The Lost Symbol Book Club

Stayed up the whole night to finish reading Dan Brown’s latest thriller The Lost Symbol. By some bizarre stroke of coincidence, the beliefs I’ve recently come to hold, prior to reading this, actually form the fundamental premise of the plot.

I have not only been enlightened by the facts of this thoroughly researched fiction but also have my personal faith strengthened.

For those of you who haven’t read it, I urge you to do so with an open mind.
For those of you who have, please share and tell me what you think.

18 responses to “The Lost Symbol Book Club

  1. Hi Joanne, what is your religion?

    • Ya.. I would like to know too!… What’s your religion? Hope you don’t mind saying it…


  2. I hv ordered this book online and am still waiting for it to be delivered from Refuse to lug around the hard copy and i prefer the feel of the actual book in my hand…anyway, have read all of Dan Brown’s books. There is an essence of truth in all his books but as you mentioned…people who read his books must do so with a pinch of salt. Take it as entertainment. Now, i am even more anticipating the book’s arrival!

  3. I’ve read Da vinci Code & Angels & Demons prior to this book. Personally i find that the puzzles are a bit lacking but other than tat. The book kept the suspense up on whos the mastermind and the events that kept on happening.
    I love the last bits of the story where Mal’akh identity is revealed and how the puzzle pieces came into place.
    Nice book ^^

  4. Wat coincidence!I finished The Lost Symbol last week and now is reading Angels and Demons.Im actually not a Dan Brown fan but am slowly appreciating his books for his really thorough research!Very amazed by how he puts his research/history into his book…I feel I’ve suddenly learnt alot!I love how the mysteries and suspense builds up in the book AND Robert Langdon’s intelligence!

  5. Ending was kinda sad. Read Deception Point. You guys will love it. 🙂

  6. Deception point is a good book too… Go read!

  7. i prefer Angels and Demons to all the rest and i thought “Lost Symbol”was rather disappointing

    Mal’akh real identity surprised me though

  8. Haven’t finished the audiobook, but Noetic Science is extremely interesting! I like how Dan infuses fact into his works, but ultimately, this is a work of fiction. Try not to take it too seriously eh?

    • Actually Rion I would have to disagree with you and I hope you don’t mind.

      There is a lot more truth in it than most would be willing to admit. I see the “fiction” bit as merely a tool to incorporate the findings of an otherwise dry and inaccessible discipline most of us are not well-aware of. It does give us a lot to think about if you treat it as more than just good story-telling. I feel it’s very empowering!

  9. Everything that you read in that book seems impossible but then again, nothing is impossible. Freemasonry, Noetic Science – weighing a human soul, they exist and are real.

    Even a handful celebrities in the media industries are Illuminati. It’s up to individuals’ belief.

  10. i finished the book, but din like it as much as angel n demon thou….

  11. The book misses the pace of Da Vinci.. but has the potential to let one start looking for the seed of unlimited potential one had inside self.. A cry that all could see that there is no difference in what all religions teach.. .. how all who saw the light described it in the same way.. how ignorantly we fight over the paths and doors that leads to him.. How we are ready to die and kill for the path and yet never gather the courage to walk it.. how he waits for us to open the door and take the step to be one with him and how we are so close and yet so far…..

  12. after reading most of his books, I think it’s pretty predictable. The ending to the Lost Symbol was not as surprising as Angels & Demons or the Da vinci code.
    But, it was very enlightening albeit a little monotonous.

  13. Maybe you came to read the book not through coincidence, but through noetic science! I think there is an element of truth in this, and this is essentially what the book ‘The Secret’ is all about, no? However the skeptic in me refuses to believe this unconditionally, and until concrete evidence is unearthed (which will be hard if this really does require unorthodox experiments like those mentioned in the book), I think I will treat this as one of the quirky pantangs that we have (like not sweeping the floor during CNY) which, if I am to be honest with myself, have no basis at all but still abide by… because there’s no harm right?

  14. omg, im a super bookworm and i’ve read the lost symbol too ! though dan brown’s book nv fail to enriched me with knowledge, i find this book similar to the rest that he wrote. would be great if he can think out of the box for more refreshing plots..

  15. Read Da Vinci code, Angels&Demons, DeceptionPoint, DigitalFortress..
    and just finished “The Lost Symbol” an hour ago…
    All his books have the same style, similiar characters …
    and most importantly ,
    A fiction is still a fiction so most of things he wrote are fictitious…
    so we should just take it as an entertaining source and not to take it seriously…
    Being a computer person, I know clearly what he wrote about computer in deception point is definitely not true…

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