Horse-racing – A Sport Spectacle

I was thrilled to be invited to the live racing at the Singapore Turf Club last night. Although the rain was incessant, the races went on as usual.

The Singapore Turf Club lies on massive ground and on the way to the Orchid Box, we passed by my favourite horse carriage!

Mary Poppins

I was also going for the classic look last night. Unfortunately due to the rain, I couldn't stand by the horse carriage.

We arrived just in time to catch Race 9 and Race 10, where the prize money was S$1 million and S$3 million respectively

Inside the box area, there was a buffet spread and unobstructed view of the race. All these TV monitors provide information on bets and Rocketman was the hot favourite for Race 9!

It was all very overwhelming, so Eddie very kindly explained to Elvin and I how to look at the odds, and what sort of bets we can place.

Eddie telling us which are touted to win. Apparently, most people were rooting for local horse Rocketman and the 2 Hong Kong horses.

I decided to place my bet on the horse touted to come in 2nd, to finish with a placing of 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Happy Zero came in 3rd, so I made a winning of S$6.

The winner for Race 9 was Green Birdie (HK). Rocketman and Happy Zero came in 2nd and 3rd respectively. Prize money was S$1 million.

For Race 10, I decided to place my bet on Horses 1 (Gloria De Campeao), 2 (Presvis) and 4 (Lizard's Desire), to come in first 3 placements (not in order), but didn't make any money from this.

Lizard's Desire (No. 4) came in first, Gloria De Campeao (No.1) came in second and Al Shemali (No.3) came in third.

3 responses to “Horse-racing – A Sport Spectacle

  1. love e pic of you and elvin looking through the bets. mad cute! =)

  2. Nice dress! Another US buy?

  3. Hmm….maybe you can try Casino Wars at Genting Sentosa (^^)

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