Here’s a job opening I have for those of you who might be keen to work in a comfortable environment with, from what I was told, an attractive salary package. I’m actually helping a good friend out, and hopefully one of you will benefit from this. I would like to reiterate that I do not own this company nor have any stakes in them. I am also in no way affiliated to or sponsored by them. As such, please do not ask me how much the salary is, and or other related questions with regard to this job opening. I will not be held responsible for anything that might arise as a result of this job opening nor upon successful employment.

You can direct all your questions to Sam, whose email is provided below.

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8 responses to “JOB OPENING!

  1. Hi Joanne Peh

    I longed to ask you for a permission. I would like to do makeup for you as my personal portfolio. On my knowing that you might feel intimidated with my strange question and condition( Impairment hearing)
    Hope you can give me a chance 🙂

    Regarding to opening job as nail artist, sadly to say that it is not linked to my passion as makeup artist. If you provide any available makeup artist from your company or others, please do let me know directly.
    Lastly: You can visit my blog


  2. Can male apply ?

    I feel that before anyone can make a recommendation regarding a job offer, they should carry out some (a little) back ground checks if they are to be perceive as responsible person. No one should recommend anything without at least some knowledge. Qualifying, one’s responsibility is just not good or responsible enough.

  4. I have with me 30 years of nail cutting experience. I also have a degree from NUS and I studied art & craft in primary school before. I am 100% Singaporean. I believe I am the man you are looking for. What are you waiting for?!!

  5. Hey Joanne! U bought a Leica D lux 4 sometime last dec right? How do you find it? Post some photos u took with it? 🙂

  6. me are Bruneian lol!

  7. I love the ringing endorsement of the available position. All the caveats are a nice touch.

    Next time I need to hire someone can I call on you do some recruiting work for me too.

  8. Hello Joanne,

    Its wonderful to know there are people in the public eyes, that will help their friends. You really are a blessing to your friends and family.

    This is my first time reading anything that you have written. Before I had commented decided to read one more article. I chose the India trip that you took in June of this year.

    You write well and only seen one mistake out of an entire article. This is truly a compliment, please do not take it as sarcasm. Many times I have read things such as blogs, news, and emails that were professionally written. Seen far more mistakes than you would expect from a professional writer.

    I wanted to cover a little on how your writing style is too. But mainly my comment is about you and what you are doing for your friend and for some one else (the unknown employed person).

    Speaking on behalf of all those who have family and friends. That are helping us who have been retrenched, because of the economy of the world. Thank you very much to you and all those like you. Thank you in advanced for all that are inspired by her to help others too.

    Just to let you know, I will randomly check to see what you write. Because you might be writing on some other things that interest me. You are welcome to contact me and of course reply back to my comment.

    Best Regards,


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