How I Battled Flu

The worse thing that can happen while you are on holiday is to be down with some kind of illness. I was the unfortunate passer-by to my brother’s flu virus.

I refused to cower to the horrible bug because that would mean staying in bed while everyone else explore the ruins, learn history and snap gorgeous summer pictures for keepsake.

So I battled the virus with what I could get out of the buffet table at Pam Thermal Hotel in Pammukale.

I helped myself to the lemon slices (meant for salads) and made my own “lemon drink zero”.

My mom swears by lemon honey as the ultimate Vitamin C booster but unfortunately we had no honey then, and I’m not a fan of sugar, so the family had to put up with a prune face at the dining table.

25 responses to “How I Battled Flu

  1. Aww…poor thing! pls take care of urself!

  2. Take Care….

  3. saliva pooled in my mouth as i read this entry.. *gulps.

  4. take care =)

  5. must take yourself .
    Take a lot vitamin c

  6. oh…take care, sad too hear that.
    get well soon1

  7. Yo Joanne!

    I tried searching for” natural treatment for flu” online..haha..but they didn’t really state the exact effective ways. oh yea one of the website did mention the need to limit sugar intake. “Sugar intake depresses the immune system.”
    Haha so with ur lemon drink zero (u made it sound cool )..ur immune system can definitely fight off those buggies…

    Take care and GET WELL SOON!!

  8. I agreed with the Lemon thing. I keep about 10 lemons in my fridge. First thing in the morning after brushing my teeth about 06:00 am.
    Two glass of plain water followed by a glass of plain water with one squeeze lemon juice. Half an hour later, I’ll go for my breakfast. So far, flu free for a year of experimental trial.

  9. Hi, take care. You feeling better now. you cannot afford to get sick , you know,, take care and rest well…..

  10. Oh dear! too bad, you cannot enjoy your holiday. All you do just to stay in small hotel room, facing the four walls.

    Never mind hor? it might be a blessing in disguise as you got time to go online..


  11. heyhey J O A N N E. Take Good care of yourt health! drink lots of water n get plenty of sleep.!! ((:

  12. Get well soon

  13. Is lemon really effective fr flu?

    Hope you already recover.

    Take care!!!

  14. Hopefully, if you see me, you won’t catch mine too!!!

  15. Take care and rest well:D

  16. Try not to depend on Lemon/Lemon Honey 2 much, it disrupts/grinds etc….doesnt absorb
    well onto stomach…..gonna spoilt yr Buffet.
    I still use the old method of putting Warm towel on forehead, works everytime or soak on warm
    bathtub…if in the Hotel !

  17. Take care of youself~

  18. May I know where you got accessories for the black dress you wore for Star Awards? Those bangles… Thank you!

  19. I have tried using the same cocktail for years with lots of success, Lemon Juice + Honey, and in the evenings I add a big dash of Whisky and drank it hot before bed time, by the next morning I would feel so much better.

    Anyther remedy the British swear by is the “Hot Chicken Soup”

  20. Hello. I read ur tweets abt wanting to catch missed episodes after u are back to Singapore. But you couldn’t do so on xinmsn as it only shows one weeks’ worth of episodes?

    Actually you can. Just google the episode you want to watch! 🙂 with the exact title the show is named. I’ve tried it before and I can find all episodes of any shows that have been published before.

    P/s: I am commenting on ur blog as I’m having a pte tweet acct. Hence u won’t be able to read my tweets even if I reply u, unless u r one of my followers. 🙂

    have fun!

  21. please take care of yourself!

  22. Chanced upon your blog yesterday and i truly enjoy reading it!

    Looks like i have a lot to catch up (all thE way back to 2007!)

  23. Aiyo ! Take care .

  24. lemon is too acidic and not good for teeth! haha… TC (:

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