Bad Grooming – Guilty “Mom”

Ever since this beautiful King Charles came to live with me, I’m getting a little taste of what it’s like to be a mother. He is very lovable when he runs to the door excitedly, knowing someone is home, but sometimes he really frustrates me and the family when he doesn’t pee and poop at the place he’s supposed to.

He is 2 years old, so old habits are hard to kick. It takes much longer to get him into a routine. For instance, when he’s given a bone or something he likes, when you try to take it from him, he would growl and even snap at us. This, I learn, is not good, and we have to break that dominating trait and teach him to be subservient. It takes a strong mind, not a hard hand, to win the dog. That’s kind of like teaching children too.

I also found myself researching online to find the most nutritious food, always looking out for organic healthy snacks and rushing home to see if he’s doing okay.

Then I felt so guilty for taking him to Petmovers for grooming two days ago because it appears they were rough on him.

They nicked his balls while shaving.

That night he was so traumatised, he wasn’t his usual active self. That was also when I found a tick on him. After picking it out with a tweezer, I applied Frontline all over him. The next morning, I found a dead one on the surface of his fur. I was so worried I called up the vet to ask if I should bring him down for a check-up and I was advised to monitor his situation for a few days.

Seems like he’s perfectly fine today.

Petmovers charge members S$30 for grooming, which is cheap but I guess you get what you pay for. After I dropped off the dog, I went for lunch and it only took them 1.5 hours to complete the task.  He wasn’t smelling all shampooed when I picked him up so I have no idea what they used. This is their claim on the website:

We have a caring team of overseas trained professional groomers, our U.S.A. qualified groomer with over 10 years experience – and together they provide all grooming styles, from the most basic to the most demanding, in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
We not only attend to your pet’s coat – we clip their nails, express their anal glands, clean their ears, check their eyes and skin, and report back any abnormalities discovered, so you may seek veterinary advice if necessary. In short, we pamper your pet as if it were our own – collecting a well-groomed and non-stressed animal is the best advertisement of all!

How they ended up nicking my poor dog, and telling me everything’s fine with him, only to have me find a tick on him right after I brought him home, eludes me. Like an angry mother, I wanted to pull their hair out, but I figured it doesn’t achieve anything, so I’m just not going back there anymore.

I’m an inexperienced new owner, and I have to learn the hard way. Does anyone know of a good, caring East-side groomers? What are some dog-friendly places, cafes etc in Singapore other than Pasir Ris Farmway?

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  1. hey, i have a groomer to recommend, they do a really good job and do transportation for you if you want, they can even do special packages for you if you wanna groom regularly.
    or you can go to, its like a forum for pets shops telling you which is good and all. 🙂

  2. I have bad experiences with almost all of the pet shops in Pasir Ris Farmway. My dog is a local pure Labrador breed. I brought her to Ericsson Pet Farm & I was looking at their Labrador. The staffs came and told me to lock up my dog at their backyard where they kept their dirty mops and water.

    “Your local breed is disturbing our premium imported breed. I don’t want other customers to think our dogs will grow up to be small like yours.”


    Then I went to the dog run area and met someone with a very tiny Goldie. The bones are very visible. He got it for a mere S$88 (clearance sales) at Pet Movers. The poor dog must have been kept in a small cage for >5 months and not fed well at all!

    Before I got my dog, I went to Pet Movers as well and they didn’t allow me to touch the puppy and only allowed me to view the dog from a distance. I noticed the tail is bended, so I asked, he went and said “the dog slept on his tail, nothing major.”

    I brought my friend, a more experience dog owner, to the same shop again. She told me the tail is broken!

    I think the pet farms/shops at Pasir Ris have no ethnic at all.

    Sorry but I live in the West so I don’t know much about East side but I bring my dog to West Coast Park dog run. The people are friendly and everyone pick up the dog poo. There’s no stinko smell like Paris Ris’ dog run, and no ticks so far.


