Just another day at Sultanahmet

There is something spontaneous about blogging on the go that I like. But the flip side of this is that most entries will be short because I’m beat from sight-seeing everyday.

I’m trying out the WordPress app but it is quite limited. Since all photos can only appear after my text, here are the captions:

1. Kebab meat is everywhere. A set meal costs about 5.50TRY. It comes with chicken or beef in pita bread, fries and a drink.

2. The people here at this restaurant are so warm and friendly. They allowed me to enter the serving area for a photo op even though we weren’t planning on eating.

3. Such stalls are common and the food always looks very good.

4. Stalls like this are scattered all over the Sultanahmet area.

5. Boiled maize.

6. I think these are some kind of Turkish apples? Or plums? It’s the size of big grapes, crunchy and a little sour.

7. My first Turkish coffee at a traditional Turkish restaurant.

8. Silk for sale.

9. Pretzels! I believe there is something in the dough that makes these plain pretzels really tasty. I wish they were warm though.

10. I love handiwork!

11. The view on the way back to the hotel.

7 responses to “Just another day at Sultanahmet

  1. looks like you are having loads of fun… enjoy your trip!

  2. enjoy!

  3. I think those are actually fresh dates..

  4. Hi Joanne Jie-Jie,

    Have lots of fun there and enjoy your trip, take care at the same time! =)

    Cheers & Loves,

  5. Hi Joanne,
    Have Fun there ya:)
    Btw Can i ask where do u usualy do ur nails at spore?
    Tks babe:)

  6. Hello!

    I just visited Istanbul recently and was in Sultanahmet as well. I think the pretzels you had was actually a simit (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simit). I had one too and it was good except that it was a little cold (and therefore a little hard).

    My friend tried another type of bread from the same roadside stalls that sell the simit and it tasted slightly different (think it was sweeter).

    I enjoyed Istanbul very much and I am sure you will too! Have a good trip:)


  7. I love Istanbul, we try to get down there every year from our home in Bulgaria. If you ever visit Bulgaria you must come and stay with us 🙂

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