Star Awards 2010

I caught a bit of the re-run of Star Awards yesterday afternoon and I don’t know if it’s my ageing television or just simply the way sound is transmitted, but it did JJ Lin’s voice no justice. I’ve always been a fan of his because he’s a local singer/song writer who has displayed great talent and showmanship throughout the years.

He performed《无法克制》at the live venue, and his voice was crisp and confident even when it came to the high notes in the song. It was immaculate! But somehow on television, the power of his vocals failed to come through. In any case, he gave a flawless performance that night and I love it!

JJ Lin performing 《无法克制》on the second day of Star Awards 2010 held at Resort World Singapore, Compass Ballroom.

JJ and I at the post party!

The day of Star Awards happened to fall on my birthday (25 April), so before the whole frenzy began for hair and make-up, I had a sweet surprise backstage.

Winnie and Xing Ni quietly singing a birthday song for me.

Making my wish before cutting the "cake".

Mini-cake/Muffin. Winnie knows I'm cutting sugar so she made a really guilt-free one with no sugar! sweet of her!

Me and my home-made "birthday" dinner. My mom cooked everything except for the chicken breast, which is my own salt-free, less oil recipe. I had chicken, egg, brown rice, vegetables and bittergourd beancurd soup. Yummy!

Oops...and everyone else was eating packed dinner provided. It's the company that matters!!

And then the frenzy began. As I was the first out on the red carpet, producers were calling and rushing everyone to standby. Ryan touching up my hair; Jeremy adjusting my outfit; Elaine finishing up with my make-up.

My fan club - Jolliteers

We stole a group photo before making our way to the ballroom. (From left to right) Belinda Lee, Priscelia Chan, Pan Ling Ling, Joanne Peh (me), Cai Peixuan, Jin Yinji, Yvonne Lim and Lin Meijiao.

The not-so-glamourous secret passageway that leads to the ballroom. Pan Ling Ling played my mom in The Little Nyonya, so I never stopped calling her mommy since then, athough Ling Ling is way too young to have me as her daughter. Still I just love her!

While we wait for the rest of our colleagues to come in after the red carpet, we decided to kill some time.

With the cast of YOUR HAND IN MINE, Zhang Yaodong (left) plays the love of my life and Shaun Chen (right) plays a baddie!

Huang Wenyong (left) and Chen Shucheng (right) are also part of YOUR HAND IN MINE.

Pierre Png plays my boyfriend in YOUR HAND IN MINE. Yes, I'm stuck between two guys, and as the drama unfolds, keep watching to see who I end up with. Weekdays, 7pm on Channel 8!

Chen Liping sporting a new haircut for her new drama. I love her image now, it's refreshingly different from her character currently in YOUR HAND IN MINE. This reminds me of Ellen Degeneres!

Some of the men that I have been paired with in dramas throughout my career. (From left to right) Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu, Elvin Ng and Nat Ho.

Announcing the last position for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes award. All my colleagues congratulated me prematurely while the presenters on stage took their time to announce the last name. I was so embarrassed! What if it's not me?!?!

The final 10 of us on stage.

24 responses to “Star Awards 2010

  1. all pretty ladies…..

  2. Hi Joanne,

    do u have facebook? Pls reply. Thanks(:

  3. 赞哦~加油! =)

  4. Almost all the male artistes are very careful where to put their right hand when taking photo with you.

  5. Hey..joanne..are you interested or ever decide to participate in the M’sia’s series drama ?

  6. Hi Joanne! I saw you outside centrepoint today! that must be your fave sunglasses cos i just realised you wore it to the US too! (in your photos of your previous post) I would think you’d still be in the US but it’s quite a pleasant surprise to see you in the mundane mid-day 🙂

  7. I just realised my comments are “awaiting moderation” (I’m new to this, first time visiting your webpage). It’s okay! No need to approve it. No need to display it or anything. Just wanted to let you know 🙂 My email is listed. Can reply if you want! All the best in everything 🙂

  8. Hi Joanne,
    Love photos taken by you. Just wondered how you add those text (captions) below each picture.

  9. 不会没有你的。。。你那么红啊。。。呵呵。。。更新好多啊。。。。

  10. Was glad that the New Paper published my blog article on the star awards.

    I hope Media Corp would be more fastidious in choosing the right presenters for such a glamorous and important occasion as Star Awards.

  11. I really love the dress you wore, it’s on the cover of March issue of L’OFFICIEL! Love the Gucci peek-a-boo design, did you pick it personally? Nice choice

  12. Joanne,
    your makeup artist certainly doesn’t do you any favor, it turns out to be so ashy done. as if burnt…dump that MUA!

  13. is it just me or you look pretty much the best out of everyone that night? That dress you wore is awesome!

  14. I love to see your postures here.. Very sexy & gothic. I do agree with Tiffany that your makeup & hair doesn’t look good. the hair is kinda limpy and cover your face. No matter what I glad you won the 10th pop. Hurray!!

  15. Joanne, do you have facebook? Can u add me?

  16. hello joanne!!! you look lovely in these photos and i love your dress!
    just wondering, what happened to the show 1 photos? could you post those up too?

    • Hi Doreen,

      It was harder to get take Show 1 photos because we didn’t have as much time to mingle with one another before the show started.

  17. /wow U won HAHA gd for u

  18. Hi Joanne,

    You look fabulous on screen. I was at the red carpet patiently waiting for the arrival of the other artistes. Surprisingly, you arrived first! And you look stunning! I admire your bravery to wear that dress. I salute you. You are the most fashionable Mediacorp female artiste ever! I love your fashion sense. Hehe. =)

    Anyway, congratulations for winning the Top 10 Most Popular Female Award and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. =)

  19. Alicia and Tiffany

    You’re our favourite celebrity,

    God bless!


  20. JJ looks so sweet and cute!! His live performances are always awesome!

  21. hehe. i actually noticed a mistake. The photos where you took pictures with the other male actors, Qi Yi Wu was spelt wrongly..

  22. Hi Joanne,
    Does Pan Lingling have Facebook?

  23. Hi Joanne, does Pan Lingling have Facebook?

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