  3. Hi Joanne, you can go to this place: They’ve been in the business for a long time now, passed down from Dad to son. Mom does the grooming bit and she is very experienced and patient.

    I also had a very bad experience one time when I sent my dog for grooming and the groomer actually poked my dog’s eye with the scissors! My dog spent a week at the vet’s recovering and has a permanent “dent” in his eyeball but thankfully he can still see.

    So ya, be very careful abt who the groomers u choose.. some of them are very very unethical. 😦

  4. you can try ( Simei )Eastpoint pet lover. My shih tzu goes there and they do a fantastic job. And there’s a cafe just outside that your dog can hang out at….:)

  5. Hi! I’m not v familiar with the east but you might wna try Royal Pets Paradise at east coast. I’m tempted to bring my CKC there for dental services after reading on forum and I stay in the west! Haha. Discovering ticks on furbabies is definitely not good after grooming. All else fails there’s always trusty PLC. =)

  6. you can try royal pets paradise at east coast road. (:

  7. Hey Joanne,i have a dog too, and i’ve been bringing him to mas mas grooming at Bedok reservior . I recommend that place as they provide quality service . I suggested this place as I also live in Tampines. Plus, you drive so it’s very convenient.

  8. hi Joanne,

    hmm if Jalan kayu is not too far for you, you can try bring him to All Pets.. Their service might not be very good but their treatments for pets are good..

    give it a try =)

  9. 1 of our volunteers work here, perhaps you can try:

    Dogs friendly cafe you can try:
    – Beach Hut
    1000 East Coast Parkway, Block B Unit 21
    – The Cheesecake Cafe (at Siglap)
    685 East Coast Road
    – Village Gossip (at Changi Village next to the main road, near the 7-11)
    – Bark Cafe (Near Changi Village)(next to The Changi Museum)
    Upper Changi Road North
    – (east coast) the Hot dog shop just beside the mac, the boss very nice, allow dogs into the air-con room
    – Doggy Cafe ( near Wimbledon bicycle rental at East Coast )
    – Hook On SteamBoat (Infront of Gelare Cafe @ East Coast Park, Owner has 2 GR & 1 Silky, Owner very friendly)


  10. Not sure if this website is still valid, but no harm checking it out 🙂


  11. Pets Parade at Telok Kurau, Lor L. (Look for David)

  12. i’ve went to several dog groomers (east side) and the best one i’ve been to has closed down 😦

    i don’t really trust groomers nowadays cos i’ve seen with my own eyes how rough they are with my dog and others. now, i’m grooming my own dog.

  13. Hey Joanne,

    I have a CKCS as well, but mine’s a tri-colour.
    I never quite trusted the farmway because I bought my dog there, and it came home with a kennel cough.

    There’s this new grooming area called Petopia, that seems very good? I’ve not tried it yet but from the reviews and all, looks pretty posh. Maybe you can give it a try?

  14. Hi Joanne,

    Here’s a very quaint doggy restaurant along Mhmd Sultan (one of those shophouses). Do check it out. 🙂

  15. My dogs are groomed at Stormville near Serangoon Garden by Mark! He is gentle towards the dogs, friendly and had always pleasant experience there. Can make an appt at 62899273

  16. Hi

    I agree with gwen u can try out all pets! I hv great experiences with them before. But for a year I hv been doing my dog grooming. Safe cost and lesser worries.

    Anyway I love to chill with my dog at waterfront. Nice ambiance and there is this big field where your boy can run freely.

    Oh ya joanne did u apply and medication on your dog’s skin? Try using lemon grass oil it helps to relief the open wounds. 😉

    You will hv lots of things to learn being a new dog owner. Cheers!

  17. I recently got a dog too! A maltese which I adopted from another family. 4 years old and yes, old habit are hard to quit. Very tempted to use “you cannot teach old dog new tricks”.

    Petmovers is known of their bad services and always “axe” their customers by over-charging them sometimes. Their place is dirty.

    Did you call them and confront them about the cuts on your dog? Try S & S Pet Shop @ 462 TAMPINES STREET 44 01-58 p: 67837654 Friendly owners with good service.

