise the materials I wanna feature on my blog yet. Hope it gets put together soon, stay tuned ok?

  8. Hey may I know where did you get the bag you are carrying? Had been looking for one like this! Thanks 🙂

  9. No wonder that u drink black coffee without sugar and add to eat sweet of a chocolate cheesecake as taste very nice! 🙂
    Next time I bring my kids to Disneyland. :))

    • Pink Rose, you have to!! I think Disneyland is a wonderful place for kids. I haven’t been to the one in US, but my friend who was with me said that Tokyo Disneyland is the size of 1 land at Disneyworld in Orlando!! Can you imagine how many days you need there?!?

      • Yes, Disneyland is very excited and more funs for Family! After gave birth my baby, we had been go to HK Disneyland only when it was just an open in 2005. We didn’t go to US Disneyland as too high costs! Heard that US Disneyland is better than 2nd Tokyo and last HK! I hope that 2 weeks for flying to Tokyo. Thanks for your replying. I love to watch u at YHIM. Have a nice weekends! :))

  10. The food there looks splendid! Was it fun? Is cheese cake with black coffee a perfect match?

  11. By the Way, tomorrow is my Birthday!haha

  12. I do jog once or twice a week for half to one hour and control my diet but still my weight didnt drop at all.. @@

  13. I ate the waffle ice cream too when i was there! yummy and super cute! wish they have that in sg too!

  14. Wow! Looks like a good weather there. The last time I went there it was raining. So I did not get to go on many rides.

  15. Hey Joanne,
    If i remembered correctly, it’s been about 12 years since i went to Tokyo Disneyland….Wonder how much have it changed….Planning to go there end of this yr together with my mom…..haha…i like maple churros too ! (:
    Judging from the pics u must have enjoyed urself yah? did u take any rides???

    Hope to see u soon !


  16. Mickey mouse snacks look yummy. Was planning to japan this year but need to cancel due to my expecting.. hehe.. ohh japan..oh disney.. getting far from me..

  17. The bone rice bread is for goofy… wow, your blog is very interesting, thank you for sharing

  18. ‘Unbirthday’ was extracted from Alice in Wonderland. A concept developed by none other than Madhatter himself.

    Cos’ birthday only happen once a year, hence the rest of the year is considered ‘unbirthday’, which means more days for celebrations! 😉

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