Channel 8 TVC

Have you seen this?

All in a day’s work

Early in the morning at Fort Canning.

Doing my warm up

Stretching my legs before I conquer the flight of steps

Close-up of my eyes

The make-up artiste touching up my lipstick

Director James briefing me

Pluck at Haji Lane

Still at Pluck, they have really good home-made ice-cream. The flavours always change but they're all good! I'm not a fan of Baileys but they have very good Baileys ice-cream. And Earl Grey and Fig!


Pretending that I'm talking to someone when I'm actually gesturing to the air.

How it looks on camera.

It's funny I have lingerie holders above my head!

One of the owners of A Thousand Tales was asked to be in the shot so we had a little chat.

Her daughter also has a mole on her lip, so I kept telling her I'm her sister!

Goofing around

Blending into the surroundings

We had to pretend to have a conversation about music, it was so funny because we were just blabbing and moving!

Director said I blend into the background and looked quite spooky!

The crew and me.

24 responses to “Channel 8 TVC

  1. cool depth of field!!!

  2. nice one =)

  3. Hi Joanne,

    First of all, I love your new TVC for Channel 8. It portrays elegance, gracefulness and style.

    Thanks for updating. I’ll always look forward to newer posts. It really is a joy reading all your blog entries =)

  4. U really look very beautiful in the photo…continue to work hard . JYJY

  5. Hi Joanne,

    Just wanna ask where are ur jeans from? I have been wanting to find a comfortable and fitting pair of jeans. Do you mind letting me know?

  6. Nice Pink Dress. From where?

  7. Hello! May I know where is the shop in the photo where you have lingerie holders over your head? Thanks in advance! +)

  8. What shop is that with the bikini bag your head? hehe

  9. how about that floral statement necklace? i love it! 🙂

  10. Hi Joanne

    I am a super fan for M60 jeans.
    Love it!
    The cutting is good, the quality is GOOD!!!!!!!!
    BEST to the MAX!

    Anyway, want to say that you look prettier & prettier…
    Your acting in the 7pm show is superb.
    (Especially Mummy)

    All the best to your future works.
    Also, Best Health always.

    Happy happy always.

    ELE Daisy

  11. hi! i just wanted to say that you look FABULOUS in the tvc (: i used to work in the tvc production industry and i have to say, this is one tvc that’s been filmed really beautifully – the interplay between with a variety of angles and depth of field makes the tvc stand out! plus, your presence in the video complements the entire setting and theme! great tvc, i must say – one of the best local works i’ve seen so far. and till date, you’re one of the best actresses i’ve seen in mediacorp – you carry yourself well, you’re very professional and you’re effectively bilingual. so, keep up the good work!! (:

  12. Hi Joanne, u look great!
    May I know e brand of the red dress u wore? =)

  13. Hi Joanne,
    I’ve always been watching all your commercials.
    Especially your recent ones.
    Good job in doing such nice commercials!
    The red dress you wore is lovely.
    Wish i had one.
    Good luck in any of your upcoming commercials/tv shows.

  14. Hey Joanne, you look great on the TVC! Thanks for posting the behind the scenes pictures taken at Pluck. Now that the Star Awards is over, come by for more ice cream!! 🙂

  15. nice!

    love all the dresses.

    but I haven’t seen this on tv leh.

  16. hi joanne!
    the TVC scenes are well-taken! and it’s so hilarious of you to tell the little girl you are a sister since she has a mole on her lips too! 😀 so cute! HAHA. i have a mole on my lips too! so are we counted as sister??! HAHAH, just kiddinggg! yep, but i do have a mole on my lips. HOHO :p enjoy your everyday! (:

  17. oh no, i typed a msg once, and didnt appear after some time so i thot it was network problem and so i typed it again, hope you dont mind with the repeating of msgs 😡

  18. Hi! Just wanted to say that ice cream from pluck are mostly from the Daily Scoop! Especially the Earl Grey one!! damn yummy.

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