    Recently sent my dog there for some basic grooming and I think they do quite good job and price is affordable.

    Like you, I’m a new ‘mommy’… let’s encourage one another in becoming a better mommies to our doggies? =)

  18. I have a cavalier king charles too! she is with us for 10 yrs now.. i happen to live in the east but we always do the grooming ourselves .. its really quite simple actually.

  19. Hi Joanne

    I can understand what you’re facing. I only dare bring my dog to grooming after doing some research online.

    I’ve been with Loving Pets ( for years. Not only are they very patient and careful with the dogs, but they take sometimes take in strays and help with adoption drive too.

    Hope this helps! =)

  20. Hi Joanne,
    have not left a comment for a very long time already. Is that your dog, if yes it must be a dream come true for u since u have always wanted a dog. Oh ya, and my dad opened a grooming salon for dogs and the groomers are experienced, the shop has been around since 1995, reply if u want more details k. 😀

  21. try wizard of paws. they’re good. i usually bring my king charles there to trim his nails and there’s a glass panel so you can see what they’re doing with your dog. just make an appt in advance =)

  22. Almost forgot, this shop is in the east. It is a few shops away from pets parade where someone commented above. There is also a clinic beside so whenever there’s something wrong with the dog, the groomer would refer the dog to the clinic. The name is call 😀

  23. hi joanne! sorry to read abt your dog’s injury, must be darn painful. (but i was kinda traumatised to see a pair of balls so close up haha)
    we’ve sent our Shetland Sheepdog to Animal Arts Academy at Pet Lovers’ Centre Vivo City for more than 2 years. q satisfied with their service.
    plus there’s a vet in the same PLC, so it’s convenient to see both on the same day. they provide transport at $15 too.
    (we swear by frontline too)
    i think there’s a dog cafe along mohd sultan road and upper thomson road, not sure if they’re still there.
    my estate at Little India is having a dog party on June 12, let me know if you want to drop by with your ‘son’? we’re expecting abt 50 dogs – shelties, jack russells, golden retrievers, maltese, king charles, schnauzers, border collies…

  24. Hey,

    I live in Simei and I bring my dog to Pet Lover’s Centre at Eastpoint Mall. So far so good 🙂

  25. Awww. Poor dog.
    we’ve just got our first dog and I have been reading
    Cesar Millan’s (The Dog Whisperer) How to raise the perfect dog. I found it very useful.
    we also used those pee pads to train our puppy. The pads have special
    scent on them. Our puppy was housebroken after about 5 days!
    Good luck!

  26. Oh yes, there is also a dog-friendly cafe at Bedok reservior too. It’s closing quite soon though. Plus, the groomer that I had mentioned earlier is less than 50 dollars and the food in the cafe is also affordable, and it serves a wide variety of food for both you and your dog . 🙂 🙂

  27. Hi Joanne,

    You can try this Furbelicious Grooming Studio. Their website is

    Although I have stayed in the East area for the past 10+ years, I was not able to find one satisfactory(especially since one or two of them nicked or burned my dog’s skin).

    Was referred to this studio by a friend and my dog’s been looking forward to the monthly visits for full grooming and spa! The distance didn’t matter as long as my dog looks forward to it! =)

  28. i have 4 dogs and i am lucky that when my dogs eat and i touch them..they do not snap me.all these has to be trained. For grooming,i would not advise u to go to farmway blah blah.they are mostly badly treated as these people technically work for the puppy mill. Since u want to have groomers from the East,you could try royal pet paradise at ocean park=

    For me, i lived in the east but i bring my dogs to @ holland groove.
    they are very loving and caring groomers and has groom tcs stars’ dogs, like ivy lee, glenda chong, singapore ministers blah….

  29. Were you once a volleyball player ?

  30. Dont worry, sometime after grooming, my dog balls will get red too because some dogs are more sensitive than other. What you k do is to ask the groomer to left the hair ard the ball alone. As for the tick, now is tick season it is easily to get it. there is alot of good pet grooming salons, just keep a good look out. most impt is that the groomers is patient and dont stress ur dog..

