Of Horses and Carriages

Last night, Elvin Ng and I were invited to the Singapore International Racing Festival Gala Dinner held at The Shangri-la Hotel.

I do not know much about horse-racing, but I love horses, and this year it is even closer to my heart because horse carriages were crafted as part of the festival.

I love horse carriages, because growing up in an era of automobiles,  there’s always a fascination with the older modes of transportation. Or maybe it’s just a simple case of  yearning for something you cannot get. We got a chance to see one of the six horse carriages outside the ballroom last night.

Princess Victoria

A group of musicians were seated in the horse carriage to entertain guests at the cocktail reception.

The closest I get to owning a horse!

In front of the Singapore International Racing Festival ice sculpture with Charlee

The whiff of chocolate was so tempting, but I was battling food poisoning yesterday, so I couldn't enjoy this lovely dessert.

Has any of you seen these carriages around?

This was outside Mandarin Gallery.

This was at Bt Panjang Plaza.

This was at Bugis Junction before moving to Raffles Plaza Park.

This was at Plaza Singapura.

This was at Junction 8.

My favourite horse carriage! This was at Raffles City before moving to Raffles Plaza Park.

They were on display at various locations in Singapore till 14 May. I would probably see all of it tonight at the race itself!

17 responses to “Of Horses and Carriages

  1. so beautiful and vintage carriage!

  2. i love your nail designs! it’ll be really awesome if you could have a post on them?

  3. I love the fan with your chinese name! Is that calligraphy on it? It’s beautifulllllll 🙂

  4. i know this comment is rather awkward but i tut you cut bangs not long ago? no? haha

  5. I love the dress….i like the vibrant colours. where do you get them from?

  6. iliketotakeracyphotos

    You look super gorgeous but Elvin is mad yummy too! Hehe. 😛

  7. Felt that this dress looks much better than the one u wore for star awards. Pretty anyhow 🙂

  8. Hi Joanne, I love your fashion aesthetic! I think as a celebrity though you should always highlight who you’re wearing and who styled you, so as to give the people who worked hard on you a voice and recognition for their efforts. It will also give Singapore’s budding designers much needed exposure.

  9. Great photos…I like all and you looks great on this dress.. carry on Joanne..

  10. That dress is gorgeous 😀

  11. Hi Joanne, I think over the years your fashion sense has improve tremendously, but I must say that hair style of yours certainly don’t suits you. Perhaps it’s just me or anything else but erm, center parting hair style makes you look ugly. And the color of your hair makes you look boring, there’s no vibrant or chic feeling if you were to ask me.

    Don’t mind me, but I just wish you could look better not to mention that vibrant dress you have, the belt can be better actually.


  12. Hi, I like your dress alot! What brand is it from?

  13. You look ravishing.

  14. hi!
    this is way overdate… but did you by any chance find out when horse carriages stopped operating in Singapore? am asking for research purposes. thanks.

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