Ripped off in Istanbul

Night flights are tough to bear because it is so hard to sleep on the plane. We arrived at Istanbul airport at around 7+ in the morning and headed to our boutique hotel to drop off our luggage before heading to the office of the tour agent from whom I booked my tour tickets.

I won’t reveal too much yet because I hope to do a full review of it at the end of my trip.

After we settled on the itinerary and full payment, we walked out onto the streets and immediately got ripped off.

Those of you who have had Turkish ice-cream would know that it is kind of an amusing act. The seller would scoop the sticky ice-cream and then tease you with it till he’s ready to give it to you. We were so fascinated and he was so good at assuming the sale that we just stood there while he made us take the ice-cream. My dad did want the ice-cream but when we tried to ask him how much, he didn’t answer us in English. After he was done with Act 1, he wanted to assume another sale but we were going to walk away without paying because he didn’t tell us how much and we didn’t know where to pay. Finally he said it cost 10 Turkish Lira (TRY).

As we walked on, we found many many many stalls selling it, and while the ice cream flavors may differ (this one had yoghurt as one of the flavours), it shouldn’t cost you more than 2 or 3 TRY. We ended up with another 5 ice creams for everyone.

It was a good, relatively inexpensive experience on our first day.

Tomorrow we’re going to do more sight-seeing.

18 responses to “Ripped off in Istanbul

  1. Wow so cool!! Fantastic experience indeed..!! Jiayou and had more fun there, ENJOY HUH!!

  2. turkish Ice Cream!!!!!! XP Drooling~

  3. joanne ‘jie’! ur so near me in Europe!
    When u gonna visit Amsterdam:P
    Enjoy ur stay!
    Have fun all day & night

  4. wow.. i guess correctly.. in tukey from the FB pics

  5. I know you try – a little too excessivly sometimes – to exercise sophistication in your writing, but its hard to appreciate the intended literary elegance when your prose is constantly inundated with glaring grammatical errors.

    1) ” The tour group with whom i booked my tickets from ” ??

    darling, the “with” preceding whom is supposed to make up “from” …

    so its either .. “the group with whom I booked my tickets” or

    “the group from whom I booked my tickets”

    2) “details” are quantifiable … so you don’t want to reveal too “many details” … not “much”
    Shouldn’t this come to you as easily as a parted breath ??

    • Hi grammar_Nazi,

      Thanks a lot! I was trying to find a way to express it but somehow it didn’t seem right. And no, I don’t try to exercise sophistication in my writing, I merely try my best to express myself as clearly as possible.

      If you don’t mind, I shall make the edits based on your corrections.


  6. Hi Joanna ,

    Hope you enjoy your trip .
    I just notice the turkish ice cream very famous …

  7. lol.
    turkist ice cream.
    i think if that ice cream take to s’pore i sure. not ice again. but water :p

  8. We enjoy reading your blogs just as much as you enjoy writing them. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter if there were grammatical errors in them…not that we may have noticed but if we have to exercise so much care in writing politically, grammatically correct blogs, it may end up being more of a chore than being fun…Have a good trip!

  9. i love your blog posts ungrammatical and all! 😀 thanks for sharing your experience with us! just wondering what do u use to take ur pictures with? the leica? ^^

  10. yup its ok. i still find it readable, shouldn’t be much of a problem…
    anyway, have fun with yr trip!! 🙂

  11. Enjoy Turkey….beware though….the last time I was at Istanbul I got more than 1 occasion of being ripped off….didn’t have a good impression of the darker skinned Kurds. Just be careful of taxi drivers, street vendors etc. Good thing their Tourist Police are helpful, so do approach them if you find yourself in a bind. I’m sure you’ll find Capadocia lovely.

  12. It’s ok. I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

  13. Some people are just taking things too seriously! I enjoy reading your blog with grammatical errors or not. Keep it up! Cheers!

  14. Hi Joanne

    My wife and went to Turkey in 2003 when Turkish lira was in thousands. A toilet stop costed us 1/2 million lira!!! I believed now that they had chopped several zeros.

    Anyway, I think Turkey is a lovely and progressive country. Being a muslim country, the people are very nice and friendly.

    I think it is a value for money holiday in Turkey. My wife and enjoyed the country very much and I hope you and your family did.


    Uncle Mike

  15. They actually do sell the Turkish ice cream in Singapore. Its located at far east plaza near , the shop opposite the mini mart near the stairs and they still tease people as they do in turkey.

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