  31. Hi Joanne,
    i have two maltese and i send them to a regular place for grooming at serangoon.
    u can try calling this no. 90610434.
    they charged me S$40 per maltese.
    which INCLUDES transportation! (to&fro)
    I think its really worth it.
    their services is GREAT!
    Hope this helps.

  32. Heya Joanne,
    You can try Furry Pets at Tanjong Katong!They have grooming packages..6 full grooming for abt $228.Their number is 63447544!Hope u’ll find this useful!=)

  33. You can try Pets Clinic at Paya Lebar. Competitive rates and great service. They managed to remove all the ticks from my dog previously and gave some useful advice. Its located opposite the CISCO building.

  34. sorry i cant help coz aint from singapore, but lol @ ur “pull their hair out” haha ^^

  35. Hi Joanne,
    I have 3 shihtzu and i send them for weekly bathing @ $15 per pet / grooming at Tangjong Katong which INCLUDES transportation!
    They do have very attractive packages too.
    Pls contact Furry Pets (Tony) at 63447544
    I think its worth trying. They’ll shifting to Mountbatten in June and also incl. a cafe which you and your King can enjoy too.

  36. Hi,

    I always bring my Shetland to Pets Lover at Simei East point for grooming.
    After every session, she smells really nice and her fur is really soft.

    My Shetland used to have tick problems too, you can try adding a few drops of Neem oil to the water when you mop the floor.
    I have a small bottle of water mixed with a few drops of Neem oil which I use to spray on my dog before bringing her out.

  37. Very good that we are whistle blowing on all bad business practioners out there.

    Businessman and groomers like them do not have pride nor principles to command respect of their titles and skills indeed.

    AVA & CASE should look into this and give comparable standards by other countries.

  38. Hey, you could go to my cousin’s pet shop which is now located at lavender (:

    They provide grooming, boarding and they provide transport too! (:

    You could go check out their fb page (:!/pages/Singapore-Singapore/The-Pet-Emporium/231203495563?ref=ts

    cheers! ^^

  39. Hi Joanne,

    You HAVE to go to “Little Paws” along Telok Kurau Road and look for Eileen. I have been sending all my 3 dogs there for grooming (and it has been more than 6 years) as she is very gentle and caring with dogs and definitely awesome! No complaints at all.

    And for good skin and coat, the vet recommends putting a teaspoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (yes right, those for human consumption) into food. Significant improvements can be seen…

    Do drop me an email if you require the groomer’s number. =)

  40. I dont trust those pet groomer….i use home groomer…. if u need email me…..

    • Hi Annie
      May i have your home groomer contact nos, I wanted to hv a home groomer as u mentioned I can watch over our baby at home.tks

  41. just to add on, i hv 2 dogs…..they r my babies….

    only reason i use home groomer is i can be with them when they groom…..

    u dont know what will happen when u drop them off at pet shop…… @”@

  42. this groomer ken in DOG AVENUE is so far the best groomer i met, vv passionate towards the pets:)

  43. Hi joanne,

    There is no better food to feed your Dog than that of a raw diet. Dogs are carnivores and they have their biological make up proves so. A Carnivore has no needs for starch, grains or carbohydrates for that matter, and a lot of dog food/treats are made with them, hence the increase in a myraid of health problems now eg. diabetes, cancer, yeast and a host of skin ailments that is caused by starch and refined sugar in their diets.

    If you are hesitant to pick up raw for him, there are a few alternative diets out there.

    You can check out K9 Natural Freeze Dried.
    1. Its new zealand made so its as good as organic as you can get
    2. There are no grains,starch, carbs
    3. Its 85% meat 15% vege to mimic the diet of a Carnivore and the dog’s closest relative, the grey wolf.
    4. Its not cooked as cooking destroys the vital nutrients and enzymes.
    5. It has no preservatives or synthetic supplements.
    6. Convenient way to feed a raw diet, just add water to rehydrate.

