Learning to blog

Playing around with a new app just to see if I will be able to blog from wherever I am tomorrow. Yes, I will be going away and for those of you who don’t already know where I am going, you’ll find out soon enough.

7 responses to “Learning to blog

  1. goodluck. i’ll be adding your blog to my watch list..

  2. That would be a nine days’ wonder, at the least.

  3. Take care always!! Jiayou!!

  4. Do you mind telling us what app is that?
    Seem quite cool if you can use that to blog whereever you are.

  5. Is is ipad?
    So, have you used your ipad?
    Tell us more about it later!
    If i don’t have neither an iphone nor ipad,
    which one would u suggest if i can only have one? ^^;

    enjoy ur trip !

  6. hello! may i ask. what would u wear if you were invited to a mafia themed party?=))

  7. Hi Joanne,

    When will you back and share with us about New Delhi n stories you collected.

    Hope you could recover your notebook and post
    in some pictures and story for viewing.

    your loyal fan

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