    You can check out their website at It is available in Singapore now.

    I’m a naturopath when it comes to my pets and I should advise you to go easy on Frontline. I do not use them at all.

    Invest in a good diet for your dog and you will reap the rewards, and less problems and heartaches in the long run.

    ps: I am in no way affiliated to the above products.

  44. it’s very sad to see that pets sort of got “accidentially abuse” while grooming… maybe it’s of no intention, just careless, but i still feel that the groomers should at least report it to the owners so that early intervention can be done! well, of course, one of the reactions of the owner is that they will sure get very upset and might ask for compansation, but what’s more important their than the pet’s condition(in this case)?what if the condition just got worst? it’s not fair for the pets and the owners…

  45. Hey Joanne! Welcome to the CKC Club!!! I own a CKC too~! (he’s 4 already~)
    Okay you can go to BlooIE’s at Railway Mall. It’s a restaurant but you can bring him there. No dog food served though. Or you can try going to this place at Balestier called Urban Pooch. They serve dog AND human food, plus the dogs can run and play around in the fenced-in area of the shop/boarding place. The owner’s quite nice. 😉

  46. heyhey! I am a dog owner too! My little boy(2 year old maltese) is very fidgety at the groomers, so I had to try a few before settling down at Fur “N” Away, they are really professional, but slightly pricey at $50+ for a full groom for small breeds.

    They use professional shampoo and your dog really smells nice after their full groom. I’ve even purchased some products from them. They carry pretty high end dog products, like Isle of Dogs and Plush Puppy.

    There is one at the North and one at Turf City. I dont have the number for Turf City as I visit the one at the North. I guess you can google, 🙂

    You should head down to the branch at Turf City, it’s at an area dedicated to dogs specially. There is the K9 Cafe and US Doggie Bakery that sells really good dog and human food at affordable prices. My doggie’s yearly birthday cakes are from US Doggie Bakery, :). The Cafe and Bakery are all dog-friendly and it’s a great chance to mingle with other dog owners and allow your dog to mindle with other dogs.

    K9 is pretty popular, I’m surprised you havent heard of it yet. Anyway, it’s definitely worth a visit.

    P.S. I actually love the food at K9, if you ever visit, do try their burgers, it’s awesome!

    I’m sorry this whole comment sounds like an advertisement, but I love my dog alot and i’ve been really pleased with the service at K9, Fur “N” Away and US Doggie Bakery that I can’t help spreading their services.

    I’ve recently done a blog post about Fur “N” Away as well as the US Doggie Bakery, so you can visit my website if you wanna see photos.

    Hope this have been useful:)

  47. Hey

    Glad to see that you adopted a doggie instead of buying one from unethical pet millers. What do you feed your dog currently?

  48. Hi Joanne,

    Caring groomer at Loving Pets @ 168 East Coast
    Road will do a good job.
    We sent our animals there before sending them to their new homes.
    You and your brother visited our shelter before. 🙂

  49. When I was a new dog owner, I was still a poor student. Chanced upon an advert in the papers which stated $50 for grooming of 2 dogs. I bugged my dad to send us there (hougang to paya lebar area). One of my dogs came back injured and we spent close to $100 on his medical bills. Money aside, we were so heartpain to see him in pain for almost a week.

    No more cheap/unhygienic grooming after that. Parents helped me with grooming costs until I graduated. We looked around for gentle and responsible groomers as we wanted to build lasting relationships with them. The injured one took a long while to finally feel comfortable with 2 particular groomers – 1 of them a freelance home-based groomer, the other is Annie at Annie’s Pet Corner (TPY).

  50. I forgot to add. Mocha was injured around the same region as your dog. His testicles got all swollen and his groin area was inflamed and sensitive to touch. He couldnt sit and sleep properly. Whenever he had to pee, he was straining himself. It took him 3 days to poo. Vet told us that the blade was properly dirty and groomer had shave him too close to the skin. OUCH!

  51. hey joanne. King charles happened to be my favourite breed of dogs but my mum doesn’t allow me to have a dog. i am sure you will take care good care of your dog.

  52. Hi Joanne,

    omg…your doggie so cuteeeeee! his colour coat is very similar to my friend’s shih tzu puppy and his fur coat seems smooth. I personally own 2 Shih Tzus. My mother shih tzu gave birth to 5 shih tzu pups last year. =) Does your dog tend to get hyper most of the times?

  53. Hi Joanne,

    You might wanna try grooming at Royal Pets Paradise or Furry Pets.

    I used to bring them to Furry Pets but after the completion of my package, I decided to let them groom at Royal Pets. In my opinion, I feel is better.

    Probably you can give it a try. 🙂

    Warm Regards,

  54. Hi Joanne, maybe some of the information provided might be useful..

    I’m an inexperienced new owner, and I have to learn the hard way. Does anyone know of a good, caring East-side groomers? What are some dog-friendly places, cafes etc in Singapore other than Pasir Ris Farmway?

    they are many nice groomers around, probably you might want to send your dogs to a grooming place where grooming were conducted open to people viewing, as i personally felt that it would be more safe., probably best is to send your dog to the groomer from the first time, get someone u know to be around to oversee the grooming, as from that one you will know what can causes the dog to be trauma. at least after the first grooming, the dog feels good, and shop no sign of trauma, the next time onwards, you can probably start sending your dog to the same groomer again.

    dog friendly, urban poouch at Balestier, Robertson wall, according to my friend, the resturant also allows dogs and offer a comfortable seat to my friend’s dog, quite impressive though, east coast, west coast, bishan dog run. ideal place for you to socialise your dogs and meeting people to communicate about dog keep, you will get alot of information about dogs thru all these places, when dog owners meet , there’s no ending in exchanging information, be it food, grooming, spa, dog hotel, etc etc..


  55. Hi, try hearty pawz @ upper changi rd, blk 25. The groomer Keith has won quite a few awards for his skills and his charges are affordable. You can check the website.

  56. wizard of paws! along east coast road 🙂 the owners are really friendly and kind to animals, adopting many even

  57. Dear Girl, This is life. how are you to ensure the $19.90 Caesar Salad you had at Raffles Hotel doesn’t come with spits and drools. If there’s no trust in others, next time do your own grooming.
    Grow up and move on.

    • Wow. What if you’re a parent now or maybe one day when you become one, you send your toddler to a childcare/nanny/employ a maid and your toddler comes back bruised? Do you then “grow up and move on?”

      *Note : I’m just using a toddler as an example because this dog is as precious to Joanne as a toddler is to his/her parents.

      Of course Joanne had a certain amount of trust for this groomer. If not, she wouldn’t have sent it there. Why would she want to risk her pet’s safety?

      IMO, trust has to be built up. You can’t expect someone to trust a person completely when you’ve just met for the first time.

      PS. I’m not here to pick a quarrel/fight. I just hope to get my point across.

    • excuse me, baka inu, lol you really are a baka ,eh? That’s the funniest logic I’ve ever heard. You may not be able to ensure your salad doesn’t come with spit but if you could, do you mean to tell me you’ll still patronise the restaurant? Trust has to be earned. Besides it’s always better to seek recommendation when there are many rough – read: untrustworthy -groomers out there.

  58. Hi, you can bring your dog to the “D’Happy Pet Shop” at West Plaza (Pasir ris).
    Its Good!
    My dog (Pom) enjoys her grooming sessions there.

  59. c’mon, its norm to find flea & ticks @ pet shops. i always see them even @ animal clinics. dun u tink its owners duty to give ur dog prevention against flea & ticks? in case u are still unaware, buy frontline monthly application.

  60. Hi Joanne,

    just somthing FYI:

    you’re supposed to apply Frontline to the back of his neck and not all over! /:
    This is to prevent him from licking and accidentally consuming the medicine.

    BTW if your dog is already taking medicine to prevent heartworms, Revolution would be a better choice as compared to Frontline.

    I send my cocker spaniels and toy poodles to Bark and Bubbles (bukit merah, but they provide transportation services too) for grooming because the groomers are very skilled. I’ve been to many who claimed to specialise in “Teddy Bear” cut for poodles, but ended up giving my girls a REALLY ugly “monkey-look” cut.

    Do check them out:

    They have a REALLY CUTE webpage too! 8)

  61. Hi Joanne,

    Maybe being a new dog owner is your first time encountering this. from the photo posted it doesn’t seem like injury. My dog get this whenever his underbelly is shaved to maintain cleanliness. My vet said these are irritations due to close shaving at softer skin regions. Don’t get overly paranoid.

    Btw love the new adver you filmed!

  62. Hi, you should do your research first before applying frontline to your dog which is extremely harmful.

    The organic holistic way to do it is by adding a tiny amount garlic/apple cider vinegar to your dog’s meal, apply a thin oil layer of neem oil over fur coat. The effect is not immediate but you build your dog’s resistance to ticks even if he contacts other dogs with ticks the ticks will repel off his body.

  63. Hi Joanne,

    Kingly from Animal Art @ Vivo is pretty good. But you have to specify request for him.

    For nice dog furniture or toys, you may try Kohe Pets at siglap area.

    Btw US Doggie Bakery will be moving to Katong soon. So you can look forward to buying AVA certifed treats/cakes etc for your furkid 🙂

  64. u can bring ur dog to petopia for spa. 🙂

  65. My puppy poddle has the same tick problem after I sent him to a groomer at a pet shop – it is one of the listed shop by the readers here. Anyway, I am taking no chance now. I do basic grooming regularly by myself. And for full grooming, I’ll be trying a freelance groomer soon who will be coming to my house to do the grooming. Let’s hope this experience will be good. But at least I need not deal with tick/flea problems that can run to hundreds/thousands which not only pose danger to the dog but also your house.

  66. What a cute Charles! The grooming centre at Pet Safari in Simei is quite good too.

  67. Cookie Monster


    My Shih Tzu has been going to Pet Stop @ Elias Mall for his full grooming a few times. So far no issue about flea/tick , cut on my dog or bleeding nails which I have encounter from past groomers at other places.

  68. I also brought my dog there once and they did not do a good job on my dog. Now I bring her to Petopia. She gets spas there.

  69. Your King Charles is so adorable! I’m very wary of pet groomers (like you I learned it the hard way and my dog was always depressed after a grooming session so I know something wrong went down) so I usually request to stay and watch them groom my dog now. I feel that the groomers won’t dare to get rough with the dog under the owner’s watchful eyes.

    You can also get to see if your dog is comfortable with the groomer. That’s important.

  70. Hi, it really appalls me to read what your dear pooch went through. Trully hope he is btr. US bakery does have quite a lot of good meals n treats for doggies. And this retaurant at Turf city ,k9 , is a great place to eat together with our lovely pooches! Do try em!!!

  71. Trust me, pet safari @ simei. They’re really good.

  72. Hi, your readers have already given you quite a bit of recommendations and as a dog sitter….. I’d like to just add a few more.

    For groomers, you might like to engage the services of a home groomer – either one that does grooming from their home or at yours. I’m guessing with other family members in your household that won’t be too inconvenient. They tend to be more patient and experienced – and you have the choice of watching them like a hawk if you so wish. So no chance of them being a brute to your dog. 🙂 If your dog is not used to being handled and tends to snap, as a last resort home groomers usually use a piece of cloth to tie round the dog’s mouth. So your dog can still struggle but without the snapping the job gets done. It’s much less harsh than most store groomers who leash the dog to a stand in a manner which holds the head up high and prevents the dog from even looking down.

    Another thing about ticks… finding a few ticks isn’t a reason to freak out. Don’t stress yourself out if you find a tick or two (I understand finding them on your dog after grooming is annoying, but I’m speaking of on a daily basis). Singapore’s weather makes ticks a year-round problem (in other countries it’s more of a seasonal thing). Fortunately, the ticks found in Singapore are usually the common brown ones, the risk of your dog getting ticks that carry diseases (Lyme, Spotted, etc.) is very slim, if at all. Ticks become a real problem only if your dog is extremely infested (by which time your house would probably be too, lol) and showing signs of loss of appetite and/or fever.

    Also, due to misleading marketing and/or lack of explanation from vets, alot of people think Frontline and other anti-tick/flea products REPEL ticks (Yeah, the word “anti” is such a misnomer, eh?). The products don’t actually keep ticks away but instead, kills them. The product is absorbed and then spreads out through the oil glands of your dog. The “poison” then kills the ticks/fleas upon contact. So frontline is more of a “weapon” rather than a “shield”. Useful for breaking the cycle of pests on an infested pet or to prevent ticks that recently attach themselves to your dog from continuing the reproductive cycle. But they cannot keep the pests away.

    A natural method for repelling ticks might be to have your dog eat a clove of garlic regularly. There are dog owners who dislike putting Frontline on because of the chemicals in it, so they’ve chosen to use this method and from asking around, it seems to be working well for them! Apparently it makes the dog smell in a way that we can’t detect but the ticks can. Lol.

  73. p.s. hint: most dogs don’t object to garlic, but neem oil is a different matter. personally I really hate how neem oil smells!

  74. Royal Pets – not bad. But pls look for Marc only.
    My 2 shihtzu groomed by him for more than 7 years. Trust me…hes good. Contact # is 64494955

  75. Hi,
    I only trust 2 places to groom my dog:

    1) Royal Pets Paradise @Ocean Park Condo –>my schnauzer has been groomed by Marc since he was a pup (he’s 6 now)

    2) Petopia International @ Jln Kelulut


  76. Hi all pet lovers,
    Please stay away from Dogz Style at 20 Eastwood Centre, Eastwood Rd #01-05 @ Bedok.

    I had a very bad experience on the 2nd visit then never again. The groomer actually clipped my dog’s eyelid with the razor, my dog suffered from cut and infection and spent 3 weeks wearing the e-collar, now has a permanent black mark on his eyelid.

    Till now I still can’t get over the pain and anger when I think of the irresponsible and shameless groomer’s smiling face like that was no big deal!!!

  77. Hi Joanne! I happened to popped by this site randomly. I am a freelance Pet Groomer and if you do need my services,pls feel free to e-mail me and I’ll pass you my contact. Do try my services as I don’t talk much bcos to me,action proves everything. 🙂 Thk you and god bless!

  78. Wow looks like you’re spoilt for choices here already. Just like to add my 2 cents worth.
    1) I heard and read a lot of horror stories abt pet farms in Paris Ris Farmway. U just have to do yr research on Google to know what I mean. Beware.
    2) Michele mentioned pets A lot of good users info in there. Doesn’t harm to go take a look. Always research the pet shop or pet farm you intend to go BEFORE going there. You never know what kindda reviews you can find on them.
    3) I stay near Nex Serangoon and recently found a small and cozy pet shop in Serangoon Central. I’ve intended to bring my shih-tzu to PLC for grooming actually but they were fully booked. In the end, I searched the internet for professional dog groomers in Singapore and found this “Dog Town” shop. It’s pretty new and the couple running the shop are very friendly. The groomer Dream made my shih-tzu looked so cute after grooming I’ll always visit them next time. Here’s their website if you’re keen:

    P/S: Your King Charles look lovely!! :))

  79. Trempest Humphries

    Don’t send your pets to Benji Pets. My Siberian husky’s toes are displaced after a grooming session and of course Benji denied anything had happened.

    Almost 1.5 years later, my lovely Bebe has to wear a splint and still he can’t walk properly. The vet says its incurable.

    Take note of a Mr Loh who does the delivery of pets for grooming. Acts smart. Assumes everything.

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